Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcast Low Profile 6’6 Inch Fishing Rod Reel Combo

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Abu Garcia is a fishing brand that understands a ton with respect to fishing reels. The brand makes imaginative things at enchanting costs.

In this article, I revealed to you why you should acknowledge this brand and watched out for the retaliation best Abu Garcia fishing reels.

In a little while, you know the advantages in general and detriments of this brand and you can make the most ideal choice.

Best Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcast Low Profile 6’6 Inch Fishing Rod Reel Combo

Best Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcast Low Profile 6'6 Inch Fishing Rod Reel Combo

A certifiable worth in Abu Garcia reels, the Black Max™ gives a smooth recuperate 5 bearing structure with the strength to stand up to the most extreme uttermost compasses of tough as nails fishing.

The lightweight graphite edge and body tip the scales at a straightforward 220g.

Experience the truly astounding Abu Garcia planning with maximum execution with the Abu Garcia Max X lure cast reels.

These reels incorporate colossal PVC handle handles, a 90 mm handle arm for extended comfort, a 4+1 bearing structure for outrageous flawlessness, and Duragear™ Brass gear for durability.

Key Features

  • 4 solidified steel metal balls + 1 roller bearing gives smooth movement
  • Machined aluminum spool invigorates without adding overflow weight
  • Power Disk™ drag system gives smooth drag execution
  • Duragear™ metal stuff for expanded gear life
  • MagTrax™ halting system gives dependable brake pressure all through the cast
  • Moderate bowed handle and star give a more ergonomic arrangement
  • Recessed reel foot considers a more ergonomic reel plan
  • One-piece graphite diagram
  • Graphite side plates
  • Amazingly large PVC knobs.

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Additional Features

This is an unbelievably eminent draw caster among youngsters since it combines top sort and unfaltering quality at a reasonable cost.

Doubtlessly, I don’t acknowledge it’s imaginable to see the indistinguishable quality at an equivalent cost, lower than 50 dollars.

Because of its enchanting appraisal and comfort, this is a remarkable section-level model. You basically ought to understand that it doesn’t go with the twofold ending part of the Revo SX, and well really depends just upon MagTrax’s engaging brakes.

This recommends it’s not all around as impenetrable to kick back, which is a slight check for tenderfoots. By and by, with a little practice, you will drop by prominent outcomes out of this model.

One more strength of the Black Max is its affableness of weight, which is an aftereffect of everything graphite progression.

The body includes a one-piece graphite chart, got along with graphite side plates. Besides recollecting that the central body is graphite, the pinion wheels are made of metal, which makes them stronger.

  • Metal pinion wheels
  • MaxTrax halting instrument
  • Graphite layout
  • Felt drag
  • Recessed reel foot
  • The oil felt front drag
  • Texas manipulated snare attendant
  • Slow Oscillation takes into consideration an even line lay with a line
  • 3+1 bearing framework for smooth reel activity
  • Incorporated formed polymer solace holds
  • 8 treated steel guides with a tip guide
  • Composite clear offers a harmony between strength and lightweight
  • Machined aluminum reel spool and graphite body and rotor makes for a light and solid reel
  • Rocket spool lip design™ further develops command over the line falling off the spool
  • Ever last™ bail framework offers further developed sturdiness
  • Abu Custom coordinated reel seat
  • Rocket line management™ upgrades your control of the line, regardless sort
  • 24 Ton graphite development gives a delicate, lightweight, and adjusted plan.


  • Unbelievable for beginners
  • Licenses critical distance anticipating
  • Sensitive
  • It features ergonomic handle handles
  • Light and changed


  • It isn’t appropriate for left-gave fishermen


How To Choose Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcast Low Profile 6’6 Inch Fishing Rod Reel Combo

We just fused the Black Max model in this review as the best monetary arrangement trap caster under $50. Nonetheless, Abu Garcia produces another low monetary arrangement model, the Silver Max, which is about $10 more exorbitant than the Black Max. So what are the qualifications between these two models, and which one is better?

The two reels are essentially unclear in many regards, in any case, the basic qualification between them is that the Silver Max additionally has the Rocket Clutch system, which enables you to attract or isolate the spool with one hand.

The Black Max, of course, has a standard hold and requires two hands for attracting or isolating the spool.

The Rocket Clutch structure makes the Silver Max considerably more qualified for applications like pitching and flipping, where you truly need to keep things under control in one hand, and the bar and reel in the other hand while anticipating, which is crazy with a standard handle.

How Do I Use Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcast 6’6 Inch?

On the off chance that you are pondering, you can spool any sort of fishing line (monofilament, interlace, or fluorocarbon) on a baitcasting reel.

You simply need to know how to do it well with the goal that you decrease kickbacks during your fishing trip. Additionally, make a point to eliminate any old line with the goal that the spool’s surface is perfect and smooth prior to placing it on the fishing line

The accompanying video will tell you precisely the best way to spool a baitcasting reel in a quick and simple manner.

The video centers around spooling a plaited fishing line to a baitcasting reel. However, you can have confidence that this strategy additionally functions admirably for spooling other fishing lines.

you should make a bunch with the goal that you tie your fishing line to the spool. This will help in the situation you lose the pole and reel over the edge and need to pull it up by the line.

Along these lines, you shouldn’t place your full confidence in this bunch to hold on the off chance that a fish has brought all the line down to the furthest limit of your spool.

In what the future held video telling the best way to tie the Arbor Knot which is the most well-known tie utilized by anglers.

This is valid for plaited, mono, and fluorocarbon fishing lines the bait casting spool is getting underway while projecting with a baitcasting reel. The spool then, at that point, takes care of the line to the trap as it goes through the air.

In this manner, the way to effective projecting is the capacity to deal with these energy changes. This requires utilizing the customizable parts incorporated into the baitcasting reel.

Yet additionally, utilize your own impulses and timing which accompanies practice. The last option is a lot more straightforward to change and yet more costly.

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Important Criteria when buying a fishing rod

You can’t track down the best trap caster combo by just going for the most costly item you find or something that worked for a companion. There are a few factors that you need to consider assuming you are to track down something that suits your remarkable necessities.

Investigate these variables underneath:

Kind of Fish and Environment

Probably the greatest misstep you can make while purchasing a baitcasting combo is to not consider your objective fish or your fishing climate. There are different fish in the water and some are greater and more forceful than others.

In this way, you ought to guarantee that your favored fishing gear will be appropriate for getting the sort of fish you are later. You ought to likewise inquire as to whether you will fish in freshwater or saltwater and pick your pole and reel combo in like manner.

Gear Ratio

The stuff proportion of a lure caster combo will let you know the times the spool will turn when you make a total upheaval with the handle.

The higher the stuff proportion of a snare caster combo, the more prominent the rate at which it will recover the line.

Subsequently, you ought to choose a high stuff proportion. The stuff proportion of baitcasting combos is as a rule between 5:2:1 to 8:1:1.

On the off chance that you need an even trap caster combo, you ought to pick a stuff proportion of 6:4:1. This will empower you to utilize various sorts of traps and fishing methods including jigging and shallow wrenching. Then again, low stuff proportions will make you reel gradually.

Subsequently, they are reasonable for hard-pulling traps like weighty spinnerbaits and huge plunging crankbaits. While fishing with topwater draws, you ought to settle on higher stuff proportions because of their speed.

Watch this video to get more data on the most proficient method to pick the right stuff proportion


Another component that you can’t easily overlook is the size of the reel. Greater reels have more prominent line limits with regards to battling hotshot.

You ought to likewise choose a huge reel when remote ocean fishing. Then again, a little reel will be adequate for getting little to medium fish. In any case, you should take note that bigger reels have more weight. Along these lines, you shouldn’t select one except if you really want it.


Assuming you will have long fishing meetings, you need to guarantee that your bar is agreeable on the hands. Plugs are known to be more agreeable more affordable EVA, in any case, they need solidness.

Additionally, the ideal bar for you ought to have a slip-safe handle so it will stay usable in wet circumstances.

Furthermore, more limited handles are reasonable for fishermen that fish with worms or dances while longer reels are great for bigger snares like crankbaits and swimbaits. You ought to settle on a bigger handle while pursuing enormous and forceful fish.

Brakes and Tension

The capacity of the slowing mechanism in a bait caster combo is to monitor the line while projecting is going to be finished. Then again, the pressure handle is accused of the control toward the start of projects.

A decent bar and reel combo should highlight a stopping mechanism that will control your spooling even in blustery circumstances.

Likewise, a baitcasting combo with a fantastic slowing mechanism and strain will empower you to project over significant distances flawlessly no matter what the draw weight.

Assuming you are a novice, you need to guarantee that your stopping mechanism can be changed without any problem.

This will permit you to project at the right speed and keep away from line turns and wind hitches. The higher your degree of involvement, the lesser slowing down you will require.


The reason for metal balls in a bait caster combo is to make reeling smoother. All things considered, modest items with heaps of orientation will quite often be of inferior quality. Baitcasting combos with less heading offer a more noteworthy reeling rate and better control.

Moreover, the best bait caster combo ought to either be labeled as protected, twofold safeguarded, or fixed. These highlights guarantee that no soil gets into the heading and in doing as such, ensure max execution.

Metal rollers are generally made of fired or tempered steel. However the two materials are water-safe, clay courses have the edge since they are lighter and more solid. Nonetheless, they are more costly.


The normal materials utilized in the creation of baitcasting bars are graphite, aluminum, magnesium, and fiberglass. In the event that you will be fishing in saltwater, you ought to pick a graphite bar because of the material’s protection from erosion.

The moderateness and high solidarity to-weight proportion likewise make graphite poles more well known among fishers. Then again, aluminum poles are more hearty while fiberglass poles offer more noteworthy convenience and awareness.


For you to have an extraordinary fishing experience, your pole must be of the right length. More limited poles are a superior decision for beginners since they are more straightforward to control.

You can likewise project precisely with a short bar with negligible experience. Nonetheless, you should buy a more extended bar assuming you are an accomplished and gifted fisherman. Longer bars cast over significant distances.

Bar Action

The activity of a bar will let you know the heading that it will twist as you reel in fish. Quicker poles will more often than not twist nearer to the tip. Medium quick activity bars are great for students while slow activity bars can be a lot of work.

Bar Guide

Numerous fishermen disregard this element however it can have an extraordinary effect. The best bait caster combo ought to have tough aides, this will be especially useful assuming you are pursuing enormous fish. Likewise, novice fishers ought to pick guides worked from materials like aluminum or titanium. They offer superb projects while restricting hotness and grinding.

Hand Orientation

Baitcasting combos were initially intended for right-gave fishers. In any case, as of late, an expanding number of left-given bait caster combos have been surfacing available. Picking the right-hand direction will make things much more straightforward.


Trap caster combos are accessible at various costs and the expense of every is not set in stone by a few variables. These variables incorporate brand, style, plan, and material. Top-of-the-line bait caster combos may likewise have unique highlights like an attractive slowing mechanism.

In any case, this doesn’t imply that you need to burn through every last dollar to get a decent bait caster combo. A few decent-quality items are accessible at costs underneath $150 and $100.

You ought to have the option to find something that will work well for you in that cost range particularly assuming you are a novice or easygoing fisher. You should simply set a spending plan and do the legitimate examination.


The refreshed Black Max low-profile baitcasting reel is planned with class-driving execution in a limited, lightweight arrangement.

A graphite packaging and body, close by the moderate contorted handle and drag star, give a more ergonomic feel to the whole day fishing gatherings. The result is exhibited worth and steadfastness that anglers have commonly anticipated from this series.

Abu Garcia is inclined toward a brand of bars and reels for anglers who Fish To Win. Whether you are fishing a close-by rivalry, endeavoring to set your PB, or just out fish your buddy, rely upon Abu Garcia.

Trusted by the betraying and sequential Bass master Classic Champions Hank Cherry, different MLF victor Jordan Lee, as well as college and optional school champions, Abu Garcia is the brand that will keep you in the victor’s circle.

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