Abu Garcia Black Max & Max X Low Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel

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If you’ve been a turning fellow in your entire life. At the point when you as of late chosen to purchase your first bait caster, and went to every one of the internet-based gatherings and attempted to unravel what you ought to spend your cash on.

Indeed, immediately figured out that assuming you spent anything short of $150 on a baitcasting reel, it would not be a finished waste.

So you should attach a string to a can opener, and fish with that! Luckily, you’ve not experienced this before with different leisure activities, so suggest you chose to disregard the critics, and spend a measly $40 on the Black Max. Furthermore, settling on the best choice.

On the off chance that you’re an amateur, trust on, the Black Max ought to be your first bait caster. It’s smooth, projects far, and has a lot of drag.

Of course, it takes training to figure out how to utilize a bait caster. It involved modest mono for some time until it became familiar with it.

Yet, after a couple of fishing trips, you did the change to mesh, and haven’t thought back! Indeed, you will get a couple of kickbacks initially.

It’s not as large an arrangement as you would suspect. Simply start with a tight strain handle, and afterward relax it over the long run. You’ll get it pretty fast.

I presently have two of these reels. They are on $40 Berkley bars and learn to expect the unexpected. I get fish! Also, I mean, a great deal of fish!

Hotshot, little fish, in the middle of fish… they don’t appear to mind that I’m utilizing the modest gear. My PB is right now 6 lbs, 2 oz, utilizing my dependable Black Max.

All joking aside, assuming you’re a star, feel free to spend the bucks on high-dollar stuff. Or on the other hand, assuming you fish a few times each week, I can see contributing more. Yet, for the end of the week fisherman, this reel is awesome!

P.S. assuming that you are correct given, and you’ve gone through your entire time on earth turning the reel on turning gear with your left hand… purchase left gave bait casters! You’ll say thanks to me later.

Abu Garcia Black Max & Max X Low Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel (Review)

Abu Garcia Black Max & Max X Low Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel

The polished BMAX3 Black Max Low Profile Bait cast reel joins a machined aluminum spool with an ergonomic twisted handle to advance solace during the entire day of fishing trips.

The reel’s Power Drag framework gives the smooth drag expected to tame hard-pulling fish, while the position of the safety plan and recessed reel foot offers a casual vibe.

A MagTrax slowing mechanism applies steady brake strain to help them reach and exactness of your cast.

Its Duragear metal stuff makes this projecting reel appropriate for specialists and old pros, the same.

Key Features

  • Lightweight plan with a one-piece graphite edge and side plates
  • 4 treated steel metal balls
  • Metal cogwheels
  • MaxTrax slowing mechanism
  • Graphite outline
  • Felt drag
  • Recessed reel foot
  • Power Disk framework
  • Abu specially incorporated reel seat with formed polymer solace grasp
  • 4 Stainless Steel metal balls + 1 roller bearing gives smooth activity
  • Machined aluminum spool gives strength without adding abundance weight
  • Power Disk drag System
  • Smaller twisted handle
  • Graphite outline and side plates
  • 24-Ton graphite development for a lightweight and adjusted designs for a lightweight and adjusted plan
  • MagTrax stopping mechanism supports reach and exactness of projects
  • Smaller twisted handle and recessed reel give an ergonomic hold
  • Left-hand orientation
  • Aluminum material with stainless-steel handle material.

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Additional Features

Experience over and above anyone’s expectations Abu Garcia designing for Maximum execution with the Abu Garcia Max X baitcasting combo.

This combo includes a hand-crafted reel seat with a coordinated polymer solace grasp, for extreme solace, a 4+1 bearing framework for extreme perfection, and 24-ton graphite development for extreme awareness.


  • Satisfaction “very light and compact.
  • Price “Excellent bait caster and top value.
  • Smooth as silk
  • Great reel for Kokanee & Trout
  • Super light-weight in the hand
  • Attractive design


  • Not for beginner
  • The difference in engagement on brakes


Why Did I Choose This Product

Best Abu Garcia Black Max & Max X Low Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel

No more costly reels, yet this Black Max is one incredible reel for the cash! Smooth projecting and quite simple to utilize. When you will get one for yourself and the better half for the first bait caster, so obviously, you need to get one as well.

Here is an arrangement with 14lb major game mono, mine with either a 20lb twist or a 14lb fluoro. For a fledgling, set both the strain handle and brake dial on their highest(tightest) settings, then, at that point, ease off the pressure handle so the snare stops when it hits the water when dropped from a foot above.

Get projecting and backing going the settings on the brake dial until you get a touch of kickback (birds nest) and afterward fix it one imprint.

You’re good to go until you advance far to the point of getting your thumb engaged with slowing down. Try not to get deterred assuming you get birds’ nests occasionally, it even happens to the professionals.

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How to use it?

Cost and quality are both awesome. The reel is really smooth and has heaps of fine change for drag. Furnished with an 8lbs mono line, it can hold a huge load of it.

The position of safety makes it exceptionally easy to use and adequately little to fit in my children’s hands with ease. This reel is the very best quality you can get for such a low cost!

I have 100 percent certainty while purchasing from Abu Garcia’s financial plan line. It May be somewhat challenging to get the technique for fledglings however don’t stress just YouTube how to utilize a bait caster and keep away from muddled bird’s nests, the activity is really smooth and has incredible pulling power.

I utilize this with my pike pole and it is a workhorse however feels very lightweight in the hand. All around good done Abu Garcia you repeated the experience.

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For you to make the best decision, you should zero in on certain concentrations prior to buying. This will help with avoiding issues that can arise while buying some unsuitable reel:

  • Weight. You understand that fishing is certainly not a fast cycle, yet a genuinely extended interruption. Expecting you get a significant reel, you won’t have the choice to search for broadened periods. The reel ought to be sufficiently light. This way you will avoid shortcomings and injury to your hands. This will allow you to search for a surprisingly long time and feel better.
  • Water-type. Prior to buying, consider where you will fish: freshwater or saltwater. If you are fishing in seawater, the reel should be made of better quality materials. The reel ought to be strong and reliable and impenetrable to utilization. Your reel should have the choice to bear any kind of tension while fishing in saltwater.
  • The reel and your shaft. It could happen that the reel will not oblige your shaft. Moreover, it will require speculation and nerves to return your purchase. Accordingly, manage this point early. Regardless, this is your big chance to shine. Abu Garcia Revo is the brand that prompts on which shaft a particular reel works.


Abu Garcia Revo is a fishing brand that knows a ton regarding the nature of fishing reels. The brand makes creative items at appealing costs.

In this article, I explained to you why you should believe this brand and investigated the Max best Abu Garcia fishing reels. As of now, you know all of the advantages and impairments of this brand and you can make the most ideal choice.

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