Abu Garcia Vengeance Low Profile Fishing Rod & Reel (Review)

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In 1921, by the waterway of Mörrum in Svängsta, Sweden, Carl August Borgström established AB Urfabriken. The organization produced pocket watches, phone clocks, and taxi meters.

Borgström was a splendid specialist with an ability for light accuracy designing abilities he had obtained during his years in the Halda watchmaking plant.

Tragically, World War II caused a sharp decrease in the interest in taxi meters. Unflinching, ABU diverted its abilities toward the improvement of accuracy fishing reels utilized by fishermen the world over.

That is the reason Abu Garcia later got the distinction of being picked “Purveyor To The Royal Swedish Court,” a differentiation offered to a select gathering of producers for reliably surpassing its best expectations of value and craftsmanship.

Abu Garcia’s impact on the sportfishing local area is unparalleled. The organization remains solidly dedicated to keeping up with its industry administrative role by furnishing fishermen wherever with the best, most inventive items.

Best Abu Garcia Vengeance Low Profile Fishing Rod & Reel For The Money

Best Abu Garcia Vengeance Low Profile Fishing Rod & Reel For The Money

The ideal mix of style and execution, the retribution combos gives fishermen a combo set-up that is ideal for a wide scope of fishing methods.

The refreshed Vengeance series of casting poles follow through on-the-water execution and style in a decent, lightweight plan.

Development begins with 24-Ton high modulus graphite clear that is matched with tempered steel guides.

Part grasp high thickness EVA handles guarantee solace and solidness for the long stretch. The Vengeance series of projecting bars convey astounding execution at an incredible worth.

Abu Garcia is the favored brand of poles and reels for fishermen who Fish To Win.

Regardless of whether you are fishing a neighborhood competition, attempting to set your PB, or basically out fish your amigo, depend on Abu Garcia.

Trusted by the double-crossing and consecutive Bass master Classic Champions Hank Cherry, various MLF victor Jordan Lee, as well as university and secondary school champions, Abu Garcia is the brand that will keep you in the victors circle.

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Key Features

  • 24 Ton graphite for a lightweight adjusted plan
  • Tempered steel guides with titanium oxide embed
  • High thickness EVA gives more prominent awareness and toughness
  • Texas manipulated snare manager for all lure applications
  • 4 tempered steel metal balls + 1 roller bearing gives smooth activity
  • Machined aluminum spool gives strength without adding overabundance weight
  • Power Disk™ drag framework gives smooth drag execution
  • Duragear™ metal stuff for expanded gear life
  • MagTrax™ stopping mechanism gives steady brake strain all through the cast
  • Smaller bowed handle and star give a more ergonomic plan
  • Graphite outline and side plates

Additional Features

The NEW Abu Garcia Vengeance bait cast combos stretch the boundaries of superior execution fishing gear and are highlight loaded with a 10+1 bearing framework and lightweight graphite outline. Bars are fueled by our select Power lux 100 Nano sap, giving a more grounded, lighter, touchier bar.

Abu Garcia Vengeance combos offer firm strength and toughness required by genuine fishers. 100 conveys a 15% stronger and 5% lighter bar while staying lightweight and even:

  • Ergonomic Abu planned reel seat
  • ROCS (Robotically Optimized Casting System) Guide train for amplified projecting distance with lighter baits
  • Titanium composite aides with super light Zirconium embeds consider a lightweight adjusted pole
  • Shut Cell EVA holds give more prominent climate and wear opposition
  • ABU GARCIA VENGEANCE 7′ CASTING ROD: A decent and lightweight bar intended for on-the-water strategy and solidness.
  • 12-20LB LINE RATING, MEDIUM HEAVY POWER, FAST ACTION: The Vengeance Fishing Rod is ready for the following situation. Bait rating of 3/8-1 oz.
  • 24 TON GRAPHITE CONSTRUCTION for a lightweight adjusted plan
  • 8 STAINLESS STEEL GUIDES: worked with titanium oxide additions to permit your bar to deal with the most serious fights.
  • Sturdy REEL SEAT will face outrageous openness. Intended for expanded clear contact and awareness.
  • HIGH-DENSITY EVA SPLIT GRIP HANDLE (B type) gives more prominent responsiveness and strength while staying agreeable long term.
  • 1 PIECE FISHING ROD: Packing incorporates strategy and is supportive of tip proposals.
  • Snare KEEPER: The Texas-manipulated snare attendant will work with all trap applications.


  • Great rod at a cheap price
  • It is great for beginners
  • It allows long-distance casting
  • Sensitive
  • Easy to cast


  • Awful exposure
  • Suitable for left-handed


Why We Choose Abu Garcia Vengeance Fishing Rod? 

I didn’t expect much from this pole in view of the low cost, yet I need to concede, it looks great, it is even, has great awareness, however, performed very well as a spinnerbait, swimbait, chatter bait, swim dance bar. It is solid.

The second time utilizing it handled a 5lb. Largemouth without any problem. A lot of spine for fish to some extent up to that size, remembering a couple of stripers for 5-7 lb. class.

If you purchased this pole a couple of months prior and it has been extraordinary! this bar supplanted a Vengeance that broke and it has worked similarly too for half of the cost.

It isn’t the most delicate yet can get those little ticks. It has turned out incredible for everything from a Carolina rig for smallmouth to a frog and, surprisingly, a 7 pounder on a dance. Much thanks to you to Abu I truly like this pole.

How To Use Abu Garcia Fishing Reel

All new vengeance rods designed considering adjusted and lightweight plan the vengeance rods start with our 24-ton high modulus graphite development.

This grader graphite truly permits to accomplish lightweight touchy spaces vengeance rods additionally includes our treated steel guides with tempered steel embeds making them work for all line types and entirely tough likewise the new vengeance rods or high thickness.

EB a split grasps well as another uncovered clear reel seat configuration permitting vibrations to be sent to the hand effectively additionally accessible in six projecting models and eight turning models has something for each strategy for fantastic execution at an incredible significant sure to look at the vengeance rods at Abu Garcia.com.

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Things Need To Consider Before Buying

For you to settle on the ideal choice, you should focus on certain focuses prior to purchasing. This will assist with staying away from issues that can emerge while purchasing some unacceptable reel:

  • Weight. You realize that fishing is certifiably not a speedy cycle, but a fairly lengthy distraction. Assuming that you get a weighty reel, you will not have the option to look for extended periods. The reel should be sufficiently light. This way you will stay away from weariness and injury to your hands. This will permit you to look for quite a while and feel good.
  • Water-type. Prior to purchasing, consider where you will fish: freshwater or saltwater. Assuming you are fishing in seawater, the reel ought to be made of better quality materials. The reel should be solid and dependable and impervious to erosion. Your reel ought to have the option to endure any sort of pressure while fishing in saltwater.
  • The reel and your bar. It might happen that the reel won’t accommodate your bar. Furthermore, it will require some investment and nerves to return your buy. Subsequently, deal with this point ahead of time. In any case, bless your lucky stars. Abu Garcia is the brand that exhorts on which bar a specific reel works with.


Abu Garcia is a fishing brand that knows a ton regarding the nature of fishing reels. The brand makes inventive items at alluring costs. In this article, I explained to you why you should believe this brand and checked on the vengeance best Abu Garcia fishing reels. By and by you know all of the advantages and drawbacks of this brand and you can make the most ideal choice.

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