Best Abu Garcia Blue Max Low Profile Baitcast Reel Combo (Review)

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Here is one more item from the unbelievable Abu Garcia brand. The Blue Max Baitcasting Combo is comprised of a one-piece medium-weighty graphite bar and an incredible baitcasting reel.

You have the choice of picking a two-piece pole for the combo yet this can make things convoluted. Subsequently, you ought to choose a one-piece pole assuming you are a novice.

Also, the stuff proportion of the reel is 6:4:1 and it offers a quick recovery pace of 29 inches. You will observe its recovery speed useful while looking for a bass with a wrench or buzz lure.

It will empower you to imitate the hysterical development of prey, for example, mice and frogs on the water surface. The combo’s handle has a right-given direction, so most novices ought to have the option to utilize it.

Nonetheless, it isn’t appropriate for left-gave beginners.

Moreover, the reel contains 145 yards of 12-pound test mono line. Be that as it may, assuming you favor fishing with a twisted line, you might select sizes between 10 to 30-pound tests.

The pole’s power is appraised as medium-weighty, so you will appreciate significant distance projects without losing responsiveness.

Additionally, the item is reasonable for draws that accompany a width of between ⅜ and ¾ oz.

The unique elements on the reel incorporate the Power Disk drag framework and MagTrax stopping mechanism. It likewise accompanies four metal balls and a solitary roller bearing.

Having just five headings implies that it is probably the best reel as far as perfection on the water. This should have an incredible effect assuming you are new to fishing.

At last, the handle grasps are intended to offer a decent degree of solace and hold.

Best Abu Garcia Blue Max Low Profile Baitcast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo Review

Best Abu Garcia Blue Max Low Profile Baitcast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo Review

Following the Revo® course of action, the new Blue Max™ reel conveys first-rate execution at a momentous worth.

The somewhat portable Mag Trax™ projecting brake ensures capable extending control while the 3+1 solidified steel bearing structure conveys an incredibly smooth recuperation.

The long power handle with an inquisitively huge EVA handle makes the Blue Max a phenomenal starter trap caster for snare anticipating and small-scale jigging.

Accessible just at Abu Garcia! Graphite Frame Low Profile Bait cast Reel with 7’0″, 1 piece Medium Heavy 24-Ton Graphite Casting Rod for a lighter and more adjusted plan.

Added ergonomic win grasp innovation for expanded hold and solace. Power Disk Drag System Stainless Steel Guides with Titanium Oxide Inserts.

Key Features

  • 3 treated steel metal balls + 1 roller bearing gives smooth activity
  • One-piece graphite outline
  • Graphite side plates
  • Machined aluminum spool gives strength without adding overabundance weight
  • Power Disk™ drag framework gives smooth drag execution
  • Dura gear™ metal stuff for expanded gear life
  • Mag Trax™ slowing mechanism gives reliable brake strain all through the cast
  • Power handle with oversize EVA handle
  • Recessed reel foot considers a more ergonomic reel plan
  • Rocket Clutch – Designed for light jigging applications. Draws in the spool with your thumb without turning the handle for moment hook sets.

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Additional Features

  • Ease of use: this snare projecting combo is an incredible decision for amateurs
  • Medium-Heavy Rod: give astounding projecting distance and responsiveness
  • This gives consistent brake pressure
  • 4+1 metal rollers
  • 6/kg/130m mono capacity
  • Braid capacity 15kg/130m
  • Graphite Frame Low Profile Bait cast Reel
  • 7’0″, 1 piece Medium Heavy 24 Ton Graphite Casting Rod
  • Ergonomic WINN Grips
  • Power Disk Drag System
  • Treated Steel Guides + Titanium Oxide Inserts
  • 5 metal roller framework
  • Max Trax slowing mechanism
  • 6kg max drag
  • 66 cm per turn
  • Right hand retrieve
  • 4 plus bearings


  • Incredible for fledglings
  • It permits significant distance projecting
  • Ergonomic handle grasps
  • Sensitive
  • Light and adjusted


  • It isn’t appropriate for left-gave fishers


How To Choose Abu Garcia Blue Max Low Profile Baitcast Reel Under 100$

So for just under a year, everyone has been using this catch caster with practically zero issues. The rod is generally around made and very sensitive. The associates have held up to Mono, four, and even entwine.

The Winn holds are remarkable, they’ve been putting them on golf clubs of visit stars for north of 20 years. The reel is a 7.1.1 which suggests you can fish everything from sensitive plastics to swimbaits.

The easing back component is unimaginable, especially easy to change as you change out various snares. I’ve genuinely participated in this combo and expect you are looking for one to start fishing let everything out.

Guarantee you watch the accounts out there on and they genuinely helped me with making the decision.

Love this rod and reel combo haven’t had it long and have been fishing with some whenever you get the open door and tell you what it’s the smoothest projecting bar and reel combo.

I’ve any time had it worth the expense and it’s sensible everyone has been using bug wire Ez monofilament 17-pound test line so it can project any size drawing I would recommend this combo instantly.

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How Do I Use Abu Garcia Blue Max Low Profile Baitcast Reel Combo

Abu Garcia is one of the top fishing gear brands available today, and their poles and reels are utilized by bass master fishing legend Mike Iaconelli, as well as other expert fishermen.

By and by, I’ve viewed their reels as on par with any of the other top brands out there, and one of my Abu Garcia baitcasting reels is very nearly 25 years of age now, yet brings about the ideal result.

I had some trouble when I got my first bait caster on the grounds that my pole and reel were confounded. Nonetheless, things got much more straightforward when I began utilizing pre-matched arrangements.

This is the least demanding way for to you get a decent match assuming you are an unfortunate go-between as was I.

The mix of the right pole and reel will give you an even arrangement. This will empower you to project precisely and increment your catch proportion fundamentally.

Yet, in the event that you miss the point, your fishing outing might end in disappointment.

The principal thing you need to do is to set up your baitcasting combo. From that point onward, you may then deliver your trap or bait with the reel and spool strain handle.

The capacity of the handle is to control the speed of the line. You can likewise make the fundamental changes in accordance with your snare involving the reel as it goes into the water.

Important criteria when buying a fishing rod

This furthermore has an influence to play while picking a fishing line or extending post to use. This is because juveniles would plainly not have the choice to manage a projecting shaft as a specialist can.

While specialists have a piece of significant information on the projecting posts and when best to use everybody, beginners don’t.

Specialists in this line will as a rule favor the graphite post since it is both unyielding, lightweight, and extra delicate which ends up being valuable while fishing.

Juveniles of course presumably will not have the choice to deal with the attention to a graphite post, so it is, for the most part, expected provoked that they settle for a fiberglass shaft which they would have the choice to control seeing as it is more rigid than the graphite.

A tremendous degree of people acknowledges that the plug is a prevalent fit as a post handle as it gives cushion while using, and it is furthermore adequately sensitive to move any vibrations.

In any case, the disadvantage with the decision for the plug as the material of your shaft handle is that it doesn’t continue onward as long as the EVA foam, so in the end, you want to hack out more money for something that isn’t actually as solid.


Abu Garcia is a fishing brand that gets a ton regarding fishing reels. The brand makes innovative things at charming expenses.

In this article, I uncovered to you why you ought to recognize this brand and looked out for the counter best Abu Garcia fishing reels. Soon, you know the benefits overall and disservices of this brand and you can settle on the best decision.

Abu Garcia is leaning toward a brand of bars and reels for fishermen who Fish To Win. Whether you are fishing a nearby contention, trying to set your PB, or barely out fish your pal, depend upon Abu Garcia.

Trusted by the double-crossing and consecutive Bass expert Classic Champions Hank Cherry, different MLF victor Jordan Lee, as well as school and discretionary school champions, Abu Garcia is the brand that will keep you in the victor’s circle.

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