Best Abu Garcia REVO4IKE-SHS-L Spinning Rod & Reel Combos

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In 1921, by the stream of Mörrum in Svängsta, Sweden, Carl August Borgström laid out AB Urfabriken. The association delivered pocket watches, telephone timekeepers, and taxi meters.

Borgström was awesome expertise with a capacity for light precision planning; capacities he had acquired during his years in the Halda watchmaking plant.

Shockingly, World War II caused a sharp decline in the interest in taxi meters. Undaunted, ABU redirected its capacities toward the improvement of exactness fishing reels used by anglers the world over.

That is the explanation Abu Garcia later got the qualification of being picked “Purveyor To The Royal Swedish Court,” a separation proposed to a select social affair of makers for dependably incredible its best assumptions for worth and craftsmanship.

Abu Garcia’s effect on the sportfishing neighborhood is unrivaled. The association remains emphatically devoted to staying aware of its industry regulatory job by outfitting anglers any place with the best, most innovative things.

Best Abu Garcia REVO4IKE-SHS-L Spinning Rod & Reel Combos Review

Best Abu Garcia REVO4IKE-SHS-L Spinning Rod & Reel Combos Review

The Abu Garcia® Revo® Ike® series is planned by Mike Iaconelli to incorporate the power, solace, speed, and activity that he requests out of his fishing box.

Notwithstanding the highlights, the disposition, and character that Ike is known for appearing through the obvious beauty care products that make “Going Ike!” feasible for the normal fisher.

Taking Revo® premium execution to a higher level with the fourth era of the Revo® Premier Low Profiles.

The Abu Garcia® Revo® Ike® series is planned by Mike Iaconelli to incorporate the power, solace, speed, and activity that he requests out of his fishing supplies.

Notwithstanding highlights, the disposition, and character that Ike is known for appears through the unquestionable beauty care products that make “Going Iike!” workable for the normal fisherman.

Revo: power, accuracy designing, and execution all in the center of your hand.

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Key Features

  • 10 hardened steel metal balls + 1 roller bearing
  • X2-Cräftic amalgam outline: This material gives extraordinary erosion opposition and unbending nature for astounding stuff arrangement.
  • C6 carbon palm side plates convey critical weight decrease without forfeiting strength and sturdiness.
  • Power Stack Carbon Matrix Drag System: The one-of-a-kind scratched cartridge cloth framework furnishes outrageous drag pressures joined with unmatched perfection.
  • Dura gear metal stuff for broadened gear life and strength
  • D2 Gear Design gives a more effective stuff framework while further developing stuff sturdiness.
  • Everslik covered pinion shaft and pawl
  • Dura Clutch plan
  • IVCB-6L (Infinitely Variable Centrifugal Brake) slowing mechanism
  • Gull Wing side plate plan: Side plate configuration considers speedy and simple admittance to slowing mechanisms and the spool.

Additional Features

  • 9 tempered steel HPCR™ heading + 1 roller bearing
  • 1+1 stainless steel HPCR bearing system
  • Rocket Line Management™ System
  • Rocket Spool Lip Design™
  • Incorporated Drop Shot Keeper
  • AM Gearing™ framework
  • Carbon Matrix™ drag framework
  • IM-C6™ body plan
  • C6 carbon rotor
  • IKE planned EVA handle
  • Smaller twisted handle and star
  • Lube port
  • 10 treated steel metal balls + 1 roller bearing
  • Infini II spool design
  • Ti covered line guide
  • Round EVA Knob
  • 11kg Max drag
  • 6:1 gear ratio
  • With 11 bearings


  • Countless hours on the water
  • It is a heavier catcher, smooth & light
  • Allows long-distance casting
  • It is for both left/right-handed
  • Gives soft plastic perfect presentation


  • Solid reel, but not worth the price


How to Choose Abu Garcia REVO4IKE-SHS-L Spinning Rod & Reel Combos

Planned with Elite Series veteran Mike Iaconelli, the Abu Garcia REVO Ike Series Low Profile Baitcasting Reel includes a champion plan and unquestionable beauty care products, as well as the power, solace, and speed that world-class prize trackers request.

This champion reel is loaded with cutting-edge Abu Garcia advancements to accomplish genuine competition-grade execution. Its X2-Craftic amalgam casing and premium 10 tempered steel metal balls guarantee consistent activity from cast to get.

Worked to deal with hard-pulling, competition-winning fish, the reel is fitted with a Power Stack Carbon Matrix drag framework and an Ike-supported handle for expanded influence.

Its D2 Gear configuration is both strong and effective, and an Infini II spool configuration further develops precision, in any event, while projecting the lightest of draws.

Complete with a lube port for simple support and broadened reel life, the REVO Ike Casting Reel makes it workable for the normal fisherman to fish like the world-class.

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How Do I Use Abu Garcia Revo Spinning Reel Combo

The smoothest reel I have at any point utilized. In the wake of getting both the radial and the attractive brakes dialed in, I was projecting a mile; don’t think I’ve at any point seen my baits fly that far.

Pulling in resembled a hot blade in margarine… Despite the fact that this is a Revo STX, it actually has debilitated paintwork and I love the carbon fiber handle with the EVA nobs.

From the outset, this reel since it matched the vehicle and the bar; presently understand it was perhaps the most ideal decision to make.

It’s at present paid with the Ike Power Series 7-2 MH. It is set up for heavier draws to get the beasts. It is smooth and light and works extraordinarily! Projects are long and precise! Revo 4 Ike spinning reel

Brakes inside tumbled off under extremely negligible use at the cost of these shouldn’t have reel sent back and fixed

I looked for Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass the previous year with this reel. It performed impeccably utilizing artfulness delicate plastic introductions. I combined it with Power Pro Super Slick V2 10lb. twist and my ST. Croix Legend X M/EF 6’8” pole.

Things Need to Consider Before Buying

A fishing reel is a gadget that is joined to a projecting post, similar to a projecting bar, and is utilized for winding a fishing line. Pulls change in both projecting distance and the accuracy offered, so it is one more part to note while picking a projecting post.


As clarified beforehand, more limited shafts contemplate cautious exercises while fishing, and moreover, they are very simple to control and move. As they in addition require out and out lesser energy to project, they are incredible for amateurs. So as a fishing fan, to pick which extending post to get, you ought to consider the degree of precision you are yearning for.


The length of the turning or projecting post is the fundamental arrangement of parts to examine while hoping to get another bar as it impacts the projecting distance. There are various sorts; from the long broadening presents on close-quarter projecting shafts, projecting posts can go from 4-14 feet long.


Another situation is tolerating you are swimming. In a circumstance like this, 8+ foot shafts are suggested as they make for longer queues and can assist you with making long exercises.

Expecting you are a young person, in any case, you can make do with a 7′ extending bar, as it is a great spot to begin. On the off chance that you are hoping to cover a ton of distance while fishing, long projecting shafts are your generally clever decision.

It is essential to see that expecting you are picking distance, you would surrender precision, so it is given to you to close which one is of more significance.


You can choose to choose a critical long bar or a light short post thinking about how much effect you would expect while fishing.


Your solace level additionally impacts the sort of length of fishing stick you pick. Expecting you are tall, odds are you would be all the more OK with a more lengthy bar than if you are short. The point is to recognize what works freely and remain with it.

You can get an extending post in various materials, from fiberglass to graphite or even composite which is a mix of fiberglass and graphite.

The bar material goes exceptionally far in how the projecting shaft performs so prior to picking a material, you need to know the advantages and weights and how to function with it.

As a novice or somebody needing to concur with up fishing as a specific position interest, there is not an obvious reason to put enthusiastically in a fishing line or post.

There are different bars available, so while picking one, you ought to truly zero in on one that is on the reasonable side, which can serve you fittingly.

While you’re projecting your projecting post, the activity intimates the aggregate it turns. An individual could have an inclination for one sort of activity over another relying on their necessities and way to deal with fishing.

For fishing, you ought to go for a bar that can twist effectively as this would give you more control while fishing. Shaft power can be disengaged into six-game plans; Ultra-Light, Light, Medium, Medium-Heavy, Heavy, and Ultra Heavy.


This shuts our review of the best Abu Garcia projecting reel. So which model could it be fitting for you to pick? To be sure, in case the monetary arrangement is certainly not a critical idea, and you want an amazing all-over trap caster, then, the IKE projecting is beyond question likely the best reel accessible.

Of course, in case you’re on a more unobtrusive monetary arrangement, the Revo 4 IKe is a phenomenal choice.

If you’re looking for speed, the Revo Rocket is as of now the speediest reel accessible, while the IKE Inshore is great for inshore saltwater fishing.

Finally, the spinning reel combo is an exceptional choice accepting you need around trap caster to target greater fish, both in freshwater and saltwater.

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