Best Abu Garcia Veritas Casting Fishing Rod – Buyer Guide

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Fishing seems to be easy and simple from the outside but when you are actually doing it, it is nothing but a technical sport whether you are doing it for commercial purposes or joy.

It has become more complicated over the years because of advancements in its rods, components, and reel combo. The rods come in vast variety which bothers the fishers a lot when choosing the right one among them.

This is why we have searched, tested, and examined more than 100 latest fishing rods and selected the best one among them. Our selection was based on the factors like customer reviews, compatibility, design, power, and many more.

The fishing rod which meets all the requirements and is compatible with beginner as well as professional and is the right choice in 2022 is Abu Garcia Casting Fishing Rod.

Abu Garcia Fishing Rod comes in different designs for almost everyone and this service of its providers makes it more interesting. The rod is made from graphite, carbon, stainless steel, and a coating of fiberglass which makes it composite and sensitive enough for vibration while catching a fish.

It is easy to use with light luggage for transportation purposes. We recommend Abu Garcia Casting Fishing Rod as the perfect choice and will be used for a long time onwards.

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Top Abu Garcia Veritas Casting Fishing Rod – Review

Abu Garcia Veritas Casting Fishing RodThe new Abu Garcia Casting Fishing Rod has the ability to perform in the sea as well as boat fishing.

It has a corrosion-resistant body, flexible rubber knob, stylish components, and weighs light. Equipment along with the rod is well furnished, modified, and updated according to today’s needs.

Rod length is 6.5, standardized as medium and right for power and casting accuracy.

Little 8 guiding rings are coated with ceramics on the inside, perfect for distributing stress evenly.

Cleaned and tidy Eva foam handle for balance grip with the ability to cast lengthy.

Rod of trigger stick shape with the option to behold by both hands for a tight grip.

The luggage box is equipped with total accessories and given a detailed instruction booklet for the easy process of setting up rod parts and learning to use.


• Anti-rust plated body
• Drag power of 20Ibs
• Upper hold gear
• Bamboo split with high strength holding grip
• Modified guidelines help in weighing less-155 grains
• Furnished lure for support
• Ingredients used graphite, carbon, and glass fiber
• Classically designed with Eva Foam
• Vibrational ability due to high sensitivity
From design to raw materials, lure support, hook style, hand knob, and medium size adds value to the rod. Can split into 3 pieces- handgrip, rod filament, and lure for easy traveling.
No age limit, anyone can enjoy the smooth comfort of a rod. Abu Garcia Casting Fishing Rod is designed for professional experience.

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  • Smooth reel, no need to switch hook
  • Comes in different and it looks fascinating in Pea green
  • Functions for longer
  • Good performance in fresh water and saltwater too
  • The box is easy to carry
  • The company response is on time and accommodating, delivered on one day earlier, great service


  • Received cracked rod
  • Tip bent easily which is terrible for longer casting


Why Did We Choose Abu Garcia Casting Fishing Rod?

Abu Garcia Casting Fishing Rod

We chose Abu Garcia Casting Fishing Rod as the right fishing rod to be used in 2022 and onwards because of its perfect size, right raw materials, easy to use, fine structure, and modified according to the need.

Tested, confirmed, and verified in every aspect by our team. It is beautifully designed and was all in praise from the public which added value to its selection over others.

The rod has the ability to withstand great pressure in saltwater. The 8 guidelines on the surface help in reducing friction and weight which is very much rare quality and can’t be found in other rods.

The selected rod can withstand and overthrow every other rod in every way and there’s no better product for fishing than Abu Garcia Casting Fishing Rod.

How to Use Abu Garcia Casting Fishing Gear?

Setting up parts of a fishing rod is itself a common problem among fishers. It greatly impacts your fishing practice, as largely depends upon the way you have set it up. The problem is that it takes a lot of time and it is very much unlikely for beginners to set it before half an hour and it is still possible that the setting would be flawed. But once you dealt with it much often, the procedure becomes easy and flawless.

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Setting Guide

Things u will need:

  • Fishing line
  • Reel
  • Filament/ rod
  • Lures
  • Scissors

Stepwise Guide

  • Cleaning rod is as essential as any other step, wiping away dust and dirt make the rod friction-free and though the increasing lifespan of the product
  • Sliding all the sections, parts into each other as needed
  • Tighten up the reel
  • Spool reel, feed the line in guides and then tie the bait over the knot
  • Set the reel in reel seat
  • Prevent rod breaking by setting up the right strength of power according to your needs
  • Tie bait to secure line through rings/guides.

Fishing is an art and you need the best tool to perfect it. Abu Garcia is a flashlight when it comes to fishing and can catch any type of fish.

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