Best Compact Fishing Rod & Reel To Buy – Ultimate Guide

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Having the best compact fishing rod plays an essential role in your entire fishing trip. You might come across situations where you have to play moves to catch a fish.

It may get difficult with an ordinary traditional fishing rod. For this, you will need a compact fishing rod, also known as a telescopic fishing rod.

They are travel friendly and convenient to assemble. When retracted, these fishing rods can shrink to smaller sizes.

It makes them the best backpack fishing rod. They are also suitable to carry for long fishing trips or camping trips.

Steinhauser Telescopic Compact Fishing Rod and Spincast Reel Combo

Best Compact Fishing Rod

The Steinhauser Pocket Combo Micro Series is a dependable, affordable, and easy choice for any angler, no matter their skill level.

This lightweight fiberglass rod is compact and portable, making it a breeze to carry with you on all of your fishing adventures. Sometimes the best honey holes are off the beaten path, and carrying a 6-foot pole on your excursion can be a real chore.

The telescoping rod retracts to a convenient 18” so you can store it easily in a backpack or tackle bag. Now the hike to that beautiful lake or the journey in your canoe or kayak won’t seem so intimidating with this retractable fishing rod.

The no-tangle technology patented by Steinhauser protects the line from any outside interference and ensures a hassle-free fishing experience.

With our Tangle-Free technology, you’ll spend more time fishing and less time-fighting tangles. The comfortable EVA and the easy-grip handle will provide a more pleasant fishing experience.

The soft material adds plenty of cushioning, while still remaining non-slip and durable. This telescopic fishing pole features a fully enclosed micro spin-cast reel for added mobility and ease of use.

The push-button spin-cast reel features a fast 4.1:1 gear ratio that is effective for all types of fishing. The fishing reel comes pre-spooled with a strong 6LB monofilament fishing line, which is standard for most freshwater fishing combos.

You can bring this compact fishing pole along on all of your fishing trips, whether you are catching bass, panfish, bluegill, or trout, this pole will surely be up to the fight.

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Key Features

  • POCKET COMBO MICRO SERIES with Tangle Free Rod, Spincast Reel with 4.1:1 Gear Ratio, and 6lb line. Multipurpose Fishing Rod Combo suitable for Freshwater and all fishing applications.
  • HIGH QUALITY AND SENSIBILITY: The Fiberglass Fishing Rod Combo is Lightweight, Corrosion Resistant, and Flexible. The Comfortable EVA Handle ensures a firm, non-slip grip.
  • NO TANGLE FISHING ROD: Steinhauser owns the rights to patent-protected tangle-free technology. This will help you to eliminate any obstruction between the line and the exterior of the rod prevents the line from tangling.
  • SUPER COMPACT ULTRALIGHT: The Telescopic Fishing Rod can be extended to 30” and retracted to 18” to make storage easy. This Fishing Rod is great for Backpacking, Camping, and Spontaneous Fishing Trips.
  • HASSLE-FREE FISHING EXPERIENCE is perfect for people of all ages, beginner fishermen, very experienced, or veterans. The whole family can enjoy a great fishing experience with our Telescopic Fishing Rod Combo.

Additional Information

  • ASIN: B07GVR5N41
  • Best Sellers Rank: #443,371 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
  • #738 in Fishing Rod & Reel Combos
  • 100rst Available: Aug. 31, 2018
  • Manufacturer: Steinhauser LLC


Super Compact: Great for backpacking, camping, hike, and traveling or where space is a luxury such as a plane or a car.

Super Light: Easy to carry, suitable for kids, and less fatigue for fishing.

Super Tough: Fiberglass makes your fishing rod hard & durable.

Tangle Free Rod: Live a hassle-free fishing experience.

✓ Corrosion Resistant.

Adjustable Seat EVA Handle: Ensures a comfortable, firm, non-slip grip.

✓ Designed for absolutely everyone regardless of their skill level.


x Convenient and functional for a Short season

Why did we Choose This Product?

The Steinhauser Micro Pocket Spincast Combo is the ultimate tangle-free travel rod for those spontaneous fishing trips.

The fiberglass rod extends to 30” and can be retracted to 18” to make storage easy, while the inline feed prevents the line from tangling. This Micro Pocket Combo can virtually be stored anywhere and is even perfect to use on your kayak or canoe.

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How to Choose Best Compact Fishing Rod For Beginners

How to Choose Best Compact Fishing Rod For Beginners

Best Fishing Rod Component

Before you determine which length and style you want, you should know the different components of your fishing rod. These pieces are mostly universal, with only slight changes depending on the fishing rod style.


Starting from the bottom of your best compact fishing rod, the handle is, naturally, where you will hold the pole. Handles are usually made from cork or EVA foam for a comfortable, durable grip, and can vary in length.

Typically, longer handles are better for longer casting because you can get both hands involved for more load.

Shorter handles can help anglers looking to make shorter casts, cast with one hand, or even master the technique of roll casting.

Fishermen can also look for split grip, popular with bass fishermen, or pistol grip handles, which can help with keeping the overall rod weight down for shorter casts with lighter baits.

Reel seat

Moving farther up the rod you will find the reel seat. This is the area where you can rig your reel by sliding the reel foot into the collars, tightening them down to eliminate any play or wobble from the setup. Be sure to research how to choose a fishing reel so that your angling setup can be solid from top to bottom.

The blank & Guide

The main shaft portion of your fishing rod is called the blank. Along with the blank are guides, which are the circular pieces that your fishing line is threaded through for more control.

The guides are made from either plastic, metal, or ceramic materials and are attached to the rod’s windings. A fishing rod’s guides are on top (facing toward the sky) on casting-style rods.

Guides are on the bottom (facing toward the ground) on spinning-style rods. The final guide in the sequence on your rod is the tip, which is the thinnest and most flexible portion of the rod.


If your rod is collapsible, then you will have two ferrules: one male and one female. This is the location where your rod will come together for proper use. When connecting the two pieces, make sure that the guides line up, so your line has a straight plane of travel.


Fishing rods are the most important thing when you plan a fishing trip. It is entertainment if done correctly. For this, you must have the best tools required for fishing. The best fishing rods do not cause a burden and are easier to handle.

The telescopic fishing rods are the most compact fishing rods on the market. They are easy to use and portable. The telescopic rod and reel are ideal for beginner’s use. They aren’t much heavy.

They are lightweight and durable. These fishing rods are highly sensitive. The materials used in making these fishing rods are of high quality.

These compact fishing rods and reels are perfect for traveling, hiking, or camping. There are all types of fishing rods available according to your needs. There are also special compact fishing rods for hiking.

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