Top 8 Best Inshore Rods for 2021 Review by RodsBuzz

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It is good news that fishing in shallow water does not need experience, high-quality rods, and deep search on inshore, but it’s good to have the best inshore rod for having proper fun. It is essential to have perfect tools with you on inshore because many of us start thinking about keeping fishing as a hobby and taking it seriously. 

The perfect rod for this kind of fishing is between seven and eight feet long with a medium action. At Inshore, fish easily spook, so the longer rod will enable you to cast away from your boat to ease their minds a while. Therefore, medium action is easy since you might be getting something that fights a little more complicated than needed, and the strain will be distributed more evenly along the rod.


Certainly, For having the perfect rod for you and all essential information about an inshore rod, dive down, pal!

Where also you can find answers to your questions about these rods.


1# Cadence CR5-30 Spinning Rod

(Newly introduced fishing company Cadence presents CR5 rod)

The CR5 rods offer outstanding and most advanced parts and materials. The blanks are manufactured with 30-ton carbon; moreover, rods have two handle types, a split grip, and total grip, utilizing both cork and EVA material for improved performance and comfort. Performance and durability are further enhanced with SiC guides and stainless steel frames, and a modified Fuji reel seat.

Here are some basic key features of the Cadence CR5 rod

  Cadence fishing pole 

All fishing poles give high-performance with premium features at affordable prices, and fishing with quality and reliable gear should not mean breaking the bank.

 Ultra-High Quality 30-TON Carbon Fiber Blank 

all CR5 1-piece and 2-piece fishing rod blanks are manufactured with a 30-ton carbon matrix graphite; thus, you have the strongest, lightweight, durable, and sensitive blanks than other rods. Best for freshwater fish like bass, walleye, and trout and prominent inshore species like redfish speckled trout and flounder with a rinse after fishing.

 Premium Materials 

All Cadence CR5 rods are made from materials that give strength and sensitivity in less weight; these are manufactured with 30-ton carbon with SiC guides with durable stainless steel frames, a comfortable Fuji reel seat, and a blank wrapped in carbon tip cover to enhance the durability.

 Rods in 2 handle formats 

Carbon split grip, and for perfect full grip, the rod utilizes premium cork and EVA; thus, you have the perfect sensitive rod.

 Awesome Smooth Power 

Stainless steel guides with SiC inserts it ore smooth and durable, avoids line sticking into the guides, reduces friction, and increases sensitivity by sending pulses from the line to the rod and finally to your hand.


You can take it in the car, trunk, boat hatch than a formal one-piece rod because it’s two pieces rod, but it feels like a one-piece fishing rod. You can use it anywhere because of its two pieces property. In short, these rods are much easier to travel with, where one piece is also lightweight and easy to carry.



Perfect reel seat

Well made

Longer then others



 Why we chose this product 

In short, Cadence Is a newly introduced fishing company with excellent features products; they give value to your money and best for all kinds of fishing techniques. So, Chose this product if you want to give the best value to your money because these all are Well balanced and perfectly designed.

2# St. Croix: Legend Xtreme Casting Rod

Specifically designed for coastal techniques, the All Mojo Inshore series gives excellent performance rods at an affordable price. With premium-quality SCII carbon. Hard aluminum-oxide guides with corrosion-free black frames.

Thus, Rods have actual Fuji DPS reel seats with black hoods on spinning models. Fuji ECS reel seat with black hood for casting models. Split-grip premium cork handle. With Kigan hook-keeper. Two coats of Flex-Coat slow cure finish. With a 5-year warranty. Technical inshore saltwater rods constructed for superior performance.

Here are essential features of the St.Croix legend outer cast rod

 Premium SCIII Carbon blank 

Manufactured with premium SCIII carbon rod blends with the Fortified Resin system for remarkable strength and durability, plus Integrated Poly Curve mandrel technology to give more advanced rods for high performance.

 Premium-Grade Handle 

Comfortable and well-made handle with EVA and cork combination offers you a maintained and firm grip on your fishing rod.

Thus, Rod handle matters a lot as this part is directly connected with you all the time, so these parts should be comfortable and to have the best material for a fishing rod this should be sensitive to, by considering this need St.Croix inshore rod offers to blend of EVA and cork handles.

 Other Features 

The rod has all perfect features like Sea Guide Hero Hi-Grade guides with thin aluminum-oxide rings and SS316 stainless gun smoke frames with Fuji DPS Deluxe reel seats with gunmetal hoods. also have Two coats of Flex-Coat slow retrieval finish with Kigan hook-keeper

Moreover, with 6’6 feet Length and high Power with fast action, this one-piece rod is going to add to your happy fishing moments. They offer a 5-Year warranty.

In short, for inshore fishing, you need longer rods above 6 feet and fast action rods for enhancing sensitivity.


Perfect length


Strong and sensitive

Well made



Why we chose this product

Beautifully designed rod, best for all kinds of coastal fishing technique and give high performance at an affordable price. With all superb features, this rod has looks, which suit your standard of personality. So, you must try if you want to give value to your money.

3# PENN Fishing Battalion II Inshore Fishing Rod

The PENN Battalion II Inshore rods are the next level of super light, however powerful inshore rods. The blanks offer our new SLC2 building with inner spiral carbon wraps and outer layers of parallel carbon fibers, which provide a robust, balanced rod. Thus, Fuji Alconite guides and Fuji reel seats provide durability for a premium feel. The rod is designed explicitly for actions, balance, and durability, and as a result, you have more productivity.

Here are some basic key features of PENN Battalion II inshore Rod

 SLC2 Construction 

For high performance, it’s necessary to have perfect blanks which have incredible material used in it. The PENN rods blank utilized SLC2 for perfect sensitivity and durability.

 Fuji Alconite Guides 

For minimum erosion and less sticking of fish line in the guides, the rod has Fuji Alconite guides. These guides offer smooth movement and enhanced performance.

 Fuji Reel Seat 

Actual Fuji reel seat, for the perfect set of the reel on the rid. Uncover area in reel seat, which offers more sensitivity.

 Premium Cork Grips 

A firm grip for a strong rod needs perfect material for handles. PENN rods use Cork handles for improved sensitivity and durability of the rod. However, These rods are designed for the spinning fishing technique.


Perfect length




Well made



Less warranted

 Why we chose this product 

This rod is Amazingly designed to give high performance for all inshore fishing techniques. Well, balanced and robust, and sensitive rod. Moreover, With all superb features, this rod has looks which suit your standard of personality. So, you Must try if you want to give value to your money.

4# Berkley Inshore Casting rod

Unique looks and construction of the blank made this Berkley rod different from other inshore rods. She is perfectly designed to give you durable and high performance.

Most notably, The rod is getting fame because of its reliable performance and all positive reviews from its users.

Moreover, Top-quality material like graphite is used in rod blanks to give high sensitivity while maintaining durability. Perfect reel seat also adds on sensitivity by keeping uncover areas for your countertop to sense directly from the rod.

Also, Sensitive and durable with string blanks and more backbone are ready to give perfect shots and make you feel like a pro.

Here are some basic key features of the Berkley inshore rod

 24 Ton Graphite Construction 

Here you will see the difference. It starts from the 24-ton graphite blanks, which lessens the weight, increases sensitivity, enhances durability, and makes it easy for portability.

 Ergonomically Shaped Reel Seat with Fuji Guides 

For a perfect set of reels, it offers an ergonomically designed reel seat, where uncover areas are for a finger to set and sense light vibrations from the blank.

Accurate Fuji guides are here for a traditional look

 Rubberized Cork Split Grip Handle 

Grips for any fishing rod should be perfect and should be made with reliable material. So, The Berkley inshore rods have a split-grip handle for a more substantial grip, and the use of cork made it more sensitive.


Well made

More sensitive

Strong and durable

Value for money


Less warranted

 Why we chose this product 

Most importantly, the Berkley rod is designed for those anglers who demand high performance and all premium features at just an affordable price.

However, Berkley is a newly introduced fishing rod company in the fishing world, but unlike other companies, it’s getting popularity from the first hit because of its standard quality rods.

Therefore, This one-piece rod offers high sensitivity, durability, and top-class performance at inshore .you can use this on freshwater, saltwater, and for all kinds of fishing techniques.

5# Okuma Fishing Tackle Nomad Inshore Graphite Travel Rod

These Nomad inshore travel rods provide an unbeatable selection of multi-purpose rods with worldwide utility and a far better experience than fishing an old rod. Firstly, a Three-piece design constructed with European spigot ferrule connections offers 1-Piece rod performance yet travels handily inside a comfortable and waterproof case.

Secondly, Each rod includes two tip sections, one lighter and one heavier, to increase the purpose while keeping weight to a minimum. Most importantly, premium components are used for solid reliability to realize that home may be continents away. As traveling with rod tubes continually grows in difficulty and expense, Nomad inshore travel rods are a great solution and cheap insurance for a quality trip.

Here are some basic key features of the Okuma Fishing Tackle

 Blend material 

Okuma gives all the best rods for all kinds of fishing techniques, and this rod has blended material in blanks, giving sensitivity and durability.

 Longer rod 

With 7 feet length, the rod provides a wider fishing area and more water to cover; you will not miss even a small bait with this maximum length.


Most importantly, the rod offers lightweight blanks which give more sensitivity and portability Because of it’s blended material.



Strong and sensitive

Durable value for money

Portable and best traveling rod

Well made


Limited time warranty


 Why we chose this product 

In short, these rods are Specifically designed for anglers who love to travel because these are Easy to carry and portable rod. Moreover, Well has a plus well-balanced rod with all premium features for high performance. This Rod gives the best value for your money.

6# PENN Battalion Inshore Spinning

For a beginner, Penn Squadron is one of the best inshore spinning rods. These are longer rods than other fishing rods. The PENN Battalion Inshore Spinning Rods come in primarily light,-medium, and medium-heavy models. They enable the fisherman to choose a line of 4-25 lb. However, The rods are strong and can adapt to different sizes of the lure depending on the angler’s choice.

Furthermore, the rods are best for all fishing conditions and best fitted to your fishing technique; thus, they give excellent returns from your adventures.

Here are some of the features of PENN Battalions great inshore rods

 Graphite blanks 

For excellent performance sensitivity, the rod has 100% 30 to 30-ton graphite blanks for incredible strength.

 Aluminum Oxide guides 

For extra smooth performance and a stuck-free fish line, the Fuji Aluminum Oxide guides did this very well.

 Reel seat 

Enhanced durability and strength Fuji Reel seats on all models with Fuji Skeleton reel seats on select models

 Other features 

Outstanding performance demands most looks, for this rod utilizes Carbon Shield, a unique twist of threads of carbon fiber that creates a beautiful scale pattern on the rods.

It offers Twenty Models with seventeen spinning and three castings.

Most importantly, these rods have A soft plus durable rubber material handle on the heavier models for casting and spinning. So, The rubber handle works well without the trouble of hurting the gel coat on your boat.

Contoured cork handles on the lighter models, but the EVA on the heavier models gives proper control over the rod plus comfortable hold-on handles for a firm grip.

Moreover, this rod has Perfect length in Spinning models with lengths of 6’6″, 7′, 7’6″ and, 8′ casting models are 7’feet long.



Well made

Perfect material


Sensitive and strong.


Less warranted

 Why we chose this product 

In short, The rod has all features you are looking For fishing with inshore techniques, with gracefully designed looks for attraction. Full cork grip handles provide perfect grip over the rod. Moreover, With all these essential features, it’s an affordable rod. It is manufactured with a 30-ton graphite material; thus, it gives high sensitivity, durability, and perfect performance.

7# Lew’s Inshore Speed Rod

Its start with blanks, The Lews Inshore Speed rod have top class feature like premium HM40 graphite blanks with rugged stainless-steel guides to give smooth performance plus aluminum oxide inserts with the G Clutch reel seat for casting rods, and Lew’s patent-pending CT-1 Comfortable and strong grip with vast front foregrip for power while fighting fish for spinning rods.

Also, Casting Rods to have a patent-pending G Clutch handle system for more comfortable with Midas Touch, which gives direct contact with the blank for excellent sensitivity and durability and takes the reel closer to the blank for a perfect setting and compact profile and better balance.

Here are some basic key features of Lew’s inshore rod

 Casting Guide 

For having perfect smooth movement of the fish line, the rod has Stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts; thus, it enhances the durability of the guides.

 G-Clutch Reel Seat 

The rod’s reel seats are designed for the perfect fit of the reel on the rod and increase the sensitivity, patent-pending G Clutch handle system with Midas Touch to directly sense the vibration from the rod.

 Winn Grips 

The firm grip needs reliable material over the handle, for that Winn Dri-Tac split-grip handle does its job very well.

In short, With all premium quality materials for building this rod, it also gives graceful looks.




Strong and sensitive

Well made

Perfect length


May be high price

 Why we chose this product 

Lew’s inshore rods are perfectly designed and give what you pay. Most importantly, it has Premium quality material with perfect manufacturing gives high-quality performance for anglers who don’t want to miss any shot. Because of the top-class material used in this, the rod has smooth movement, which is enough to give perfect results.

All starts with the blank, and these inshore spinning rods blank perfectly designed with carbon fabric; also it has high-quality ceramic guides to give smooth fish line movement, and a high stretch reel seat, equipped with a premium EVA handle and advanced polymer grips, all of these high-quality components make the super sensitive and solid rod.

Moreover, this rod is Beautifully designed for specific inshore techniques while maintaining its looks are results. It fills your hopes for getting more productivity; this Fiblink Inshore series gives great durable, sensitive performance rods in your hands.

Because of the top-class material used in this, the rod has smooth movement, which is enough to give perfect results.

 Sensitive and Solid Carbon Fiber Construction 

All blank Inshore spinning rods are designed explicitly for inshore or shallow water/saltwater fishing and manufactured with carbon fabric blanks, most notably giving the inshore rods exceptional power and great sensitivity.

 Unique Design 

Top-quality inshore saltwater rods constructed for superior performance. Equipped with a premium EVA handle and improved polymer grips, durable and exceptionally less slippage, it gives you maximum control over the rod in all wet conditions

 High-quality Ceramic Guides 

most importantly, Stainless steel guides with Ceramic inserts make it more smooth and durable, avoid fish line sticking into the guides, decrease friction, and improve sensitivity by transferring pulses from the line to your hand.

 Extreme Exposure Reel Seat 

DPS reel seat is high-strength and smooth, keeping the reel in place. Stainless steel narrowed hood keeps your reel in place again and won’t loosen when traveling long distances on turbulent water.

 Fiblink Warranty 

They give One Year Warranty . which means just feel free to contact the seller if there is anything wrong with the Fiblink Fishing Rod, Money back for natural damage, and 100% satisfaction service.




Perfectly designed

Strong and sensitive



 Why we chose this product 

If you want to give value to your precious money, then Fiblink inshore rods are the best choice. These inshore rods are specifically designed for the lower water, and you can use this for top-quality results with less use power.

In short, The high standard material used in manufacturing offers the smooth and perfect movement of the fish line. It gives perfect casting and spinning while keeping attractive looks for a more extended period at an affordable price. I think it’s just a perfect deal not to miss!

Things need to consider before buying the best inshore rod

First of all, stop panicking if it’s your first-time inshore fishing because it will be fun with your best inshore rod. And also, it’s pretty easy to pick the right inshore rod that suits your style.

The inshore water is not too deep and is not too far from shore. Therefore, It includes fishing in waters nine miles away from the shoreline, including bays, estuaries, rocky shores, channels, and passes.

Moreover, you should consider some important features before buying the best inshore rod.

 Rod length 

Inshore fishing sometimes gets spooky because you are pretty close to the water and close to fishes in the water.

Here are two situations: firstly, if you target small fishes, they will scare you away from your boat.

Secondly, big fishes are very difficult to handle with shorter rods. So, To avoid this situation, you need a longer rod. Rod with 6 to 7 feet gives the perfect distance to cast, where longer rods give distance there it reduces the power of the, For this, you can pick shorter rods which will give you more power.

 Rod action 

Mostly Rod’s actions range from fast, medium, to slow.

Rod action is the capability of bending the rod.

A fast-action rod bends from the top of the blank, medium-action generally bends from the center of the rod, and slow-action may integrate bend throughout most of the rod blank. A fast action rod is a decent option if you like to use artificial lures and want more sensitivity in the rod to feel small and light bites but want fewer bends so that you can shortly drive fish away from the dock.

Moreover, Fast action rods will offer a fast hook set and give a lot more sensitivity y travel down through the rod blank than into your hand. For the live lures or jigs, fast action will also allow you to make quicker short casts with better accuracy. That is why the best rod for an inshore spinning rod is fast action rod.

 Rod power 

Power is generally impacted by the weight of your lures or baits’ wight. As a guide for the bulk of inshore fishing, a 10 lbs mono or 20 lbs braid is the standard line.

However, Rods are generally rated with weight monofilament. For inshore spinning rod fishing, 10 lbs mono should correlate to a medium-heavy power rating. And For lighter jigging, a medium power rating is a good option as the rod will have a bit more feel and sensitivity.

 Rod material 

Blanks or rod material affect the sensitivity and durability of the rod. Nowadays, you will see many options in material like graphite, carbine fiber, glass fiber, or a mixture of two or even three materials.

However, carbon fiber also gives sensitivity, but it adds more flex and less durable than graphite. Like this, glass fiber is famous for its durability and strength, but with this material, you have to compromise on the sensitivity, which is the last thing you need in inshore fishing.

So this buying guide concludes that you need a more extended medium action and lightweight plus a more sensitive rod. If it’s your first time on inshore fishing, select a rod with all these qualities to have accurate results and more fun.

 Line Material 

The line weight you use will depend on the fish size you are targeting, as well as the location you are fishing. For example, it is satisfactory to have 20 to 30-pound fluorocarbon line material paired with 10 to 15-pound braided lines for most inshore saltwater fishes such as redfish, snook, or spotted seatrout. If you are fishing near dock pilings, oyster bars, or rocks, use the heavier 30-pound leader to avoid break-down of line and lost fish.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

 #1: What is the best size rod for inshore fishing? 

Answer: The rods with a longer length and medium power are the best choice for shallow water and inshore fishing. However, just like all other rods size of fish and the location where you are fishing matter a lot.

Also, avoiding spooky moments of fishes to maintain perfect distance from boat or shore or your feet longer inshore fishes are the best choices. Select from minimum 7 feet to maximum 10 feet long rod for inshore fishing.

 #2: What’s the difference between offshore and inshore fishing? 

Answer: The primary difference is the depth of water in the fishing area. Offshore fishing mostly far away from shore, about 30 to 40 miles away, where the depth of water exceeds 100 feet

Moreover, it is usually performed in shallow water where the depth of the water is less than 30 meters. Above 40 meters, open water fishing will consider offshore fishing, and any under 30-meter open water fishing will be considered inshore fishing.

 #3 Can a bass boat into the ocean? 

Answer: Bass boats are usually designed for freshwater, and ocean water is more rigorous than freshwater because of its high corrosion reputation.

Moreover, bass boats can go into the ocean to handle a high level of potential corrosion. Most bass boats are not designed for the rough water of the ocean, so for the sake of the durability of the boat, it’s better to keep your bass boat into freshwater instead of saltwater to keep its parts fresh.


Inshore fishing is a pretty enjoyable activity. Many anglers start their career as professional anglers from inshore fishing.

That’s why the inshore fishing industry is getting fame and attention more than other fishing techniques. This rod is for all; no matter if you are a professional or a beginner, you can enjoy fishing without years of experience.

In short, I tried my best to give perfect and best rods for inshore fishing, which will be helpful for those who need to buy one for themselves.  Moreover, If you feel anything is missing, then do let us know. You can comment with your precious comment by commenting in the comment section given below.,

Hopefully, after reading this article, you guys get a perfect rod that suits your personality and style. With the money, you have to spend on your hobby or job.

In the end, I try to answer most asked questions which will also clear your mind if you have related or same questions in your mind.

Until next time, happy fishing!

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