Top 7 Best Jerkbait Rods to buy in 2021

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The most enjoyable and creative way of catching fish is the JerkBait fishing technique. Creativity requires the best JerkBait rod as a perfect tool for this fishing technique.

You see!

Today, we’ll take a look at too seven top JerkBait rods for all ages and gender.
The jerkbait fishing technique depends on you, unlike other techniques in which you just set lure in the water and wait for the perfect catch. Because of this, you need specific rods which are specifically designed for this purpose instead of your old grandfather fishing pole.

So let’s start the list!


#1 The Lew’s Mach 2 Series x

(Want to have an Advance featured affordable rod? Then Lew’s Mach rod is the best option.)

The Mach 2, with premium IM8 graphite blanks, gives anglers the newest plus most innovative features up to date designs in a rod that is still affordable.

Moreover, The G-Clutch Handle System with Midas Touch for casting rods provides perfect contact with the blank for sensitivity at all times and also puts the reel closer to the blank for a more compact shape and better balance.

Here are some basic key features of Lew’s March 2 basic

 Casting Guide 

The rod has twisted stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts for minimum corrosion and maximum casting performance. Also, reduce unnecessary wait from rod to give more sensitivity and also makes it easy for handling.

 Comfortable Winn Dri-Tac Handle 

In jerk baiting, Having a soft and comfortable handle for your rod is an essential part of the job.

Add in your comfort with Winn Dri-Tac advanced polymer split-grip handles. This rod offers a solid and easy grip over the rod; thus, you have an incredible feel to your hand.

 G-Clutch Technology 

Gives perfect performance Patent-pending G Clutch Handle System with Midas Touch to provide direct contact to the blank.

It offers more control over the rod, also enhances the performance and comfort of the rod.

 Other features 

By focusing on the jerky moment of the jerk bait fishing technique, The rod has a perfect 6’8 feet length with moderate fast action and medium power, and it has a low weight to enhance the rod’s sensitivity.

Which surely going to adds to productivity while maintaining your Jerkbait fishing technique.

 Why we chose this product 

The features you are looking For fishing with jerk bait techniques, with gracefully designed looks for attraction. Split grip handles provide perfect grip over the rod. With all these essential features, it’s an affordable rod.

Moreover, It is manufactured with a blend material to give high sensitivity, durability, and perfect performance.

Nowadays, where rod with valuable and essential features has a tag above 100$. There finding a rod with all decent features below 100$ is nothing but a blessing for anglers.



Perfect length

Best sensitive


Best in this price


Less warranty

#2 Lew’s Mach JerkBait Rod

Here’s the second Lews Jerkbait rod. The Lew’s Mach casting rods have all the best features to get the job done. Developed advanced blank, which utilizes IM7 Graphite to give lightweight and super sensitive rod construct using Lew’s proprietary Carbon Nano Tube process.

however, The blanks have different layers for improved strength and sensitivity. For strong Grips, it offers Winn advanced polymer Dri-Tac technology. The Mach rods are solid and reliable.

Here are some basic features of Lew’s Mach Jerkbait rod

 IM7 Graphite Blank 

It’s all starts with Premium IM7 graphite blank with Nanotechnology.

Rod’s blank has a multi-layer which offers strength to the rod while fighting with Jerkbaits and gives sensitivity for sending every bait.

Moreover, Graphite gives top-class sensitivity to the rod by mainlining high-level quality; it enhances the rod’s durability and gives power and more backbone to the blank. Graphite rods are in demand in anglers because of their premium quality.

 Casting guides 

Perfect casting is the main feature of this great rod, for which Jagged stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts done their job very well.

These guides offer Less friction and more smooth movement of the fish line and reduce the fish line’s stickiness.

 Winn Dri-Tac Handle 

This rod offers a firm grip and control over the rod with Winn Dri-Tac split-grip handles. The perfect handle for the perfect rod also feels good in the hand.

 Other features 

Lew’s exclusive lightweight manufactured with a graphite reel seat adds sensitivity to the rod, decreases the weight, and gives a perfect reel set over the rod.

Plus, the Patented “No Foul” hook keeper in the split with all this rod has an ideal length of 6’8 feet, with medium power and moderately fast action with a line rating of 8-12lbs plus 1/8 oz lure; in short, this rod is ready for giving high-performance specialty in Jerkbaiting fishing technique.


No flaws

Perfect length

Good performance


Sensitive and strong



 Why we chose this product 

This rod is an excellent rod for a jerk bait that works to perfection and gives a pro-style performance.

Multiplayer blanks manufacture with a blend material to give improved sensitivity and durability. In short, this rod is Amazingly designed to give graceful looks while maintaining top-rated work performance. Due to its affordable price, the rod is getting fame among anglers.

#3 Lew’s Custom Speed Stick Casting Rod

Now you can select the Speed of the fishing rod according to your need, which also offers a G Clutch Handle System with Midas Touch technology which enables direct contact with the premium HM60 graphite blank that gives a proper connection between the angler and the blank.

However, For perfect casting and retrieving of the fishing line rod, Fuji Concept O guides with stainless steel corrosion-resistant hook keep and split grip EVA handles with dura cord inlays to make the redesigned Custom Speed Stick series from Lew’s a force to be believed with on the water.

Key features of this great Lew’s custom speed stick

 G Clutch Reel Seat 

For smooth casting and retrieving bait, the rod has G Clutch Handle System with Midas Touch technology on casting rods, enabling direct blank contact and proper control over the rod.

Importantly, These reels add insensitivity to the rod by transferring vibration directly from the rod to your palm.

 Lew’s exclusive Power Core 

Best rod blank have perfect technology, which gives a Multi-directional power core surrounded by a solid inner core, with a final layer of sensitive, lightweight HM60 outer core. And all these layers give a perfect durable blank for this great rod.

 Fuji Concept O Casting Guides 

To maintain the traditional looks and durability of the rod, it offers Fuji Concept O guides with deep pressed aluminum oxide inserts for minimum erosion and maximum durability.

These allow smooth movement of the fish line with less friction and enhance casting.

 Other features 

Rod is 6’7 feet long, with medium-light power and fast action tip, with which you do not miss even a single small bait. The rod tip is fast and super sensitive, which means this rod is designed for all small species.

In short, Super strong blanks to bear any jerks of aggressive bait. This tod looks impressive in black color. Moreover, there are other colors and style options you can select according to your need.


Perfectly design for jerk bait

Super strong


Best in this price


Less warranted

 Why we chose this product 

This great rod is at a mission-oriented bait caster rod. It’s designed to work Jerkbaits without miss steps or wrist fatigue—superlight, with the perfect length, and a super-sensitive tip to sense small baits.

Moreover, the blended material of the blank gives a super sensitive solid jerk bait rod at an affordable price.

#4 Daiwa Rod-TATULA XT

Daiwa’s Tatula XT jerk bait rods line is for the experienced angler that needs quality and value. Tatula XT contains High Volume Fiber (HVF), a higher modulus carbon graphite structure of more volume of fibers, and less wax which gives the Tatula XT series its super lightweight, strength, and incredible sensitivity. Moreover, X45 Bias Graphite Construction for almost zero blank twists.

Daiwa produces all rods with top-class quality material and high performance, with this company, maintains its reliability among its users.

Here are some basic key features of Tatula JerkBait rod

 HVF blanks 

moreover, It is manufactured with High Volume Fiber (HVF) high modulus carbon graphite co-stature for strong, sensitive, and light rod.

To meet the advanced requirement of the jerk baiting fishing technique, it has all tools to do the job very well; thus, you have a perfect rod for the jerking technique.

 Manufacturer with Graphite 

Martial used in rod mater a lot; therefore, the rod blank has X45 BIAS Graphite Construction for zero blank twists, which enhance durability.

Also, Graphite gives top-class sensitivity to the rod by mainlining high-level quality; it enhances the durability of the rod and gives power and more backbone to the blank. Graphite rods are in demand in anglers because of their premium quality.

 Reel seat 

It’s designed for both spinning and casting techniques, for which it offers Fuji painted ACS reel seat for baitcasting and VSS for spinning technique.

Moreover, Fuji Aluminum Oxide guides enhance prevention from erosion and improve the movement of fish line.

Reduce the stickiness of the fish line in guides and increase the smooth movement of the line to give perfect casting and spinning of the fish line.

 Other features 

With a perfect length of 84.02 inches plays Un-sanded Micro Pitch taping blank, it’s the perfect rod for short distance fishing. However, With more power and strong lifting power, this rod can handle all sizes of baits without any problem.



Strong and sensitive

Give Proper control over the rod


For Limited use

 Why we chose this product 

They are specially designed for those Professional anglers who don’t want to compromise on the quality and productivity and of their work.

Incredible strong rod while maintaining sensitivity and durability. If you are a jerk baiting fan angler, you already know the importance of sensitivity in jerk baiting.

With its fast action tip, you are not going to miss any bait.

#5 Denali Lithium Rods: Jerk bait Casting Rod

The engineers at Denali spend most of their time both in the lab and on the water to give perfect rods that perform 100 percent of the time, no matter what situations the tournament trail gives you. Ultra-lightweight interlock blanks and jaw-dropping woven silver graphite.

Above all, the lithium Series rods are a blend of top functions and durability in a way never before seen in a jerk bait rod – and all at an affordable price.

Here are some basic key features of Denali Lithium jerk bait Rods

 Interlock blank technology 

Interlock technology use for the durability of the product. Here Daniel’s jerk bait rod used blank interlock technology for the same purpose of durability and more rod strength.

Moreover, it would be best for jerking and making its natural movement if you had the strength.

 Hybrid cork/EVA custom contoured split grips 

Firm grip requires in jerk baiting. These rods offer more solid and perfect grips over the rod by utilizing a blend of both advance and strong material in handles.

This material gives Less slippage in extreme wet conditions and proper control over the rod.

 Ultra-lightweight Ergonomic reel seat 

This Ultralight rod uses all those material in all parts, which reduce its weight to give super-sensitivity, just like an ergonomic reel seat. Rod has Perfect lightweight reel seats for perfect performance.

Moreover, By maxing the exposure, reel seats enhance the rod’s sensitivity and enable the perfect set of the reel over the rod.

It’s pretty essential and can enhance your rod’s sensitivity.

 Ring-lock semi-micro guides 

For perfect casting and retrieving of the fish line rod has Semi micro guides. These are light in weight and perfect size circle rings.

And The ring’s perfect size enables smooth movement of the fish line by reducing the friction and line stickiness.

 High-strength woven silver-graphite blank 

Manufactured with silver Graphite, not just for incredible sensitivity but also for more backbones and offers more lifting power.

Above all, Graphite gives top-class sensitivity to the rod by mainlining high-level quality; it enhances the rod’s durability and gives power and more backbone to the blank.

With perfect 6’8 feet length, it’s best for casting fishing technique.


Super strong



Perfect in length



 Why we chose this product 

In conclusion, The Daniel jerk bait rod has all the best features, best for this price. Chose this rod if you want to have an affordable and advanced, robust, and sensitive rod.

Split grip blended material handle provides a firm grip over the rod.

In short, The high standard material used in manufacturing offers the smooth and perfect movement of the fish line. It gives perfect casting and spinning while keeping attractive looks for a more extended period at an affordable price. I suggest not to miss this deal!

#6 Cashion Jerkbait Rod 

Now here, let me introduce Cashion Fishing Rods, the most sensitive casting rods you have ever fished and designed with all carbon fiber which is extremely sensitive as a result of the uni-directional manufacturing process of the rod blanks.

The manufactured as a versatile worm, Carolina rig, and jig rod, the lightweight yet robust Cashion Fishing Rods deliver unbeatable sensitivity and responsiveness. A blank-exposed reel seat, micro guides, and carbon fiber split-grip give the most technologically advanced rod.

In short, With all the best features, this rod gives the best value to your precious money, with a satisfying money-back warranty in case of non-natural accidents.

 Carbon fiber blank 

For ultimate sensitivity and durability, these Cashion rods are manufactured with carbon fiber, which is incredibly sensitive due to the uni-directional manufacturing of the rod blanks.

Give flexibility and strength to your rod for fighting with any size bait.

Carbon fiber blanks work the same as the graphite blanks, give more sensitivity and durability with more flex. However, carbon fiber enhances the power of the rod by which improves the lifting ability.

 Split- grip handles 

Carbon fiber split grip handles a more perfect and firm grip and gives complete control over the rod. So, For a jerk baiting rod, you need expert grip over the rod because it needs a lot of movement, where split grip handles provide a perfect grip.

Also, reduce the slippage from the wet handles, and enhance the comfortable and firm grip over the rod.

 Other features 

Blank exposed reel seat gives a good setup of reel over the rod. And also enhance the sensitivity of the rod where the angler can directly feel the vibration from the blank.

Yet, micro guides give perfect casting and retrieving of the fish line. The perfect distance between the guides helps in less friction and maximum performance of the rod.

Moreover, the rod has the perfect length to give more natural jerks and high-quality material, which provide top-class performance.


Super sensitive



Perfect length



 Why we chose this product 

Because of its super sensitivity and durability, the Cashion rod is already quite famous in anglers. Moreover, the rod is portable and easy to carry .super a solid and sensitive rod, plus it is accessible on the wallet.

#7 KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod

KastKing fishing reels and line, of Perigee II one-piece and two-piece Twin-Tip rods, come with two tips: first is your choice of medium-light with a medium tip, and medium with a medium-heavy tip end.

Both are priced to fit your fishing gear budget. With customized power, Light rod, Ultra Light fishing rod, Medium, Medium Light, Medium Heavy, and even Heavy fishing rods. And so on.

Lightweight put excellent quality components in the KastKing Perigee II and two-piece Twin-Tip rods – Fuji O-Ring guides with ergonomic graphite high-strength reel seats plus high-density.

Moreover, EVA grips for firm handling with Saf-T Keeper hook holder, the super-sensitive. Toray carbon fiber KastFlex rod blanks, and outstanding makeups that will look fantastic in your fishing rod blank. Excellent rod for saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, kayak fishing, bass fishing, trout fishing, and many other species.

Here are some basic key features of the KasKing Perigee II Fishing Rod

  Carbon Fiber Blank 

Perigee II fishing rod blanks are manufacture with Toray 24-ton carbon matrix and KastFlex blank technology for power, strength, and high performance.

Moreover, It’s Available in 29 sizes starts from ultra-light to heavy rods and a baitcasting rod ranging from medium to heavy power. These can be used for bass fishing rods, trout fishing, walleye fishing, catfish rod, steelhead rod, or saltwater fishing rod.

 Premium Components 

KastKing utilizes only the best quality components in a Perigee II fishing rod. Just like Fuji O Ring line guides for smooth casting, ergonomic graphite high-strength reel seats for the perfect set of the reel.

for solid and perfect grip rod has high-density EVA handles, Saf-T Keeper hooker holder, in addition, these rod offers perfect sensitive and robust carbon fiber for lightweight rod blanks, and graceful looks. Rod action range starts from fast action rods to moderate, moderate fast, and fast action rods.

So, You can select According to the fishing technique.

 Smooth Power 

KastKing PTS (Power Transition System) hybrid spigot joints in rods give smooth transition power throughout your fishing rod blank. Specialized high technology computer control wrapping at multi-angles keeps the power flowing .so, choose this fantastic and affordable Perigee II casting fishing rod as your bass rod with a KastKing spinning rod as a walleye rod; for any freshwater and saltwater species, in the end, you will agree it feels exactly like a one-piece fishing rod!

 Advanced Technology rod 

upgrade your pole with the future of fishing, a dynamic KastKing Perigee II high-performance spinning and casting fishing rods for bass fishing, trout fishing, catfishing, walleye fishing, in short for all freshwater and saltwater fishing techniques, moreover its best for redfish, striped bass, snook and more. Total Peace of Mind Warranty. KastKing is an ICAST award-winning manufacturer.

 Value for your money 

Above all these fishing poles are one of the best value rods in the fishing tackle market. Because These rods are the lightest rods you’ll find at such an affordable price. With this, you can fish all day without any problem and have the power to skimp on because of high carbon blanks that offer a powerful and lightweight rod.




Value for money




Could be broken down on excessive force.

  Why we chose this product 

Now you can have top-quality performance at such an affordable price. One piece 7’1 Perigee 2 Rod. Cast very smooth, lightweight, great fast action.  This rod is Perfect length and durable, solid and sensitive, best rod at this price. In addition, the Rod could use it for all freshwater and saltwater techniques and species.

How to get the Best JerkBait Rod – Buyer Guide

Jerk bait is a fishing technique in which the angler moves the rod continuously in the water; the purpose behind these movements is to present the lure as a natural minnow.

so For this, you need a special rod which helps to increase productivity and help to land more fishes.

But here are few essential factors which you need to consider before buying the best jerk bait rod.

 Jerk bait rod Length 

For jerk bait fishing technique, shorter rods mostly prefer. Because shorter rods help in creating the best jerk as they are easy to handle.

Moreover, shorter rods keep intact with the water surface. Most importantly, Always chose length between 6 feet to 7 feet. But Six and half feet long rods are more likely to give perfect jerk. Instead of shorter rods, longer jerk baits are challenging to handle and can scare fishes away by over-efficient movements.

 Action for a Jerkbait rod 

First of all, Shorter in length, faster in action, the rod is the one you are looking for where Slow action rods reduce hook settling ability and are mostly less sensitive.

In last, Fast action or ultra-fast action rods also gives better sensitivity, enabling you to feel even the faintest hits. Moreover, Settling in at the short range of the scale will give you the best ability to cast, retrieve, and catch as many fishes as you want with a jerk bait.

 Power of jerk bait rod 

Select balanced power rod for jerk bait fishing technique, neither too heavy nor too weak. Because Both will affect your natural movement of the lures. Medium or medium-light rods give perfect handling and give as natural movement as you want. Rod also Offers more backbones and stability while jerking baits fishing technique.

It’s unnecessary to have a heavy power rode all the time as these rods work better with heavy-weight fishes. Above all these, Generally, medium and medium-heavy rods are best for fishing on the beachside.

 Blank Material 

Martial plays a vital role in any rod, there are many options out there like carbon fiber, Graphite, glass fiber, and a mixture of these two. for further discussion let elaborate on this material.

Firstly, Graphite is quite famous for blanks, as it offers more sensitivity, flexibility, durability, and backbones than other materials. For the jerk bait rod, it’s also going to work very well because you need sensitivity and durability.

Secondly, Carbon fiber rods give flexibility, but they are less sensitive than graphite rods, and that the last thing you need in the jerk baiting fish technique. However, A blend blank of these both is also valuable because it has advantages from these materials. But Primarily, two materials used in rods blanks Graphite, carbon fiber, and fiberglass.

Graphite and carbon fiber are the most famous materials because of their durability and better sensitivity than fiberglass. For big fishes, always look for graphite material blank rods as it is helpful for hard fighting because of its durability and strength. But as compare to fiberglass, these both are pretty expensive.

Fiberglass rods offer more flexibility and sensitivity, but these are less durable and less intense when fishing for heavy fishes, like The fiberglass blanks are pretty solid and durable. Still, you will compromise on the sensitivity of your rod.  Moreover, fiberglass is cheaper than carbon and graphite rods.

 Handle Material 

The material of the handle matters a lot when the question is about comfortability. Primarily used materials EVA foaming and cork handles. but few fishing rod companies used polymers in handles. But I suggest EVA material handles as more comfortable and soft and feels good in hands, and gives perfect grips, especially in wet conditions.

In short, For jerk baiting, handling requires more attention because you need a solid and comfortable grip to give jerks and fish fighting.

Final Verdict

Fishing with jerk bait fishing technique requires your creativity in the water.

So, That’s the demand-specific rod for a perfect jerk bait technique. after reading this article, you will find your best tool that suits your personality and enhances your creativity. Sum up of this article is that A perfect jerk rod is needed for jerk baiting. Like a perfect piece of art, you need perfect tools that help your creativity come out.

In the end, with my buyer guide, I tried to tell to that Shorter, Medium power, and fast action jerk bait rods will surely add to your productivity and will give fruits of your patience. In short, after reading this article, hopefully, you have selected your perfect tool to get into jerks.

Until next time Happy fishing!


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