Best Megabass Levante USA Casting Rods [Ultimate Buyer Guide]

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Mega bass is a premier brand, high price, high quality. The mega brass levant features gatekeeper blank, and component upgrades to deliver a new standard lightweight, balanced power.

Mega bass Levante whip snake rod spinning rod very fitness and the Levante is a part of mega bass’s entry-level line of the rod.

The rod is finished in an olive green color but then it goes to like a bear blank kind of carbon color and the specs of the rod are six foot eleven it is a light five twelve-pound line it’s an extra fast tip right and so as you can tell this rod also has the Fuji alkanite stainless steel.

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Megabass Levante USA Casting Rods (Description)

Best Megabass Levante USA Casting RodsIn 2019, mega bass launched their first line of the mega bass levant series rods, they were not happy with how many customers were getting the rods broker and they value the end nearing the end of 2019.

They discontinued the rods they completely redesigned the blank they took different materials tested different wrapping and they did everything brands new they used different guides.

They started brand like they completely redid the rods, different materials, and everything redesigned the real seat and they made it like I think they made.

It is like 30 more sensitives and they made it like 50 or 60 percent more durable. So it is a very durable and also very sensitive rod. Each Levanter is now lighter, more sensitive, and incredibly responsive- bringing each model closer to the ideal for its intended application.

The hookup tackle is the world’s largest showcase of mega bass products featuring baits and colors not found at any other dealer.

The hook-up offers a wide display of evergreen depths lucky craft jackal and many more the hookup tackle is owned and operated by family and it’s staffed by guides and verified tackle nerds who love helping anglers evaluate their craft.

Key Features

• Beautiful, aggressive
• Maintain balance.
• Heavy
• Very comfortable
• Easy to carry

Additional Features Of Megabass Casting Rod

They don’t just catch fishermen and these things are beautiful looking the reel seats are great a lot of blank contact on them comfy to hang on to real high finishes up and down the raw.

The wrap is beautiful and they have kind of that unfinished blank up in the top half of the rod. They are sensitive in hand crisp feeling action this one here’s a fast action rod.

It’s a seven-foot medium-heavy if you ask the most bass anger what is the most versatile rod you can buy if you are looking to get into fishing with casting equipment they tell you seven-foot medium heavy fast action rods probably gets too many actions.

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Our toolboxes you can get away fishing bigger moving baits with this but moving baits with bigger hooks I should say you can get away like Texas rigs, frogging duty, spinnerbait fishing the list goes on and on, and on.

If you are looking more versatile with a rod or toolbox check out the mega bass Levante.


  • They are not overpowering
  • Great value
  • Small little finesse


  • It is heavier than the other rods


Why Did We Choose This Product

Megabass Levante USA Casting Rods

Mega bass levant whip snake rod spinning very fineness and the Levant is a part of mega bass’s entry-level line of the rod so you have the levant the distorted and then Orichi xx before buying the rods.

This is the custom EVA foam right here designed by mega bass by Fuji the rise real seat. The rod is finished in olive green color but then it goes to like a bear blank kind of carbon color and the specs the rod is six foot eleven. It is a light five to the twelve-pound line is an extra fast tip right.

How to Use Megabass Casting Rod?

You are thinking about picking up a new hobby perhaps finishing and a question that comes to mind is how you cast a spinning reel in a spinning rod that’s a valid question and I see even experienced anglers have trouble with some of these simplistic things.

So first thing first is what to do you like with any tools you want to learn the fundamentals of this reel and the first thing I would tell you to learn to know the terminology is bail.

The daily up above controls the drag the clockwise learning that and then obviously this is your crank this is what retrieves the line and the gear ratio of that particular.

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The reel is what determines how fast the line is retrieved so the cast is what you want to manually turn and you want the hold the rod and the reel where it’s most comfortable for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying

This is mega bass Levante, so levant series mega bass is entry series of rod entry series by price point mean the money though really pretty finishes to them deep green finish to the blank but the top half of the blank on the rods are unfinished so they feel alive in your hands don’t feel like 200 rods.

These things feel like high-end rods all the aesthetics to them are up to all the mega bass standard great hook keeper on a spinning rod it’s good to have it away from all that loop and line coming off your spinning reel.

Grips on the reel seat here to keep your hand up above the reel seat but they are not overpowering so you can split your fingers on these and you have nothing obtrusive threads or anything like that effect on the grip in the reel seat.

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