Best Moonshine Rod Co Epiphany Fishing – (Ultimate Buyer Guide)

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The Moonshine Company is a very famous company for rod manufacturing. Now this Company introduce its new series of rods manufacture these rods for fly fishing.

The name of these rods is Fly Fishing Rods. And the company also provides a carrying case for the Extra rod tip section.

These rods are made with Cordura, Titanium these are very solid materials and the rods are very strong and very fast.

The weight of these rods is very low it is easy to carry and the case is useful for the protection of tip shooters.

The length of these rods is 10’6 feet very massive and lengthy rods. And these products need a very little bit of power for pulling on. When the rods are lengthy they use a little bit of power and the speed of these rods is very high. The fishermen prefer these types of rods.

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Moonshine Rod Co Epiphany Fishing

(The Epiphany Series (Euro/Czech Nymph Style) Fly Fishing Rod with Carrying Case and Extra Rod Tip Section)

Moonshine Rod Co Epiphany Fishing

The Moonshine Company introduce its new series of rods named Fly Fishing Rod. The company provides a case for carrying an extra rod tip section.

These rods are a very new addition to rods and these rods are made with Cordura and Titanium materials.

The black color is available in these rods the quality standard of these rods is very high these rods are the most popular rods since 2017.

These rods provide very fast action in pulling time.

The size of these rods is 10’6ft and 4pc pieces of extra rods are also available. And dimensions of these rods are 35 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches.

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Key features

  • Very low weight
  • Easy to carry
  • Case available for extra rod tops
  • Good material used in it
  • Easy to use
  • Fighting Butt Grip
  • Fast in performance
  • Very handy

Additional Features

  1. Lightweight

These rods are very lightweight rods and these rods are used to catch small fish. The weight is light so easily carry. These rods are very useful. And very helpful in fishing.

  1. Extra case

The case is also provided with these rods carrying for extra rod tip sections. This case is very useful for carrying the equipment. This case is made with fabric and the stuff of this case is very good and this is very handy for fishing equipment’s and protect the tips.

  1. Rod tip section

These rods have extra rod tip sections these sections are attached at the top of the rod and make lengthy the rod. And the lengthy rod is very helpful for fishing and makes easy fishing. The lengthy rods are more effective in fast pulling because these rods need less power for pulling on.

  1. Material

These rods are made with Cordura material it is a very strong material and the rods are also very strong due to their material quality. These rods are very handy and very helpful for anglers.

  1. Quality standard

The quality standard of these rods is very best. These rods are very solid and of high-level quality. When the company introduced its best products these products are mostly gain popularity in a few days. Because the quality standard is also incredible of these products.


  • Long time flyfisher
  • Euro Style
  • Remarkable rods
  • Low price
  • Beautiful rod
  • Length 10’6
  • An extra case is also available
  • Extra tip shooters
  • Most popular product


  • These products are very popular in the market and the positivity of these products is much greater than negativity. Not any issues in these rods not a single minor issue is also not in it.


Why did you choose these products?

Best Moonshine Rod Co Epiphany Fishing - (Ultimate Buyer Guide)

These products are very reliable and with very high-quality material. And the designs of these rods are very unique and descent. And these rods moderate fast action the high quality of Graphite is used in it.

Light and single wire are used in these rods. Two tip sections of these rods provide the best facility to catch more fish and are helpful in speeding up.

These rods are specially manufactured for fly fishing. This is a very simple type of fishing and most people use these tricks for fishing all the people who are not professional anglers try these types of fishing tricks for time pass and for fun.

How to use these products?

These rods are very unique and new so the use of these rods is not very easy but don’t worry the company provides you with the proper guidance about product usage. If you have any query you visit the company official website and check the information.

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You can buy these products through Amazon so you don’t worry about product usage because Amazon provides the full information about the products and the customers are fully satisfied with the products. And share some tricks about the usage of products so the customers no problem to use these products.

Things to consider before buying

When you buy any product online first of all you properly search about the product and gain full information about the products. Then you check the public reviews about the products if the reviews are positive it means products are original and the company provides valid products.

When reviews are negative then you feel the product is useless and can’t order the products. But these rods are very useful and the material of these rods are very good.

And these products are the most selling products in 2017. These products are very popular worldwide mostly peoples like these products and the public reviews about these products are positive not any negative reviews about these products.

When you order these products consider especially important things like checking the description about the product and reading its key features and additional features, and also check the pros and cons of the products.

And public reviews are very important for product quality and originality. You can read these all-important things about the product and then order the product when your mind is satisfied.


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