Best Penn Squall Level Fishing Trolling – Rod & Reel Combo

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The list of things to consider while choosing a fishing rod can make your head stuck in confusion. The list is long from materials used to power, sensitivity, action, design, pressure bearing ability, and length.

Keeping all these in mind we have gathered the data and filtered out the best fishing rod for you which is PENN Squall 30 Level Wind Fishing Rod and Trolling Reel Combo.

The product’s impressive construction includes resistance to corrosion, graphite coated, durable aluminum body, forged aluminum spool, and side plates.

It has a modern-day design with an instant anti-reverse clutch plus a comfortable soft-touch thumb button for easy use. Whether you are new to fishing or an experienced angler the product we mentioned is perfect for you because of its easy usage, lightweight, and smooth enough to be sensitive.

Our team has verified and tested the product in every way like in shallow/deep water. We assure you this is a top-notch rod and reel combo in recent times and is highly recommended.

PENN Squall 30 Level Wind Fishing Rod and Trolling Reel Combo

PENN Squall 30 Level Wind Fishing Rod and Trolling Reel ComboPENN Fishing Rod is reliable in performance for all skill level anglers. Out and modified in the market after its early model which was a boom in its time.

Now available with revised components. The exclusive materials used in its making are composite (mixture of graphite and fiberglass) carbon and stainless steel.

The combo is functional for both sea and boat fishing and angler of any age can enjoy it. The rod is light, sensitive, and brittle yet strong enough to catch any size of fish.

The rod is of the perfect size of 6.5 as too long is hard to maneuver and too short has a limit throw. Rod marking mentioned on it -Spin MH 731 Line v- t 11-14 l/b, Lure W-t 2.4 – ¾ oz. Comes in a plastic box for easy storage and mobility.

Key Features/ Specification

  • Lightweight and adjustable with rubber knob
  • Corrosion-resistant composite body coated with graphite and fiberglass
  • Elite drag system of carbon fiber makes it powerful up to drag of 22lbs
  • Graphite composite blank construction of i-M7 makes it lighter and more sensitive
  • YVA grips for balance and hold
  • Composite reel seats
  • Marine gear of high strength
  • Max drag 22lbs
  • IM8 mark stiffness

The cork handle of the rod provides enough cushion and comfort plus its sensitivity gives higher vibrations. The rod handle comes in the most common pistol grip shape which is best known for long casting and accuracy.

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It has the perfect medium weight of 220 grams for catching large as well as small fish. There’s no better choice than PENN Squall Fishing Rod in 2022.


  • Rod comes in decent setup, retrieves nicely, and is sturdy enough
  • Rod tips are invincible, low priced, easy to use, and certainly doesn’t disappoint
  • Standard care for the customer, easy return and replacement which is much appreciated
  • Special discount for the members and 2 years of warranty, great value
  • Flexible enough to catch smaller fishes
  • Rods are telescopic which offers desired length flexibility


  • Some components and accessories are missing sometimes


Why did we choose this product?

We have chosen PENN Squall on the basis of rating, reputation, price range, intellectual features, customer reviews, and its ideal rod size, length, material, power, sensitivity.

These essentials are very much important to be in the precise range which is great, especially for beginners. Though selecting this product is purely on the basis of ideal ranges of its essentials {6.5 feet, composite (fiberglass and graphite), fast action, flexible and smooth)}.

The easy use and simplicity enable it to be good enough for beginners. Can perform in saltwater, long term functionality, prominent among people, accessible almost to every country.

How to Use PENN Squall 30 product?

Best Penn Squall Level Fishing Trolling - Rod & Reel Combo

It’s normal to be frustrated with the process of setting up and understanding how to use the fishing rod. Although initially it is difficult to cope with the issue and will probably be taking around 40 minutes once you become an expert in it, it would hardly be taking 15 minutes.

With that being said let us unfold the process of setting it up and then learn to use it.

  • The first step is to gather all the components and parts of the product which are reel, rod, line, hook, and scissors.
  • Point out the essential parts of the device (reel foot, handle, bail arm, spool, power knob)
  • Switch in the reel to the rod
  • Spooling of reel
  • Rod stringing: 1-Grab tip 2-open arm bail 3- line placement.
  • Caution: Hold the line tight.
  • Knot tightening: You can choose the knot of your choice- Albright knot, Clinch knot, etc
  • Set the power drag
  • Lures casting: It’s normal for bait to fall just around 2 feet in front of you, don’t worry.
  • Line reeling: 1-Bail closing 2-Place line in the right area 3-Handle turning
  • Catch some fish: Now the final and most important step

The first and foremost thing is to keep patience because no one has ever done it in the first moment. Don’t be too close to the pond.

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You need to set up the rod according to the fish you are eyeing but of course, it’s your first time and you are not aware of the type of fish most populated there. For that, you need to focus and observe the pond before start casting the rod.

Things to Consider Before Buying This Product?

Considering factors before purchasing a product is as important as fishing itself. Fishing is not an easy sport the way it looks with a rod and hook. It contains knowledge, patience, technique, focus, determination, and joy for fishing.
Factors of consideration:

1. Fishing type

The type of fishing to look up decide the type of rod to purchase. If you are doing it for recreational purposes then you can go with any brand but if u were to take fishing seriously or for commercial purposes then you will, of course, be looking for the best brand and this is the right place to come to.

2. Drag power of the rod

This fishing rod has the power of 22 lbs as discussed earlier which is functional for large as well as small species of fish.

3. Actionability

The action of the fishing rod can be determined by length, material used, and size. Action is varied according to the type of fish being hooked and other factors also. But the composite material used in the product makes it the appropriate rod for any type of fish species.

4. Lure weight

Lure or hook weight is as important for determining a rod. Its weight is usually described in grams.

Ending Line

After a lot of research and data examining we have come to the conclusion that the product we recommended is the right device for fishing in modern-day times. Enjoy fishing!

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