Best PENN Warfare Star Drag Combo (Level Fishing)

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Are you fond of doing fishing on beautiful summer days? Have you been in search of a good warfare level wind for a long time? Then this is the article you should give a look at.

PENN fishing reels are one of the best affordable reels designed for your convenience. It is functioned to tackle the fish backward force with high line capacity and easy to carry. It has graphite walls which help to reduce the heavyweight of the reel with stainless steel.

These fishing reels are designed with high yielding, revolution, and efficiency. Giving a close review of its specs and features we realize that these new reels are making a difference in the market with other expensive reels.

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Best PENN Warfare Star Drag Level Fishing Combo

PENN Warfare Star Drag ComboPENN stores come with two different models warfare star drag and warfare level wind.

Both have almost the same features with some differences such as with star drag you see how much pressure and drag you have applied but with the level wind, it will become easy to see your drag force.

If you love to hunt larger fisheries you must opt for the level wind.

PENN warfare level winds are manufactured in an adaptable all-round reel which is economical for our valuable customers.

It is made up of stainless steel with a graphite frame to increase its rigidity and prevent frame damage in heavy waves in water.

Moreover, side aluminum plates are also used to give more support.

This design not only reduces its weight but also makes it more affordable for the customers than the conventional ones.

With its HT100 drag, it will give you the overwhelming experience of fishing without drag difficulty.

It also comes with line capacity rings which make you comfortable and out of worry while fishing for the remaining line ring. With its ambidextrous feature, you will be able to use your right and left hands equally and efficiently.

Key Features of PENN Warfare Baitcasting Rod

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Carbon fiber washers
  • Easy to use power handles
  • Anti-invert bearing
  • Machined aluminum ridge
  • Stainless
  • Smooth drag

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Additional Features

NO BACK PRESSURES: During fishing, it’s a super adjustable and easy-to-carry drag system and will let you carefree about any back by the fishery. Its amazing drag system with power construction and performance is one of the most adored features of level wind.

FEATHERWEIGHT: Despite being a super durable and powerful body it is designed in such a way to carry comfortably. Its feather-like weight will make it easy to handle and carry during your fishing journey.

RIGIDITY: Its aluminum body is also provided with some side graphite rings to prevent damage in salty seawater.

BALL BEARINGS: It has reversible ball bearings to give smooth touch while operating and dragging in tough waters.

ROD CLAMP: Its rod clamp helps to move and carry it easily for children as well.


  • Nice solid reel and rod combo without twirling
  • Smooth drag system in high tides
  • Strong pole for bottom fishing
  • Left and right-hand easy handle for children too
  • Lightweight to carry easily in long distances
  • Highly affordable
  • No quality compromise


  • Casting is not good


Why Did We Choose PENN Ware Baitcasting Rod?

Best PENN Warfare Star Drag Level Fishing Combo

If you are looking for an easy-hand-able and accessible reel that is also affordable and economical then congratulations you have come to the right place. PENN warfare level winds are efficiently designed with aluminum and graphite frames which are lightweight and you can carry it easily.

Its reels are super adjustable and never twirl around themselves. It will give you an amazing experience while fishing in deep oceans with its powerful features.

It’s not only more economical than the conventional reels but it also comes with some amazing features like carbon washers, a drag system that will give you carefree fishing from any backlash.

If you buy this warfare level wind you will definitely add to your amazing accessible machinery. Its body is designed which makes it easy for the children to use. This product comes with advanced revolutionary features made for the present era to deal with high tides and tough fishing experiences.

How To Use PENN Warfare Star Drag Combo

PENN warfare level wind is super easy to use. You have to apply your force on the handle to let the reel move to bring the coast down. It also gives you the option to choose right or left hand according to your convenience. Drag swirls to the handle lose the reel and stretch it to give deep down access to the ocean.

Always keep your wind after usage in a proper box to prevent any breakage or stains on it. Its lightweight body helps you to carry easily in your hand and move the handle alongside.

Never applies too much pressure on your reels and bearings as a precaution against damage. You can also unscrew and adjust the handle in accordance with your feasibility. When you gently apply the pressure and drag it the special carbon washers release oil to reduce friction and easily reduce friction which was created due to fish drag.

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Things to Consider Before Buying This Product

Before buying this product you must consider its weight as heavyweight machinery are a mess to carry with. When buying such products, you must also keep in place the affordability of the product and its reliability. The drag system is among the most important feature of level wind so keep in touch with all the features of a powerful drag system.

Always review the whole body of the reel wind before buying it. PENN warfare level wind comes with an amazing graphite frame body with additional aluminum rings to protect from any breakage and cracks on it. Power reversible bearings are also kept in view while buying this product as they give an easy way to tackle the backward fish drag and prevent reel damage.

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