Best Shimano Trevala Casting Rod Review – Buyer Guide (2022)

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RodsBuzz reviewed the top-quality Shimano Trevala Casting Rod with the ultimate buyer guide and expert review. Any angler realizes how significant it is in his stockpile to have great turning bars and snares to get back with a rich catch.

Shimano bars certainly stood out among enthusiasts of the game for a long time now, and the Japanese organization has created top-notch items with lucky execution that have substantiated themselves to be fruitful instruments in an assortment of fishing conditions.

They can be securely encouraged to all novices, progressed fishing fans, and experts. Today we will discuss Shimano Trevala jigging bars.

These bars have superb highlights that give a phenomenal fishing experience.

Shimano poles are at the very front of all bar makers. Shimano produces casting poles planned by experts. All styles for casting poles are considered.

Shimano experts work with sports fishermen and general fishing devotees to know the very thing they need. What’s more, on the off chance that there are inadequacies or bothers, promptly dispense with them.

The couple, make the best of their qualities new Shimano poles. Shimano poles contrast in their activity. Each model of casting poles is completely tried so that no imperfections show up marked down. The maker ensures a long help life.

The Shimano brand has made an incredible TC4 plan. A high carbon steel butt joint is associated with the TC4 tip area.

It gives high awareness, however, the general load of the bar is diminished. Pair with baitcasting reels, the Shimano Trevala jigging pole will be the ideal choice for both dances endlessly fishing with weighty wobblers and jerk lures.

Furthermore, obviously, while fishing from a boat, the minimization and short length of the bar is an undeniable benefit.

Unmistakable properties of the series are the current plan, high responsiveness, perseverance, and power, which are accomplished basically because of the most recent innovation.

The clear is furnished with light aide rings, the backings of which are formed to forestall covers. An agreeable and ergonomic handle with EVA covering permits you to fish out prize examples with the greatest solace.

Shimano Trevala Casting Rod – Overview

Shimano Trevala Casting Rod Review

The profoundly creative Shimano Trevala Jigging pole series is intended to be fished with the dangerous Shimano Butterfly dances, which were created from an incredibly useful Japanese-style jigging framework. These e strong, lightweight, and light-activity bars to be matched with a high velocity, high power reel.

Shimano Trevala costing rod is one of the most incredible fishing gear producers you can confide in your decision of a casting pole.

The brand uniquely planned this bowed butt casting pole that can deal with any immense fish and leave your catch with you. The casting pole has a staggeringly flexible clear that controls the fish. The ring guide is made of aluminum oxide, which shows strength and solidness.

In this survey, I will educate you concerning both the Shimano Trevala turning bar and the projecting model of this bar.

These bars have been extraordinarily intended for those fishermen who lean toward a butterfly or vertical jigging. These poles are recognized by their little measurement due to the protected C4S plan which offers many benefits.

Initially, this plan diminishes the general load of the pole, and furthermore, it gives a high-strength loop. Also, the pole has superb responsiveness. This recommends that you will feel each chomp of a hunter.

The Shimano Trevala jigging pole likewise has Fuji Alconite rings. They give great execution and diminish line drag.

The model is furnished with an excellent reel attendant that holds your reel where it is generally helpful for you. Appreciate fishing with a redid EVA split-grasp handle.

As currently referenced, Shimano Trevala can be either a turning pole or a projecting pole. Your decision will rely upon your inclination. Turning poles in this series are accessible in sizes from 6’3 to 6’6″. Projecting poles accessible in 6’3″ size.

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Key Features

  • Its carbon fiber
  • Fuji guides
  • Fuji reel seat
  • Custom EVA
  • No backlash
  • Wear-resistant joint assembly
  • Durable
  • Quality material
  • Innovative technologies
  • Resistant to different stages of fishing
  • Short back handle

Extra Features

  • Item Dimensions L x w x H (70x2x2)
  • 14 kg weight
  • Fishing casting technique
  • 1 piece of extra heavy power
  • C4S blank construction
  • Fuji aconite
  • Custom shaped handles with split grip
  • EVA handles for comfort


  • Easier on the lower back and shoulders
  • Very comfortable, light & friendly setup
  • Rod easily handles big Fish
  • Under decent size
  • Outstanding quality
  • One-piece rod


  • The rod lacks power
  • Heavy enough
  • Don’t appreciate a high price range


Why do We choose Shimano Trevala Casting Rod?

Shimano Trevala Casting rod pole is lightweight and feels great It’ll give that quality. It bought the XH jigging and needed more spine for a 55″ BFT.

Albeit the pole didn’t snap it didn’t have the spine to acquire on the fish when it was vertical. Appeared underpowered and when genuine tension was applied the bar turned and reshaped sideways as though.

It had no more to give. Just got It a long time prior and that is the main fish got on It. I’ll give It another attempt yet be careful if jigging for fish required 2 hours to land the fish with a thorium 20 drag set at 14-16lbs.

Been utilizing this pole 6’6 MH for a couple of years at this point, combined it with a Fin-Nor OS 7500 stacked with 80 lb mesh.

I got it fundamentally for butterfly dances focusing on fish/rulers/wahoo, yet I have savaged with it for dolphin and black finfish also. The pole is astounding, it has brought down 100 lb yellowfin no issue, twists totally on itself yet is really intense, heaps of tomfoolery!

The spring isn’t ideal for customary dances however combines well with the butterfly dances activity on the recovery.

The main explanation I removed a star is the poo modest plastic butt that accompanied mine, the teeth were totally gone in less than a year… thought to have a superior quality butt.

I comprehend that is the manner by which these poles are intended to work, however, it felt somewhat unusual. All things considered, the pole feels strong and the quality appears to be exceptional. I have matched this with a Penn Fathom 40n, and am anticipating attaching with some pleasant base fish off the east coast this year.

How do I use it?

These poles have turned into the core of the armory for much major game fishing in Buena Vista, BCS. I presently have two of the TVC-66MH and one of the TVC-60H poles all with different sizes of Avet 2 speed reels.

The mix of the more allegorical qualities yet with the solidarity to lay into enormous forceful fish, is an ideal blend, particularly for a 70-year-old no-nonsense angler.

More straightforward on the lower back and bears. I’ve gotten Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, yellowtail, yellowfin, and Pargo on these bars. Attempt it, and figure you will adore it.

The joined game was taken 4-25-18 of my fishing pal and flaunting several yellowfin got off the East Cape of Baja California on TVC-66MH poles, 2 speed Avet Reels stacked with 60 lb. Spectra, 40 lb. mono top shot, 30 lb.

Fluorocarbon pioneer, 1/0 live snare, goaded with a sardine. Each assumed control of more than an hour to land. These bars are otherworldly and sensibly estimated.

You LOVE THIS ROD. New to shake fishing/base jigging, and I needed my own arrangement for NorCal contracts. Everybody requested guidance directed toward the 6’6″ MH bait caster Trevala.

As a basic turning fellow, wow! Mated it to an Avet MXJ and 50 lb. Daiwa J-Braid Multi-shading and I’m stirred up did! A truly agreeable, extremely light, and easy-to-use arrangement that ought to oblige an assortment of West Coast species.

Took it out interestingly on a Farallon sanction and saw 3 things:

1) It’s amazingly light. For a bar appraised 50-100 lbs, I was shocked at how easy jigging 6-8 oz dances all day was. One shoulder is cheerful.

2) It’s touchy. For a pole evaluated 50-100 lbs., I was astonished at how responsive the pole tip is. Credit to the Trevala and twist for broadcasting everywhere as skipped those dances 180 ft. down. Filled my sack with small to not so minuscule stonefish. And the belly is cheerful.

3) It has a spine. For a bar appraised 50-100 lbs it is better, yet after 1 and 2 above I figured it wouldn’t. Stalled a dance out on a stone, pulled hard on my pole and interlace, and bowed the snare. My wallet is cheerful!

Additionally, BIG in addition to the ‘shaved’ back handle configuration, ie it’s not round yet practically oval with level sides inverse one another.

Doesn’t seem like a lot, yet following an entire day on the rail, it doesn’t result in a mark in you as fatter regular poles do.

I wholeheartedly in tracking down bargains on fishing gear, yet for the Trevala I followed through on full cost for what I view as the best pole I own. Anticipating seeing what it pulls up straightaway!

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Important criteria when buying a Shimano Trevala Casting Rod?

Presents should innovatively be somewhere very nearly 2 meters long for little fish and around 4 meters for more conspicuous fish since you need to do to some degree longer undertakings.

Considering fishing lines, you can use different ones to cover more species. For fishing little fish, I use lines weighing someplace in the degree of 6 and 8 kg. For more conspicuous species, I use 10 to 24 kg lines.

Regarding improvement, you will require sinkers. By the exemplary nature of speedier waters, those that are ball-molded should be used, as they are least referencing to make due.

The bait used will be absolutely prohibitive. I am genuinely inclined in the direction of using unimportant live fish like shrimp or crabs.

I use this as an improvement to average worm traps. You can similarly use semi-hard bread, which we will implant twofold will broaden the hold.

Clearly, these are only considerations, since each fisher should pick the equipment that is overall around charming to him and with which he feels customarily awesome.

You can’t imagine what shocks I occasionally get with the tackle that, on an urgent level, isn’t any vulnerability sensible!

Huge measures while buying a projecting post

You genuinely need to have a bowed butt projecting post, a solid fishing line, a rope, a strong reel, and a shocking region for the shaft.

Reel Action

The reel is a fundamental piece of ocean fishing. There are three sorts: inertial, inertialess, and multiplier. Knowing the qualities of every one of them, you can pick the right one:

Inertialess. The quickest open sort, reasonable for any fishing.

Inertial. Reasonable contraptions with a sensible idea, yet without the controlling way of thinking of the fishing line, this participation should be finished with a finger.


Insignificant fulfillment, yet great. All reels of this sort are expecting ocean fishing. It doesn’t affect which reels for ocean fishing you pick, the most persuading thing is that it has an impossible new development and unfathomable fishing line laying.

Ropes and Fishing Lines

The fishing line has hair-raising necessities. It ought to be all over as solid as conceivable against scratched spots against stones, wharves, shells, and so forth The ideal fishing line for ocean fishing ought to be from 05 to 0.9 mm in distance across and examine a store of something like 50 kg.

Extraordinary with marine fishermen are fishing lines made of nylon, made. Lines send single and multi-strand choices, additionally besides moreover almost also with a lead district.

Pick a fishing line for ocean fishing, contemplating the space, sort of fish, and kind of fishing.


To make progress in sea fishing and partake in a colossal catch, then, you truly need the right fishing gear. You truly need a turned butt projecting post first.

In this blueprint, I have enlightened you truly more concerning them than you knew now. Furthermore, I have shown the best models open. Before long, you want to make your choice!

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