Best Zebco Quantum Energy S3 Baitcast Fishing Reel

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Quantum Energy Baitcasting Reels have been standing as reels under the most requested fishing conditions.

These Performance Tuned, low-profile baitcasting reels include accuracy, PT hardened steel, or polymer half and half course that make the Energy one of the smoothest reels accessible today.

This energy S3 PT includes our special Flippin, Switch for pitching, flipping, and savaging methods.

It additionally sports a boatload of Performance Tuned highlights, from the tough, one-piece aluminum edge to the plush clay carbon drag framework.

Quantum is eager to present the Quantum Fishing Team; another program that empowers fishermen, all things considered, to draw in and associate with the brand.

The notable-based bar and reel producer has been placing unshakable fishing gear under the control of fishermen.

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Best Zebco Quantum Energy S3 Baitcast Fishing Reel (Expert Review)

(Size 100 Reel, Continuous Anti-Reverse Clutch, Large EVA Handle Knobs, Silver/Black)

Quantum Energy S3 Baitcast Fishing Reel

This baitcasting reel includes a 6.3:1 stuff proportion and a 27 IPT for quick and reliable recovery.

The Flippin’ Switch innovation permits you to cover more water rapidly by discouraging the thumb, making a short cast, and reconnecting the reel without turning the handle.

The Micro-Adjust Adjustable Centrifugal System.

The fired carbon drag framework can hold as much as 18-pounds of max drag. A mono limit of 135/12 yds/lbs.

And the capacity to hold up to 170-yards of 30-pound interlaced line, this reel is for medium to weighty species like walleye, bass, catfish, striper and that’s just the beginning.

You’ll fish at your best with Quantum Energy in your grasp.

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Key Features

  • Right gave
  • 18-Pound Max Drag
  • Adaptable Use
  • Predominant Design
  • Unshakable Protection
  • Zero-contact spool

Extra Features

All Quantum gear is safeguarded for an unshakable a long time from the unique date of procurement against abandons in workmanship as well as materials.

A nonstop enemy of converse grip that gives quick hooksets conveying super perfection.  It is fitted with a right-hand recovery and miniature change ACS 3.0 cast control for exact and controlled projects without fail, and a knife side cover so you can get to the spool and perform bother-free support in a hurry.

Planned with the Quantum flipping, switch tech for pitching, flipping, and savaging methods that permit you to deliver a line and reconnect the reel without turning the handle.

Its multi-drag circle configuration gives unrivaled halting power, lockdown, consistency, and perfection.


  • Hostile to invert grasp
  • One-piece aluminum outline
  • Flexible Centrifugal System
  • Hardened steel/polymer cross breed heading
  • 170-yards of 30-pound meshed line
  • The huge EVA handle handles


  • Smoother reel


Why We Choose Quantum Energy S3 Baitcast Fishing Reel?

The reason is that the drag utilized in this reel works nicely enough. The 6.3:1 proportion is an extraordinary all-around intending for an assortment of procedures.

Albeit no low-equipped models are at present accessible, this reel felt fine with high-opposition baits like medium-jumping wrenches and bigger spinnerbaits.

These reels likewise arrive in a 7.0:1 arrangement, and left-hand reels are additionally accessible in the two proportions.

A fishing reel gear proportion is a three-digit number that depicts how often its spool pivots each time you turn the handle once.

For instance, a 7.5:1 stuff proportion implies that the spool pivots 7.5 times for every turn of the handle. Along these lines, the higher the stuff proportion, the quicker the recovery speed of your reel.

This reel ought to fulfill most bass fishing needs as it’s adequately flexible to project a decent scope of contributions.

Projecting weightless Senko’s, weightless accidents, and three-eighths-ounce dances was never an issue. Bragging a boatload execution tuned highlights.

Its Size 100 Reel, Right-Hand Retrieve. consistent enemy of converse grasp that gives quick hooksets conveying super perfection and smooth capacity for any application.

Includes machined aluminum outline, handle-side cover, and spool; aluminum fundamental stuff and driveshaft, flipping switch, and double cast controls. Likewise, all dials click with a lovely vibe and tone.

How To Use This Product

Best Zebco Quantum Energy S3 Baitcast Fishing Reel

Projects are smooth and simple to utilize. The capacity to handily change makes this reel ideal for those weightless introductions up to the heavier spinnerbaits. One reel to do it al. it is smooth.

They have the smoothest drag framework accessible that doesn’t jolt continually and the projecting is extraordinary.

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First, you set every one of your magnets up extremely high then you set your pressure handle for the spool discharge. So that it’s dropping not exactly 50% of gravity speed.

The drag on Quantum turning reels is constrained by a handle on the actual top of the reel. Turning the handle clockwise fixes it.

When it is completely fixed, turn the handle counterclockwise twice to slacken it marginally. The reel should give some line with a firm pull.

Presently on the off chance that you simply spooling mono on your lure caster continue onward until you’re one-eighth of an inch from the highest point of the spool then, at that point, you’re set.

The drag setting ought to be capable where the line holds a third to half of its weight before moving.

You can unquestionably go somewhat tighter than that however you most certainly need to ensure as you’re beginning that when you discharge that sinker with the pole held up at a 45-degree point. you want to ensure you get great snare infiltration.

Yet, to change this it’s basic. You go in reverse which would be would that be uh clockwise slackens your drag. To set up the hook Inside the fish’s mouth.

You need to proceed to yank the line and pull it difficult to convey sufficient power to drive the place of that guide profound into the fish’s mouth you need it to go past the point.

Things To Consider Before Buying This Product

Before Picking the Right Baitcasting Reel, Track down the Right Gear Ratio. One of the principal things you should do is find the right stuff proportion an element that influences the speed of your draw recovery.

Then, you will need to take a gander at the reel’s spool size. Recollect that Comfort is Key. Great Fishing Shirts from Hook.

Any fisher who needs to utilize a wide assortment of counterfeit draws will ultimately have to utilize a baitcasting reel, otherwise called bait casters.

The Quantum Energy reel series has been the best reels. Quantum fishing is important for the Zebco group of items and has become known for both their turning and baitcasting lines of reels.

Bear the cost of preferred line command overturning reels, taking into consideration more precise projects.

Permit you to dial back the draw so it delicately falls into the water without scaring close by fish, significant while flipping traps into cover.

An agreeable grasp and even bar and-reel mix can assist you with projecting with more precision, particularly after you have projected many times in a solitary excursion.

Gear proportion is the times the spool turns over when the handle is pivoted once. Most reels will have the proportion recorded someplace on the body, which makes the determination interaction simpler.

This reel is for medium to weighty species like walleye, bass, catfish, striper from there, the sky is the limit! You’ll fish at your best with Quantum Energy in your grasp.

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