EatMY Tackle 30 Wide 2 Speed Fishing Reels – (Buyer Guide)

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The EatMy Tackle Company introduce its new high-speed fishing reels these reels are very high-quality reels. The design of these reels is very unique and these reels are made with stainless steel.

And these reels are very strong. The company made these products especially for trolling fishing. Trolling fishing is a method to catch huge fish.

And in this method, the Fisherman’s used very lengthy rods, and one or more lines are attached with rods in this method, the strong reels are performing a very important role because reels are not strong the huge sea animals do not catch easily. These reels carry up to 50 pounds of weight.

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Best EatMY Tackle 30 Wide 2 Speed Fishing Reels – Ultimate Review

EatMY Tackle 30 Wide 2 Speed Fishing ReelsEat My Tackle Reel are very high-quality reels for heavy fishing these reels are capable to hold 50 pounds weight. These reels speed up your fishing.

These reels are made with stainless steel it is very hard and strong.

The Eat My Tackle company is the most popular company in the whole world due to its fishing reels the fishing reels of this company are used in many countries and people trust it.

The performance of these reels is very good and the quality is also very high.

These reels are used in trolling fishing and other heavy fishing plans.

The capacity of these lines is changed to one another because some reels are able to carry low weight and others are able to carry very heavyweight.

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Key Features

  • Strong material.
  • Stainless steel I used in it.
  • Ability to carry heavyweight.
  • One-touch speed is double.
  • Easy to use.
  • Adjust easily in any type of rod.
  • EVA foam grip.
  • Comfortable in use.

Additional features

  1. Capacity

The capacity of these reels is very outstanding because these reels carry up to 50 Pounds weight easily. Just amazing and it is suitable for all types of environments. It is also used in heavy trolling fishing due to its heavyweight caring capacity. We use these reels for all types of fishing rods.

The dragging capacity is also in it when Anglers are on the boat and heavy sea animals are caught in rod they try to drag these heavy sea animals at the low waterside. This process is successful when the reel is strong.

  1. Speed

The main feature of these reels is their speed gear when the fisherman touch one time reel it pulls back with double speed. This incredible feature is in it. The speed is very important from a fishing point of view. Because when fish is snatched in rods hook it try to leave it self-speed of pull-on is slow fish is easily running but your pulling speed is high you can easily catch the fish.

  1. Comfortable

These reels are very comfortable in use these reels are much more comfortable on 5 feet rods these rods are massive in size. These reels are easy to use when pulled on the fish and their speed is double.

  1. Material

These reels are made with stainless steel this is a very strong metal and these reels are much protected due to it. The material is used in these reels is very high quality. Eat My tackle reels are a very new model of reels these reels are specialists in heavy trolling fishing.

Most fishermen choose these types of reels for fishing. And these reels provide very high-level performance.

  1. Special feature

The special feature of these EatMy new Reels is made with stainless steel and the tension level of these reels is very incredible. The design of these reels is very special. Design is made according to users.


  • These products have the perfect design.
  • Solid material
  • Specialist for trolling fishing
  • Speed is very high
  • High quality
  • Easy to use
  • The price is very decent
  • Very strong


  • These reels are very high-quality reels but one minor issue is that it is not perfectly fit on all types of rods. Because these rods are specially made for trolling fishing so the 5 feet rods are used in trolling fishing so these reels are perfectly fit on these rods


Why did you choose EatMY Tackle Fishing Reels?

Best EatMY Tackle 30 Wide 2 Speed Fishing Reels

EatMy Tackle Company is very expert in reels manufacturing and now this company introduces its new model of reels. These reels are specialists for trolling fishing. These reels are very high-quality reels and these reels are made with stainless steel.

These reels are very helpful in deep fishing. These reels are very strong and very high quality. The quality standard of these reels is very good.

The EatMY reels are much branded and more trusted than the other companies because this company always provides its best so you can easily trust its products.

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How to use EatMY Tackle products?

These products are very easy to use and a full guide about it is provided with products. The EatMy company manufactures its products is according to its customers. These products are very comfortable and the proper guideline about these products are available on the internet. Amazon provides full information about its products. So not any problem to use these products.

Things to consider before buying

When you order any product on internet platforms like Amazon so you can always check the public reviews about these products before buying.

This is a very important step and this step provides you with all hidden information about the product. If the public reviews are positive it means the product is ok and original. If the public reviews are negative so the product is not original and can’t order like these products.

When you buy these products so before ordering check their full details and check material components. The best way to order these products is Amazon because Amazon is the biggest platform for online shopping in the whole world so Amazon provides you with original products and its service rate is also not very high.

Amazon provides all information about its products so you can check the full information and make satisfy yourself and then order these products.

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