EatMyTackle Deep Drop Trolling Rod Review (2022)

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RodsBuzz reviewed a high-quality Eatmytackle deep drop trolling rod with the ultimate buyer guide and review. Such casting poles are utilized while fishing in the vast ocean or sea from a boat. They are intended to get different huge fish like sharks, fish, marlin, boats, and others.

At the point when a hotshot pecks, there is a little opportunity that you can endure the obstruction of such a strong fish. Accordingly, a twisted butt casting pole is embedded into exceptional sections in the boat.

This way you won’t miss your fish. All things considered, human power isn’t to the point of adapting to such obstruction of the fish.

After the fish is gotten, the angler starts to deplete it with the assistance of a boat. This is to make the fish drained and incapable to oppose to such an extent.

At the point when the fish is depleted, the angler takes a casting pole in his grasp and embeds it into an extraordinary belt.

From that point forward, it starts to delicately pull the fish. Furthermore, the last advance that still needs to be done is to raise the fish to the boat with the assistance of an enormous scoop net.

EatMyTackle Deep Drop Trolling Rod Review

(Blue Marlin Tournament Edition (3pc. Swing Tip)

EatMyTackle Deep Drop Trolling Rod Review

This is a fascinating casting pole that looks alluring as well as great at its interaction. This organization creates an extremely great fishing box and this casting pole is no special case.

They considered every one of the variables that this casting pole turned out flawlessly for huge fish. Both twisted and straight butts are accessible to you. It merits the cash.

This pole includes a 3.5′ bar clear total with a straight butt and a twisted butt handle. This Blue Marlin Tournament Edition savaging bar is intended to take the requests of weighty tension.

The bar highlights 4+1 HD roller guides in addition to the roller guide at the tip. This is our best level competition pole and built with the greatest composite clear and wide mouth roller guides able to do passing the biggest breeze on pioneers for extraordinary control at boat side!

All guides highlight the most recent and best innovations and materials in addition to twofold wraps for strength. The range wrap development is significant and the bar will oppose turn better compared to any bar we have tried.

The complete length of the bar with the twisted butt joined is 5’5″. Wide mouth wind on pioneer roller guides EVA froth grasp for non-slip and solace.

Pole remains at 5’3″ with a straight end, 5’5″ with the twisted butt. long term guarantee against producer’s deformities, the longest in the business.

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Key Features

  • Tournament edition model
  • Full grip style
  • The black carbon fiber material
  • Fast action rod
  • Heavy rod power
  • Saltwater fishing type
  • 3-pc rod
  • Both hands retrieve
  • 5 ft 6 in length
  • Premium composite blank
  • Accessible in 2 different class loads: 100-120 and 160-200 lb.
  • Measures 5’3″ with straight butt and 5’5″ with bowed
  • 4+1 HD wide mouth roller guides
  • Length wrapped to oppose the winding
  • EVA froth grasps gives nonslip solace

Extra Features

  • Item dimensions are L x W x H (44.25×5.5×5.5inches)
  • 13 kg weight
  • Composite material
  • Blue marlin tournament edition 3pc 160-200lb deep drop trolling rod
  • Twisted butt and straight butt handle
  • Swing tip guide
  • Tournament edition model
  • Wide mouth wind on leader roller guides
  • Premium composite blank
  • 5 guides in a number
  • 5`6” rod length
  • Trolling fishing technique
  • EVA rod handle material


  • Firmly made
  • It will last for many years
  • Suitable for many years
  • Under decent size
  • Reasonably high quality
  • Really nice rod


  • Not for every budget
  • Heavy enough


Why We Choose EatMyTackle Deep Drop Trolling Rod?

Shimano is a notable and mega-popular brand in the worldwide fishing market. It is perceived by all experts and progressed fishing devotees.

Its items are eminent for their unwavering quality, solidness, smart execution, and equilibrium. To accomplish top-notch casting poles, the organization bends over backward.

Each mechanical interaction is thought out to the littlest detail, there is persistent command over consistence with all prerequisites.

Subsequent to assembling, the bars are tried, and solely after sure outcomes, they get to the fishing market.

Laid out in 1921, the bike gear studio didn’t quickly dominate the creation of the unbelievable turning reels and carbon bars.

The plan to foster another market fragment for itself came to the main successor to the Shimano realm, Shozo Shimano.

Rumors from far and wide suggest that he was persuaded to do this by worry for the soundness of the organization’s representatives, who invested little energy in the natural air. Valid or fiction, it isn’t known beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Yet, it is sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that in 1971 the organization, involving its rich involvement with the creation of cogwheels and orientation for bikes, started to deliver reels for fishing.

A little later, a more extensive scope of items for fishing was dominated: poles, clothing, gear, draw.

Until now, Shimano has workplaces and creation offices on all mainlands in excess of 40 nations. Fishing gear represents 20% of the all-out volume of items produced by the worry.

The organization has an adaptable strategy, being delicate to patterns in the plan of gear for sporting and sport fishing.

The dependable and perceived models are routinely improved and refreshed. Ineffective examples are quickly taken out from creation.

The organization is effectively connected with different makers of fishing gear. The most useful was participation with one more perceived innovator in the creation of fishing products.

How I Use It?

If someone asked, what I use when I was trolling for false stripers so Eat My Tackle deep drop trolling rod that you use on the boat when doing charters or just your own fishing the rods and reels.

While using the spoons and other stuff that basically have on the boat so hopefully everyone will enjoy fishing with this they liked it if one’s fill the rods that have the little wire line setups.

That you have right here with two of those on a wide on the wire or if you want you will go to the basic setup of braids and that’s all muted brain encounter this scene line.

Eat My Tackle deep drop trolling rod, it featuring a classic design with super smooth rollers and EVA foam grips for the campaign main shaft.

It is perfect for offshore trolling for Dolphin, Wahoo, and Tuna, with a tough backbone. And also perfect for bottom fishing for large grouper, with a sensitive tip.

All rods come with a protective custom sock and a 2-year warranty. This is a popular fishing rod.

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Important Criteria When buying an EatMyTackle Fishing Rod?

Ocean fishing from a boat is very not quite the same as freshwater. Fish with novel propensities, one more quest for fishing places, and other gear. So what should be the bowed butt bar for such fishing? We should get it clear.


Bowed butt poles are very short. While fishing in a plumb burden, lifting the fish can be enormous, and the more limited the pole, the more prominent the switch.

What’s more, on the off chance that you consider the fishing conditions, long structures can essentially meddle in states of restricted space.

Thusly, bars up to 2.4 meters are generally liked, and the most well-known are typically 160 to 210 centimeters in length.


Given the colossal burden on the clear during ocean or sea fishing, most bars are made of fiberglass or graphite composite.

The gentility of the pole here is a totally minor benefit since more often than not the pole will be in the rack. The exemption is just framed for fishing from kayaks and inflatable boats, for them the daintiness of the material will be a huge element:

Fiberglass is more sturdy, less expensive, and more dependable.

The carbon-based composite makes the bar altogether lighter, yet sufficient.

Carbon is prominent for the unbending nature of cutting, daintiness, and awareness, however, it requires a cautious disposition.

Test Rod

Since casting poles don’t need projecting distances, and fish are frequently very huge, most casting poles have a Fast, ExFast, or moderate framework.

Be that as it may, as to the test, as far as possible isn’t restricted, nonetheless, similar to the upper one. Everything relies upon the sort of gear, and the test can begin from 50 grams, and end a long way past 2 kilograms.

By and large, the bar test is demonstrated not in grams, but rather in pounds, and doesn’t show the heaviness of the draw to be tossed, yet the greatest conceivable heap of the bar.

For instance, a trial of 50 Lbs implies that the bar can lift 22 kilograms, the reel and line test ought to be added to this weight and separated by 3, this gives the relative conceivable load of the fish accessible for fishing with this tackle.


Ocean fishing is altogether unique in relation to the standard one, beginning from the object of fishing and finishing with the choice of tackle.

The variety of marine occupants makes fishing a captivating and invigorating action. Fishing in seawater requires specific abilities and, surprisingly, proficient anglers can come up short.

For this fishing, you will require a top-notch bowed butt casting pole and liberal activity, as this will be the place of the relationship between two huge contradicting powers.

The primary power is the development of the boat fast, the second is enormous hunters that stretch to the opposite side to escape from the snare. Such strain merits unique mindfulness while picking at least one bar.

To make progress in ocean fishing and partake in a huge catch, then, at that point, you really want the right fishing hardware.

You want a bowed butt casting pole first. In this audit, I have informed you somewhat more regarding them than you knew previously. Furthermore, I have shown the best models available. Presently you need to settle on your decision!

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