Fenwick Eagle Fishing Rod & Abu Garcia Max Pro Spinning Reel Combo

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Abu Garcia is a colossally notable brand in the fishing scene and here is maybe its best thing. The Abu Garcia Pro Max Combo is an eminent fishing mechanical assembly for both new and saltwater.

It is moreover more sensible for experienced anglers. Anyway, it might be used by novices too, they have a bigger potential of experiencing line turns. The bar offers medium-weight power and is 7 feet long.

Additionally, the reel goes with 8 tempered steel directions that ensure reliable movement. Accepting you are seeking after intense fish-like bass, you will be fulfilled to understand the combo incorporates an anodized aluminum spool that gives unprecedented strength.

It similarly incorporates Abu Garcia’s prohibitive rocket line on the board. Thusly, you will get truly projecting distance and lesser conceivable outcomes of wind ties.

Meanwhile, the bar goes with an EVA hold handle that makes it even and adaptable. This will enable you to hold the bar relentlessly and besides stay in control.

Another valuable thing about the bar it is astoundingly tricky. This is because of the 2-graphite material that the unmistakable is worked from. The last exceptional part of the projecting shaft is the Texas-controlled catch chaperon.

In addition, the length of your post will fundamentally influence your fishing experience. This trap caster combo’s bar has a length of 7′.

Consequently, it is lightweight and fitting for huge distance projects. Its balance and appropriateness furthermore make it a mind-blowing choice for the whole day fishing.

Finally, you can include this baitcasting combo for getting fish, taking everything into account.

Best Fenwick Eagle Fishing Rod & Abu Garcia Max Pro Spinning Reel Combo

(With Berkley Flicker Shad Hard Bait)

Best Fenwick Eagle Fishing Rod & Abu Garcia Max Pro Spinning Reel Combo

Smoother and more impressive than its other Max series peers, the Abu Garcia Max Pro Spinning Reel is prepared to prevail.

It flaunts a similar innovation as some of Abu Garcia’s chief contributions, for example, the Rocket line the board and Rocket spool lip plan for a definitive in projecting distance and precision.

Working off of its amazing projecting capacities, it conveys a sleek reeling experience because of the 6 metal balls and 1 roller bearing.

It additionally lessens hand weakness during long days on the water with continued projecting with its lightweight graphite body and rotor development.

Further improving its allure is the machined aluminum spool and Everlast bail framework that guarantee outrageous toughness in a large number of seasons.

Gotten done with Abu Garcia’s Slow Oscillation framework, any line type you are using will be laid uniformly on your spool for dependable projecting activity.

For the smooth and dependable exhibition at a financial plan agreeable cost, secure the Abu Garcia Max Pro Spinning Reel to your beloved pole and hit the water with maximum certainty!

The rich bar-building history of Fenwick meets the world-class functional effectiveness of Abu Garcia reels.

Counting an Abu Garcia Max Pro turning reel, Fenwick Eagle shaft, and Berkley Flicker Shad 3ct snare pack, this combo is a conclusive fortitude for energetic anglers.

The Abu Garcia Max Pro baitcasting combo outfits an experience well beyond anybody’s assumptions with Abu Garcia planning.

This combo incorporates an uncommonly created reel seat with a joined polymer comfort handle for outrageous comfort and a 7+1 bearing system for outrageous flawlessness. The 24-Ton graphite advancement gives outrageous mindfulness in a lightweight and changed arrangement.

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Key Features

Abu Garcia Pro Max Spinning Reels are low-profile reels that give even line lay and the smoothest development. Worked with a lightweight graphite edge and seven-bearing design, these favorable turning reels won’t let you down.

  • Graphite casing and side plates
  • 6 metal balls + 1 roller bearing gives smooth activity
  • Lightweight graphite body and rotor
  • Machined aluminum spool gives strength without adding overabundance weight
  • Ever last™ bail framework for further developed toughness
  • Slow Oscillation gives even line lay a wide range of line
  • Rocket Line Management™ framework gives better control of a wide range of fishing lines
  • Rocket Spool Lip Design™ permits better control of line falling off the spool
  • MagTrax slowing mechanism
  • 7 Stainless Steel metal balls + 1 roller bearing
  • Minimal twisted handle and star
  • Abu exclusively coordinated reel seat with formed polymer solace grasp
  • Power Disk drag System
  • Machined twofold anodized aluminum spool gives strength without adding overabundance weight
  • Toughness: this combo is made of solid materials
  • Advanced Braking System: this component will allow you to roll out speedy improvements while anticipating
  • Balance: this reel sits low on the shaft to give balance
  • Anticipating and Accuracy: this combo is planned to allow you to make both short and critical distance cast
  • Max Drag :15 lbs

Additional Features

Following the Revo® arrangements, the Pro Max™ turning reel flaunts a similar particularly smooth bundle as its position of safety partner with a lightweight graphite edge and seven-bearing framework.

The Pro Max likewise includes our Rocket Line Management™ System permitting boosted projecting distance while diminishing breeze ties. Abu Garcia Pro Max Spinning Reels Features:

  • The rich bar-building history of Fenwick meets the elite operational efficiency of Abu Garcia reels.
  • Highlights:
  • Berkley Flicker Shad 3ct snare pack
  • Machined aluminum spool for strength
  • 6 metal balls + 1 roller bearing gives smooth action
  • Lightweight graphite body and rotor
  • Machined aluminum spool invigorates without adding overflow weight
  • Ever last™ bail structure for additionally created robustness
  • Slow Oscillation gives even line lay a wide scope of the line
  • Rocket Line Management™ structure gives better control of a wide scope of fishing lines
  • Rocket spool lip design™ allows better control of line tumbling off the spool
  • Everlast bail framework
  • Slow Oscillation for even line lay
  • Rocket line the pioneer’s framework for command over a wide extent of lines
  • Rocket Spool Lip Design for control of your line


  • Incredible for fledglings
  • Incredible pole in modest cost
  • Permits significant distance projecting
  • Touchy
  • It is not difficult to project


  • Appropriate for left-gave
  • Terrible openness


How To Choose Fenwick Eagle Fishing Rod & Abu Garcia Max Pro Spinning Reel Combo

Abu Garcia is one of the top fishing gear brands available today, and their poles and reels are utilized by bass master fishing legend Mike Iaconelli, as well as other expert fishermen.

By and by, I’ve viewed their reels as comparable to any of the other top brands out there, and one of my Abu Garcia baitcasting reels is just about 25 years of age now, nevertheless has exactly the intended effect.

How Do I Use Fenwick Eagle Fishing Rod Combo

The underlying time using this reel was seven days prior. I pulled in a 31lb flathead with this reel and 20lb fire line. On a medium movement Fenwick HMG rod. Unquestionably happy with Max Pro spinning reel purchase

I bought these for my helper clients to use on float posts, which worked out better contrasted with my thought process. They handle contorted lines effectively and the drag worked extraordinarily and was very smooth. Unbelievable product!

This reel has two of these, size 5 and a size 20. I use the 5 for trout and the 20 for bass. Both smooth with wonderful smooth even takes.

I don’t maul either; be that as it may, I don’t kid them by a similar token. Both have held up to being dropped on the rocks of the banks of streams.

I’m 100% substance with mine and would get them again assuming mine in some way figured out how to exit the boat tomorrow.

I truly bought this to put parts and bail into my Plunger transcendent that I broke the record, It worked at this point only for a short time frame outline, so I set up Abu back. It smooth reel and seems like it might be intense.

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Important criteria when buying a fishing rod

A fishing reel is a gadget that is joined to a casting pole, similar to a projecting bar and is utilized for winding a fishing line. Reels vary in both projecting distance and the exactness offered, so it is one more element to note while picking a casting pole.


As clarified before, more limited shafts consider exact projects while fishing, and moreover, they are not difficult to oversee and move. As they additionally require significantly lesser energy to project, they are ideal for amateurs. So as a fishing fan, to pick which casting pole to get, you ought to consider the degree of precision you are yearning for.


The length of the turning or projecting pole is the primary arrangement of elements to think about while hoping to get another bar as it impacts the projecting distance. There are various sorts; from the long projecting posts to close-quarter casting poles, casting poles can go from 4-14 feet long.


Another situation is assuming you are swimming. In a circumstance like this, 8+ foot shafts are suggested as they make for longer queues and can assist you with making long projects.

Assuming you are a fledgling, in any case, you can make do with a 7′ casting rod, as it is a decent spot to begin. On the off chance that you are hoping to cover a great deal of distance while fishing, long casting poles are your smartest option. It is critical to take note of that assuming you are picking distance, you would forfeit precision, so it is passed on to you to conclude which one is of more significance.


You can choose to decide on a weighty long bar or a light short pole in view of how much influence you would require while fishing.


Your solace level additionally impacts the sort of length of fishing stick you pick. Assuming you are tall, odds are you would be more OK with a more drawn-out bar than if you are short. The point is to realize what works for yourself and stick with it.

You can get a casting pole in various materials, from fiberglass to graphite or even composite which is a mix of fiberglass and graphite.

The bar material goes quite far in how the casting pole performs so prior to picking a material, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages and how to function with it.

As an amateur or somebody hoping to take up fishing as a side interest, there is no compelling reason to put vigorously in a fishing line or post.

There are numerous bars available, so while picking one, you should pay special attention to one that is on the reasonable side, that can serve you appropriately.

While you’re projecting your casting pole, the activity alludes to the amount it twists. An individual might have an inclination for one sort of activity over another relying upon their necessities and way of fishing.

For fishing, you ought to go for a bar that can twist effectively as this would give you more control while fishing. Pole power can be separated into six classifications; Ultra-Light, Light, Medium, Medium-Heavy, Heavy, and Ultra Heavy.


This closes our audit of the best Abu Garcia projecting reel. So which model would it be advisable for you to pick? Indeed, on the off chance that spending plan is definitely not a significant thought, and you need a brilliant all-round bait caster, then, at that point, the Abu Garcia Max pro is without a doubt probably the best reel available. Then again, in the event that you’re on a more modest spending plan, the Max Pro is an extraordinary decision.

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