Fiblink Saltwater Offshore Trolling Conventional – (Expert Review)

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The Fiblink Company is a very popular rods Manufacturer Company it introduce a new model of rods named Fiblink Saltwater Offshore Heavy Trolling Fishing Rods.

These rods are made for heavy trolling fishing. And these products are manufactured with very solid material.

These products are very strong and branded products. These products are with one year warranty if you order the product any serious issue in it you can easily return the product and return your money.

But it is only in this case if the product has any manufacturing default.

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Fiblink Saltwater Offshore Trolling Conventional

The Fiblink Company introduce their best Saltwater Offshore Heavy Trolling Fishing Rods these rods are very useful for heavy species.

The material used in these rods is of the very best quality.

It is very good against strong saltwater fish.

These rods are made with very carbon, graphite, glass fiber.

So the quality of these rods is very outstanding.

The dimensions of these rods are 62 x 4 x 1.5 inches. These rods are trolling fishing rods.

The size of these rods is 5 feet and 1 inch. The tension level of these rods is 50 pounds.

It means these rods carry 40 to 50 pounds weight easily I think this is the very best weight caring capacity.

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Key features

  • Made with solid material.
  • These rods have stainless steel roller guides.
  • Very protected lines.
  • its design is so unique.
  • It dimensions 62 x 4 x 1.5 inches
  • Its size is very massive 5 feet and 1 inch.
  • These are very high-quality products.
  • These are the very latest products.

Additional features

  1. It Weight

The weight of these rods are normal not very heavyweight products but these products carry heavyweight. The heavyweight products are very difficult to handle for fishermen on boats the rod weight is very important in catching big fish. Normal size rods are easily handed and provide a very important role in fishing.

  1. One Year Warranty

These products are coming with one year Warranty so this very incredible feature. If any fault in the product so you can easily change or return the product and return your money. But the condition is that the products are not damaged.

This is a very unique feature in these products so you can order these products without any hesitation. If you feel any problem with the product you have the option to return it.

  1. Shape

The shape of these products is very unique and very descent. The length of these products is very massive 5 feet and 1 inch. The shape of these products is slightly curved with very strong body material.

The shape of the product plays a very important role in product success. So all the companies try to make new designs because the public likes new designs. And the shape of the rod is also very important if the rod is straight it can’t hold heavyweight. Curved is basically very important in the rod. These rods are curved at the tip.

  1. Trolling fishing

These rods are specially manufactured for trolling fishing. Trolling fishing is a method of fishing in which one or more fishing lines are attached with one rod and these lines are through in water. This method is usually used in boat fishing. Trolling fishing method is used to catch large and huge fish.

These rods are specially made for this type of fishing method. These rods provide very long-lasting performance. And Anglers enjoy when they used these products.

  1. Material

These rods are made with a mixture of carbon, graphite, and glass fiber so these rods are very solid and strong. The material of any product is very important. These rods are not very heavy-weight rods. A little bit of flexibility is also in it.


  • The size of these rods is very helpful
  • These products make easy your fishing
  • The quality vise these products are best
  • Solid constructed
  • The design is very unique
  • These rods are especially for trolling fishing
  • The price of these rods is very decent not a very high price
  • These rods provide high speed


  • These products have not had any serious problems with some minor issues like their flexibility level being down but this is not a very major issue because these rods hold more fishing lines so the flexibility level is high in it the trolling fishing is not possible so this is also its plus point.


Best Fiblink Bent Butt Fishing Rod

The Fiblink Company is a very trusted company and the quality level of these products is very high. The designs of these rods are very unique and these rods are very strong very high-quality material is used in it. The Fiblink Company supplies its products in many countries. And many countries trust it.

There are various varieties and colors are available in these rods. If you are interested in trolling fishing so these rods are very helpful for you because these products are specialists in trolling fishing.

When battled between the rod and huge saltwater fish these rods apply more pressure on fish and you easily catch this fish the reels of these rods are made with aluminum reels are also very strong.

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Fiblink saltwater offshore heavy trolling fishing rods are very easy to use you can easily set these rods on your boat and apply one or more lines on these rods. These rods are used in heavy trolling fishing so you can use more lines at one time these rods are more effective in trolling fishing. Its reels are made with aluminum and you can easily adjust the reel because all the guidelines are available with the product.

Things to consider before buying

First of all, you can check the public reviews about these products if the reviews are positive the products are original, and handy you can order them.

But if the reviews responded negative sound so you can’t be ordered the products because peoples how to order these products who better know about its problems.

If you can order these products throw Amazon so this very trusted way to buy these products. These rods are available on Amazon at a very decent price and with low service charges.

Amazon provides you with more guides about these products and you can check their originality you can check their ASIN no because if you order throw Amazon. Amazon provides you with product ASIN.


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