Homemade Carp Bait Recipe For Fishing Beginner

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If you want to cook a good homemade carp bait for goldfish using your microwave, I have the perfect recipe. It may look like ham, but it is not. This is a blend of strawberry and vanilla blancmange that serves as the perfect bait on goldfish hooks.

This is a very cheap ingredient and the ingredients are found in the jelly section of any supermarket for less than £ 1 and are available in four delicious flavors. First, we need to pour ¾ a cup of Soy flour into a mixing bowl.

Inside the ingredient box, there are 4 different flavors. To make 1 pint of bait, we only need to use two flavors, and this recipe requires strawberries and vanilla.

Mix the two and you will get an incredible goldfish bait that not only looks good but also smells sweet enough to impress any goldfish.

Empty both flavor packs and pour into a bowl mixed with Soy flour. In a separate bowl, beat two eggs with a fork and then pour the beaten egg mixture into a mixing bowl containing two flavors.

It is not good if the mixture starts to get too wet. Continue to add the egg mixture until you are together. Next, add 1 teaspoon of cod or olive oil, then add ½ teaspoon of red food coloring. It is also important to add seeds to the mixture.

I recommend sesame seeds, but you may want to experiment with others. Some people actually add crushed eggshells. Now it’s time to start mixing with our hands.

If it feels too wet, you can add more Soy flour. When well blended, place the dough on greaseproof paper and roll up to just 1 cm.

To cook the dough, place it in the microwave at 600 watts for about 3 minutes. After cooking, take the dough and cut it into 3 cm strips while still warm.

It will look like ham because you can see the picture formed while cooking it. Cut the strip into cubes. You now have a sweet taste from the pain of goldfish like ham. I’m sure you can’t wait to try it when you’re on the lake. Hope you will enjoy our homemade carp bait recipe!

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