How Many Miles Should A Beginner Hike?

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It can be difficult to know how far you should go if you’re new to hiking. Experimented hikers are able to identify their limits before setting off and know how far they will be comfortable.

You could end up hurting yourself if you push yourself too fast. It’s a great way of spending your free time. You can make it as difficult or easy as you want. This article will help you decide the distance that is appropriate for beginners.

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What happens if you push yourself too far?

Hiking is great because it’s accessible to all abilities. There is a trial for everyone, regardless of age, fitness, or experience. If you’re a beginner, it is okay to stick with the shorter and flatter trails.

You will soon be hiking with the best, as everyone starts somewhere. If you push yourself too fast, there are some problems. You could injure yourself or turn your back on hiking. This is a terrible way to spend your time.


You can become more susceptible to injury and illness if you push yourself too hard when you’re new to hiking. Exercising too hard or getting dehydrated from hiking longer than you planned is a sign of illness.

It takes some time for our bodies and minds to adapt to this new type of exercise. Although it may seem to be “just walking”, it is much more. For the best results, respect your body’s limitations and increase your hiking distances with time.


If you hike too far, it can be tiring and could lead to injury. Overworking your muscles can result in strains and aches that may take several weeks to heal. It is important to allow your muscles to adjust to the new way of working. You are more likely to slip and fall if you are tired. This could result in minor bruising or even broken bones.


While this may not be as serious as getting hurt or ill, it can cause hikers to burn out. It can make hiking less attractive if you are mentally exhausted. You wouldn’t want to ride your bike again if you were forced to. Most likely not. Hiking is a wonderful sport that can be won slowly and steadily.

What is the minimum distance a beginner should hike?

It is not as simple as you may think. It all depends on your fitness level and ability. You could easily hike 8 miles if you’re an active person who goes to the gym at least twice per week. You might want to reduce your hiking if you’re new to hiking or are trying to get fitter.

It is best to determine the maximum distance you can comfortably walk around the city. You should limit your walking to no more than two miles. You will need to find your maximum walking distance and divide it by 2.

Hiking is much more strenuous than hiking. If you feel tired after walking 10 miles, then hiking 5 miles is the right range. As you gain more experience, you can increase your hiking distance. You may even be able to hike longer distances and multi-day trips if you want.

You may not know how to measure distances if you’re new to hiking. There are several ways to measure distances. To keep track of how far you have walked, you can use a smartwatch/pedometer.

To track your distance walked, you can use trail markers to measure how far you’ve traveled. Beginners often fall for the “5-mile hike” trap. However, it’s a 5-mile hike in each direction. Trail markers can help you determine the distance between two points or whether it is part of an entire circuit. Sometimes they won’t.

You might not be able to complete the whole hike or only a portion. This is why a pedometer can be very helpful. You can set a goal for 5 miles, but your pedometer only shows 2.5 miles. It is time to stop.

What is the best time to start hiking longer distances?

It is possible to increase your hiking distances in a matter of minutes. You might consider adding 1 mile to the next hike if you are happy with the short hike that you have just taken.

You can keep adding short distances to every hike until you reach the length that you are happy with. It’s not about going as far as you can. It’s fine to do several shorter hikes in a single week. You don’t have to hike competitively. Do what you enjoy.


This article should have given you an idea of the distance a beginner should hike. Because everyone is different, there is no single distance that will work for all beginners.

You can find the right distance by trial and error. Keep going with it. You can increase your mileage as you gain fitness and feel more confident. You don’t have to hike a marathon. If you feel the need to take a break every hour, that will increase your total distance.

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