Hurricane Telescopic Rod Review (Ultimate Buyer Guide)

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Buying a decent rod has been always a great testing scenario not only for the newcomers but also for everyday using customers. But now, that problem seems to be gone with the Hurricane Telescopic Rod.

Over the past couple of years, the productivity and the customer reviews for these fishing rods have just been amazing.

Not only do the experienced users are appreciating it but the new customers that are new in the fishing department are also seem to be applauding this product as well.

Best Hurricane Telescopic Rod Review

Best Hurricane Telescopic Rod Review

This positive advertisement of this product has been possible because of the features that had given a boost in the market.

Ranging from the power of handling the big aquatic species to the small difficult-catching tunas it has gained ground in this industry.

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Things like dealing with a large number of species and easing in casting this instrument are just superb to witness. Its design,  capacity,  power, and indefinite use are worth mentioning here:

  1. Power

The factor that determines the catching of a huge pound of tuna with this rod is been its pretty good signal.

This feature is the result of the material used in this rod-like the aluminum oxide and the black frames that aid the function, durability, and accommodation in them.

Also, the snake guides are in there which provides less friction to allow it to run smoothly over the Imperial.

  1. Corrosion Resistance

This feature is the result of the reel seat present on the Imperial that handles all of the possible angling conditions which are the major cases scenarios in the different phases.

A wood insert and alumni insert gives the rod a classic feel and make it stainless and corrosion-resistant. So as high as the rod remain resistant there more smoothness will be in its action.

  1. Fast action Blank

The blank’s material is graphite gives the rod a lightweight ability and increases its durability and makes it quite strong in its free time use. Its fast action feature is also attributed to the versatility in the action of the rod.

And there’s one more thing in the blank i.e special coat that kinda reinforced the durability and folds the power multiple times.

  1. Reel Seat

The wood insert and the aluminum insert in the reel seat drake with the different angling torques in the rod movements.

They also increase the capacity of the rod in terms of corrosion-proof and water steady.

Another component the uplocking component holds down the heavy fly reels that had made the HURRICANE Telescopic rod a market name.

  1. Rod’s Tube

The black fabric-covered tube protects the rod during travel and time off of the water.

It also comprises the handle and poly product liner that somewhat aids immense designing in the rod’s external appearance.


  • Easy to cast and maneuver.
  • Sturdy and attractive cosmetically.
  • It can handle a large number of flies in one blow.
  • Its blank, the reel seat, and guides have been the visible factors for the buyers.
  • Fairly genuinely in price as well as in quality.
  • Lightweight that’s the reason it flies very smoothly.
  • Sensitive and bends even on the smallest panfish.


  • It is a little sketchy when you are breaking it down and putting it together.
  • Many a time there aren’t any section marks on this rod which seems odd.
  • As it uses the same materials for the same design the inside creates the apartments of the same section.

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Why you should consider it buying?

If you are still buzzing about the idea of whether you should go with a HURRICANE Telescopic rod or not. Well, for that do check the reviews first about whether it’s worth it or not.

These rods have not only been great for the old-using individuals but also great for the persons who are fishing for the very first time.

A genuine study was made about the newcomers’ experience with this rod and the ones who are using it for quite a time.  And the overall response was pretty good in terms of positive reviews and appreciating thoughts.

Newcomers experience

A couple of newcomers who have never been fishing or the ones who have boundaries with this product for the very first time seem to be quite impressed by its frequent durable action and effectiveness.

They seem to have impressed by its affordable price and perfect quality material that makes their money worth it.

And the ones who have bought it first the first time are affected by its lightweight appearance and its pleasure in casting.

Alongside the major of the positive reviews, they seem to be not quite the founding interest in the same material design and a little bit of sketchiness.

Old-timers experience

While on the other hand, the ones who are using it for quite a time seem to be impressed by its fast durable action as well as its purchase at an affordable price. A tip flex that aids in landing large fish only a tight tippet has also pleased the regular users.

Also in most of the old user’s cases, it was seen that any of the rods had hardly broken that also shows how good the material was used in the beginning, which also holds on to the regular ones to stick over it for quite a long time.

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What Does the Market Say About This Product?

For over a brief period of time this product had been the go-to option for the fisherman who wanna buying nothing but the HURRICANE Telescopic rod.

From multiple companies that are selling this product,  HURRICANE seems to have built itself a genuine brand by dealing better with the customers.

They also have renovated their product day by day so that it can perform pretty well giving all of its benefits to their respective users.

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