Lew’s Team Pro-Ti Speed Spool Baitcast Reel (Buyer Guide)

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Is it safe to say that you are searching for a fishing reel? After serious exploration and audit of numerous items and brands, I can suggest Lews Reels.

They persuaded me regarding the value, highlights, and plan. We should discover more with regards to this brand and Best Lew’s fishing reels!

A casting pole is a long, adaptable bar utilized by anglers to get fish. At its least complex, a casting pole is a straight stick or shaft appended to a line finishing in a snare (previously known as a point, consequently the term calculating).

The length of the bar can fluctuate somewhere in the range of 2 and 50 feet (0.5 and 15 m). To tempt fish, lure or draws are skewered on at least one snares appended to the line.

The line is for the most part put away on a reel which lessens tangles and helps with handling a fish.

Lew’s Team Pro-Ti Speed Spool Baitcast Reel (Expert Review)

Lew's Team Pro-Ti Speed Spool Baitcast Reel

The historical backdrop of the brand traces back to 1949. It was established by Lew Childre. The brand is known for its elegant poles.

The Childre family has changed the fishing scene with its inventive items.

Notwithstanding, the brand is possessed by Lynn Reeves and Peak Rock Capital.

The brand endeavors to make fishing hardware that is lighter, more grounded, and quicker.

Although we have hardly any insight into this brand, it can contend with other top-notch fishing brands.

Lew’s creates in different regions:

Innovation. This brand produces contemporary and interesting items.

Furthermore, it has forever been like that. For instance, in 1973, the brand delivered the Speed Spool with an inventive tear plan.

The brand has gotten an honor at ICAST multiple times. For instance, in 2019, Lews got an honor at the ICAST show “The best mix of poles and reels.

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Quality. Every worker of the organization deals with the nature of Lew’s items. Each time they discharge fishing gear more straightforward and quicker than the past one.

The organization likewise gives a 1-year guarantee on its items. This proposes that the brand is sure about the nature of its fishing supplies.

Diversity. The brand produces different items for a wide choice. They are well known not just for their speed spool and speed stick yet in addition for their enchanted rug savaging engine, turning handles, speed sticker worm snares, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

This is one of his record-breaking top choices Lew’s projecting rail. The reel has an aluminum casing and sideboards and strong titanium covering.

This implies that the loop is of top-notch and solid being used. The reel is furnished with a customizable 6-pin 27 position QuietCast® Adjustable Centrifugal Braking framework (ACB).

Greatest opposition up to 20 lbs. Notwithstanding this, the reel has a Double anodized bowed aluminum drag star with discernible snap change. I can portray this reel in 3 words: delicacy, availability, and flexibility.

If there’s one method for catching the aggregate consideration of us all here, it’s to make a big appearance on another pole or reel at the highest point of your item offering.

It doesn’t need to be something that costs an extravagant measure of cash, we very much prefer to see what all that a specific maker can propose at anything time they decide to present it.

Lew’s stepped up to the plate recently with a new, top-end series of rods for their bass market and we managed to get our hands on one.

Here’s our take on Team Lew’s Pro-Ti Speed Stick 6’10” Medium Heavy Casting Rod.

Lew’s most premium rod that’s called Pro Titanium team lose pro titanium or in a short call, it Pro Ti this reel or this rod is loaded with cool features soft-touch graphite skeletal, titanium support to reel and VTR (vibration transferring) tap hit with Team Lew’s Pro Ti Speed Stick poles take an aversion to a higher level.

Including LFS-X5 graphite spaces and Lew’s restrictive VTR System (Vibration Transfer Ring), chomps won’t go undetected! Lew’s VTR System furnishes direct contact with the clear, moving vibration straightforwardly to your hands!

With Pro Ti, the smallest vibrations won’t go unrecognized, and that implies you put more fish in the boat! Outfit with premium knot-free Titanium outline Zirconium embed guides, and Winn Dri-Tac split grasp handles, Team Lew’s Pro Ti Speed Sticks are definitive projecting poles.

Design & Ergonomics: Lew’s Pro-Ti TLPT170M is a very comfortable rod to fish. The rear split grip is made with Winn grip material. This material is firm yet soft and very grippy whether your hands are wet or dry.

It doesn’t overheat in the sun either. The weight and balance of this stick are about average (as shown in the table below), but that’s a good thing.

Otherwise, the guides on this stick are sufficient though it does help the enthusiast in me to know at least they are titanium framed. Of course, given the rod’s price point, it’s difficult to expect more than Zirconium or Alconite inserts.

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Team Lew’s Speed Stick PRO-Ti – Key Features

Group Lew’s Pro Ti Speed Stick 6’10” Medium Heavy Fast Casting LFS-XS/TNT Rod

  • Tournament-grade performance
  • Lew’s highest strength-to-weight ratio
  • Super-durable titanium deposition finish
  • 1-piece aluminum frame and side plate’s
  • Duralumin spool on high-speed Japanese bearings
  • Premium 10+1 bearing system with Zero Reverse
  • Double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings
  • Externally adjustable 6-pin/27-position centrifugal brake
  • Carbon fiber drag with up to 20 lbs. of drag power
  • Bowed 95mm carbon fiber power cranking handle
  • Winn Dri-Tac handle knobs
  • Patented Speed Dial line indicator
  • Swing-out Speed Keeper hook keeper
  • 1 piece rod
  • Medium power
  • Extra fast action
  • 6 – 12lb line weight
  • 1/4-5/8oz lure weight
  • 5.7oz weight
  • 8 guides + tip
  • Graphite blank
  • Titanium guide frames with zirconium inserts
  • VTR vibration transfer system allows direct contact with the blank
  • CT-1 ComfortTouch Winn Dri-Tac handle
  • Winn Dri-Tac split grip
  • Hook keeper

About the “Lew’s Brand”

Best Lew's Team Pro-Ti Speed Spool Baitcast Reel

With the most elevated solidarity to-weight proportion in the arrangement, in addition to a super-strong titanium testimony finish, the Team Lew’s® Pro Ti Bait cast Reel will moor your competition fishing arms stockpile for quite a while to come.

As you’d expect, the presentation is high no matter how you look at it, with a remarkable component list that beginnings with its solid 1-piece aluminum outline and side plates with titanium testimony finish; twofold anodized

Duralumin spool upheld by high-velocity Japanese direction for smooth, easy projecting; accuracy cut airplane grade aluminum compound Speed Gears; satiny 10+1 bearing framework with twofold protected hardened steel metal balls and unshakable

Zero Reverse one-way grasp; remotely movable 6-pin/27-position Quiet Cast Adjustable Centrifugal Slowing mechanism (ACB); carbon fiber drag framework with up to 20 lbs. of drag power; and a bowed 95mm carbon fiber power turning handle with Winn Dri-Tac handles.

You’ll likewise see the value in Lew’s selective additional items for competition day effectiveness: the protected Speed Dial® line marker, and swing-out Speed Keeper® snare attendant.

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Team Lew’s Pro Ti Baitcast Reel is intended to perform at the extremely most significant levels of the game.

  • LENGTH: 6’10”
  • POWER: Medium-Heavy
  • ACTION: Fast
  • LINE RATING: 10-20lbs
  • LURE RATING: 3/16 – 5/8oz

Additional Features

  • Solid one-piece aluminum SLP outline and side plates with Titanium Deposition – finish.
  • Airplane grade twofold anodized Duralumin penetrated and chambered U-shape – – 32mm spool.
  • Hard aluminum amalgam Speed Gears, cut on Hamai CNC gear hobbing machine
  • Accuracy 11 bearing framework with twofold safeguarded tempered steel metal – – balls, incorporates premium Japanese high-velocity spool heading and Zero -, – – Reverse one-way grasp bearing
  • Remotely movable 6-pin 27 position QuietCast® Adjustable Centrifugal Braking -, framework (ACB)
  • Twofold anodized aluminum spool pressure change with the discernible snap
  • Rough carbon fiber drag framework gives up to 20lbs. of drag power
  • Bowed lightweight 95mm carbon fiber handle with Winn Dri-Tac handles
  • Twofold anodized bowed aluminum drag star with perceptible snap-change
  • Titanium-covered zirconia line guide
  • Selective licensed Speed Dial line pointer and protected Speed Keeper snare — — manager
  • TLPT1SHL is LEFT HANDED Retrieve!
  • Maker’s One (1) Year Limited Warranty Real World Tests: I combined my Pro-Ti stay with a Daiwa Japan Millionaire CT SV70 projecting reel spooled with 8lb Seaguar Tatsu fluorocarbon fishing line. My methodology to test this stick was to both cast and pitch a few delicate plastic traps and given its shape likewise perceive how it took care of some more modest crankbaits and paddle tail swimbaits.

Casting: The bar’s bait weight rating of up to a large portion of an ounce is pretty right on the money.

I tied on a 1/0 Gamakatsu TGW Drop Shot Hook and Neko manipulated a Berkley Power bait Shaky Snake Magnum worm so my whole draw arrangement was close to a large portion of an ounce.

This snare rig felt right at the restriction of the TLPT170M’s upper draw weight ability. I had the option to pitch, cast, and even avoid the Shaky Snake Magnum.


  • Satisfaction “love the way this one feels
  • Price “ great reel in a good price.
  • Smooth as silk
  • Can’t wait to hook a five-pounder and see how it performs
  • It has high-strength solid brass speed gears
  • It is equipped with a combat grip thumb rod
  • Attractive design


  • Can be stretched easily


Why did I choose this Product?

Based on the selective SLP Super Low Profile stage, which is Lew’s most reduced profile plan. The Pro-Ti, with an aluminum edge and titanium statement finish, safeguards that you won’t ever in the future need to forfeit strength for style.

The Pro-Ti has hard aluminum composite Speed Gears, cut on an accuracy Hamai CNC gear hobbing machine, remotely movable 6-pin 27 position QuietCast Adjustable Centrifugal Braking framework, premium 11 headings, and a tough carbon fiber drag framework giving as much as 20 pounds of drag power.

How to Use?

Lews Pro Ti reel the new Team Lew’s Pro Ti SLP reel offers amazing lightweight, 20-pounds of drag, aluminum outline, Duralumin spool, and carbon fiber handle

Based on the selective SLP Super Low Profile stage, which is Lew’s least profile plan. The Pro-Ti with an aluminum edge and titanium affidavit finish guarantees that you won’t ever in the future need to forfeit strength for style.

The Pro-Ti has hard aluminum amalgam Speed Gears, cut on an accurate Hamai CNC gear hobbing matching,

Externally customizable 6-pin 27 positions Quiet Cast Adjustable Centrifugal Braking framework, Premium 11 bearing, and a tough carbon fiber drag framework giving as much as 20 pounds of drag power.

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For you to make the right decision, you must pay attention to some points before buying. This will help avoid problems that can arise when buying the wrong reel:

  • Weight. You know that fishing isn’t a quick process, but a rather long pastime. If you get a heavy reel, you won’t be able to fish for long hours. The reel should be light enough. This way you will avoid fatigue and injury to your hands. This will allow you to fish for a long time and feel comfortable.
  • Water-type. Before buying, consider where you will fish: freshwater or saltwater. If you are fishing in seawater, the reel should be made of better quality materials. The reel must be strong and reliable and resistant to corrosion. Your reel should be able to withstand any kind of stress when fishing in saltwater.
  • The reel and your rod. It may happen that the reel will not fit your rod. And it will take you a lot of time and nerves to return your purchase. Therefore, take care of this point in advance. However, you’re in luck. Lews is the brand that advises on which rod a particular reel works with.


Lews is a fishing brand that knows a lot about the quality of fishing reels. The brand creates innovative products at attractive prices.

In this article, I told you why you should trust this brand and reviewed 10 Best Lews fishing reels. Presently you know every one of the benefits and detriments of this brand and you can settle on the best decision.

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