Max X Low Profile Baitcast Reel Rod Combo (Guide)

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Abu Garcia makes a portion of the fines fishing pulls on the planet, and around here at Sport Fishing Buddy we’ve highlighted large numbers of their models at the highest point of our item audits.

What’s more, because of their top-notch fishing reels, a few fishermen have changed the inquiry “which reel would it be advisable for me to purchase?” into “which Abu Garcia reel would it be advisable for me to purchase?”

Nonetheless, observing the right Abu Garcia reel isn’t so natural, since they have such countless incredible models to look over.

Particularly with regards to bait casters, you need to pick between 26 low profile bait casters, in addition to 12 rounds bait casting brings in their arrangement.

To settle on this decision somewhat simpler, we chose the 7 best Abu Garcia bait casters and explored their most significant highlights next to each other.

Best Max X Bait cast Combo (Expert Review & Buyer Guide)

Best Max X Bait cast Combo

Experience over and above anyone’s expectations Abu Garcia designing for Maximum execution with the Abu Garcia Max X baitcasting combo.

This combo includes a specially crafted reel seat with a coordinated polymer solace grasp, for extreme solace, a 4+1 bearing framework for extreme perfection, and 24-ton graphite development for extreme responsiveness.

For years and years, the MAX™ projecting combos are one of Abu Garcia’s most famous combos.

This is the fourth era with totally reestablished reels and poles, offering top caliber and execution to each draw fisher.

Solid and responsive 24T carbon bars with lightweight parts are joined with the dependable, solid, and lightweight MAX™ projecting reels which are furnished with the most recent innovation and elements.

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Main Specs

  • Abu specially coordinated reel seat with shaped polymer solace grasp
  • 4 Stainless Steel metal balls + 1 roller bearing gives smooth activity
  • Machined aluminum spool gives strength without adding abundance weight
  • Power Disk drag System
  • Responsive and solid 24T Carbon bar clear
  • Moderate-Fast activity
  • Lightweight LTS guides
  • Ergonomic EVA handle holds
  • 4+1 Bearings
  • Duragear™ Brass Gear
  • Power Disk™ drag framework
  • MagTrax™ stopping mechanism
  • Reduced bowed handle
  • Conservative twisted handle
  • Abu uniquely coordinated reel seat with formed polymer solace hold
  • 4 Stainless Steel metal balls + 1 roller bearing gives smooth activity
  • Machined aluminum spool gives strength without adding overabundance weight
  • Power Disk drag System
  • Minimized twisted handle
  • Graphite outline and side plates
  • 24-Ton graphite development for a lightweight and adjusted plan


  • It offers balance and control
  • There is a minimal chance of wind knots
  • It is easy to cast
  • Life-changing


  • Don’t snap your wrist


Additional Key Features

Most extreme PERFORMANCE AND VALUE The overhauled Black Max low profile bait cast combo is designed with class-driving execution in a smaller, lightweight plan.

A graphite casing and body, alongside the smaller, bowed handle and drag star, give a more ergonomic feel to the entire day of fishing meetings.

The outcome is demonstrated a worth and unwavering quality that fishers have generally expected from this series. The combos highlight a 24 Ton graphite casting pole that uses tempered steel guides with Titanium oxide embeds.

  • 4 hardened steel metal balls + 1 roller bearing gives smooth activity
  • Machined aluminum spool gives strength without adding abundance weight
  • Power Disk drag framework gives smooth drag execution
  • Duragear metal stuff for broadened gear life
  • MagTrax slowing mechanism gives predictable brake tension all through the cast
  • Minimal twisted handle and star give a more ergonomic plan
  • Recessed reel foot takes into account a more ergonomic reel plan
  • One-piece graphite outline
  • Graphite side plates
  • 24 Ton graphite development for a lightweight and adjusted plan, High thickness EVA handles are more solid and agreeable
  • Mono Capacity yd/lb: 145/12
  • Bearing Count: 5
  • Bar Power: Medium
  • Bar Length: 6’6″
  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Line Rating: 8-15
  • Reel Handle Position: Right
  • Gear Ratio: 6.4:1
  • Bar Action: Moderate Fast
  • Bar Handle Type: Split
  • Recover Rate: 26″
  • 66cm
  • Max Drag lb : 15lb
  • 6.8kg
  • Interlace Capacity yd/lb: 140/30

Why Did we Choose this product?

Best Best Max X Bait cast Combo

So when you were visiting the parents-in-law with the spouse and realized that you possessed the energy to fish, yet while stacking up the children and all our stuff it was impossible that you had the option to include many shafts.

So when we got to our objective, I went to the nearest outdoor supplies store and glanced through their fishing gear. I had wanted to get a modest, yet good baitcasting and turning combo for my escape.

I checked various arrangements and settled on the 7 foot medium weighty Max X combo out. The pole has a moderate shape, and the 6.4 reels are ideally suited for turning, swimbait introductions.

So, I endured 2 days fishing with it, and I was truly dazzled. The vibe of the bar was truly great at this cost point. The reel was not difficult to change and had great projecting distance.

You can’t turn out badly at this cost for this combo. Remember I’ve been fishing an amazing majority, and my consistently combos are Shimano Zodias’, Daiwa Tatula Elite poles with Curado and Tatula reels. I’m bringing this combo back home and saving it for my 1/2 oz, 3/4 oz wrenches.

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How do I Use?

Abu Garcia Max X draw caster with six medium movements two-piece shaft with a six-four to one bait caster reel on it.

It has a fundamental out external easing back system with aluminum anodized supplements quite far around on the brake on the spool on the handle, spool strain close by the aide. Furthermore, working charming handles on the wrenching 25 inches or 64 centimeters for each turn

with a foam hold bar in lightweight combo weightless mishaps as much as 15-pound fluoro Experience a long way past anyone’s suspicions Abu Garcia getting ready for Maximum execution with the Abu Garcia Max X baitcasting combo.

This combo joins a hand-made reel seat with worked with polymer solace handle, for ridiculous solace, 4+1 bearing framework for incredible perfection, and 24-ton graphite improvement for silly care.

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For you to make the best decision, you should zero in on explicit obsessions going before buying. This will help with avoiding issues that can arise while getting some forbidden reel:

  • Weight. You understand that fishing is certainly not a fast cycle, yet a truly extended obstruction. Anticipating that you should get an enormous reel, you won’t have the choice to search for broadened periods. The reel ought to be enough light. This way you will avoid deficiencies and injury to your hands. This will allow you to search for a long time and feel better.
  • Water-type. Going before buying, consider where you will fish: freshwater or saltwater. Expecting you are fishing in seawater, the reel should be made of better quality materials. The reel ought to be strong and reliable and safe to utilize. Your reel should have the choice to bear any kind of strain while fishing in saltwater.
  • The reel and your shaft. It could happen that the reel will not oblige your shaft. Additionally, it will require hypothesis and nerves to return your purchase. In like way, manage this point early. In any case, this is your rare chance to shimmer. Abu Garcia Revo is the brand that prompts on which shaft a particular reel works.


Abu Garcia Max X bait cast rod is a fishing brand that understands a ton concerning fishing reels. The brand makes imaginative things at drawing in costs.

In this article, I revealed to you why you should acknowledge this brand and investigated the 10 best Abu Garcia Ike fishing reels. Now, you know the advantages overall and impedances of this brand and you can make the most ideal choice.

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