Okiaya Venom Pro Bent Butt Fishing Rod Review & Buyer Guide

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RodsBuzz deeply reviewed about Okiaya Venom Pro Bent Butt Fishing Rod with a buyer guide and expert review. OKIAYA was established in 2010 by Christopher Christian as a little internet-based retailer of great reasonable seaward fishing gear.

Our first item was the 30-80lb post presently known as the “Mack Daddy”. We are currently selling great many of our items worldwide our items are intended to offer phenomenal benefit and uncommon quality. Why settle for less, when you can have everything, with Okiaya-Live Life in Blue Water. Strong, Reliable. Unstoppable!

Best Okiaya Venom Pro Bent Butt Fishing Rod – Buyer Guide

Best Okiaya Venom Pro Bent Butt Fishing Rod

This certified OKIAYA bar accompanies a dark clear, with regal blue and gold trim. All poles are separately enclosed by a defensive sock with our custom OKIAYA mark.

FIVE roller guides and 6″ long for IGFA standup fishing Royal blue and dark with gold trim Perfect for seaward savaging and looking for Dolphin, Wahoo, and Tuna Featuring an exemplary plan with utilization of CNC machined airplane grade amalgams for strength.

Carbon fiber primary shaft for predominant responsiveness Super smooth rollers and solid equipment that keeps it looking great.

Touchy tip to feel the nibble and a genuine “bull canine” spine for the battle of your life EVA froth hold and X-Grip butt handle for quick and simple expulsion.

Meets or surpasses all IGFA guidelines for generally major game contests Overall bar length 1.83M (6’0) OKIAYA pole cover included One piece weighty activity Designed in the United States Five roller guides with a roller tip Premium grade Carbon Fiber clear Anodized aluminum reel seat Cross-cut aluminum gimbal butt.

Unbelievable OKIAYA VENOM series saltwater savaging pole. This SUPER HEAVY DUTY pole accompanies PACIFIC BAY bowed butt. This is one very impressive pole in its own class, and it is for significant fishing as it were.

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Key Features

  • 5 Pacific Bay Black and Gold Eliminator Wind On roller guides
  • 1 Pacific Bay Black and Gold Eliminator roller tip.
  • Twofold roller guide (nearest to the reel sit).
  • One-piece OKIAYA aluminum Long bowed butt in dark/gold tone.
  • Great Eva Foam X-Grip (non-tricky when wet).
  • Around 2 lbs. 10ozs with butt joined.
  • 51 crawls with next to no butt connected long.
  • By and large, the length is 5’6″ with butt appended.

Additional Features

Carry on with LIFE IN BLUE WATERS. Certifiable Pacific Bay Bent Butt!!! : is a pristine OKIAYA VENOM PRO Series saltwater savaging bar.

This SUPER HEAVY DUTY bar accompanies GENUINE PACIFIC BAY roller guides. This is one very amazing bar in its own class, and it is for significant fishing as it were.

5 gold pac sound eliminator roller guides with 1 gold pac straight roller tip, two overlay roller guides ( closest to the reel sit) one-piece PAC cove aluminum long turned butt in dim/gold tone.

quality EVA handles (non-elite when wet) around 2 lbs 10ozs with butt annexed 51 deadheads with no however associated long taking everything into account the length is 6’0 with the yet associated

meets or surpasses all IGFA principles for generally major game rivalries reward premium Okaiya pole cover included! along with one piece weighty activity, 80-130 lb.

Carry on with Life in Blue Waters

80-130lb “Toxin” Pro Marlin Series!!! Pacific Bay Guides!!!

  • OKIAYA-Live Life In Blue Waters
  • Seaward Bent Butt Trolling Rods
  • Planned in the USA
  • First-class Offshore Equipment
  • Competition Champion
  • Strong & Anti-corrosion
  • Composite feature with carbon fiber
  • Catcher tuna, bluefish, shark, marlin, kingfish
  • all like saltwater fishing
  • Blue and dark shading precious stone example wrapping.
  • 80-130# Carbon Fiber Blank
  • Twofold roller guide (nearest to the reel sit).
  • One-piece OKY aluminum Long straight


  • Amazing product
  • It is a necessity in my nighttime
  • A great quality die-hard fan
  • Nice quality at a good price
  • EVA Styrofoam handle
  • High aversion to chomps


  • It very well may be somewhat longer


Why I Choose Okiaya Venom Pro Bent Butt Fishing Rod?

Known as “the Monster”, this item is a competition-grade Venom Pro casting pole from the Okiaya brand. The pole has a line weight of between 80-and 130 lbs.

Furthermore, weighs 48 ounces. Intended for all types of saltwater fishing, it arrives in a solitary piece design and is produced using composite plastic.

A savaging model, the Monster accompanies a bowed butt, has PAC BAY roller guides, and the MPNs: VPBB2 and VPBB1.

If you purchased this pole to do land-based shark fishing. and start fish focal Florida on the Atlantic side. So you have gotten loads of sharks on this bar.

And you have had it not just for about 2 years now. You will purchase another soon. I matched this bar with a Penn SQL50VSW and 120 lbs kayaking interlace. Great setup for under $600.

MPN: bb2 Brand: OKIAYA Fishing Type: Saltwater Fishing Number of Pieces: 2 Fish Species: Marlin Item Height: Medium Material: Composite Rod Power: Heavy

How I use this product?

Amazing OKIAYA 5 Quality this is a superior major game casting pole that you can rely upon when you are in an incredible battle with that prize fish.

This post is ideal for generally major game saltwater species-including as Marlin, Giant Grouper, Kingfish, Stripers, Cobia, Tuna, Dolphin Fish, Spotted Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Sharks, and so on.

Okaiya 130 pounds bent bud fiberglass rod let’s dive right in so the rod portion of the rod is 43 inches starting from this connecting point here as a singular cut at the bottom of the rod so when it marries to the pandal portion of the bent bud there’s only including an industry exemplary plan with utilization of CNC machined airplane grade compounds for strength, composite fiber principle shaft for unrivaled responsiveness, very smooth spotless rollers, and tough equipment that keeps its staggering looks reliably.

OKIAYA Straight Butt-for speedy and straightforward removal from post-holders-The EVA froth bottoms gets stuck when there is a lot of pressure from a gigantic fish.

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Important criteria when buying an Okiaya Venom Fishing Rod

Ocean fishing from a boat is very not quite the same as freshwater. Fish with novel propensities, one more quest for fishing places, and other gear. So what should be the bowed butt bar for such fishing? How about we get it clear.

Rod Length

Twisted butt poles are very short. While fishing in a plumb burden, lifting the fish can be tremendous, and the more limited the pole, the more prominent the switch.

Also, in the event that you consider the fishing conditions, long structures can just meddle in states of restricted space. Accordingly, poles up to 2.4 meters are generally liked, and the most famous are normally 160 to 210 centimeters in length.

Best Material

Given the tremendous burden on the clear during ocean or sea fishing, most poles are made of fiberglass or graphite composite. The daintiness of the pole here is a totally minor benefit since more often than not the bar will be in the rack. The exemption is just shaped for fishing from kayaks and inflatable boats, for them the delicacy of the material will be a critical variable:

Fiberglass is more strong, less expensive, and more solid. The carbon-based composite makes the bar essentially lighter, yet sufficient. Carbon is eminent for the unbending nature of cutting, softness, and awareness, however, it requires a cautious demeanor.

Rod Testing

Since casting poles don’t need projecting distances, and fish are regularly very enormous, most casting poles have a Fast, ExFast, or moderate framework.

Yet, with respect to the test, as far as possible isn’t restricted, be that as it may, similar to the upper one. Everything relies upon the kind of hardware, and the test can begin from 50 grams and end a long way past 2 kilograms.

Much of the time, the bar test is shown not in grams, but rather in pounds, and doesn’t demonstrate the heaviness of the draw to be tossed, yet the most extreme conceivable heap of the bar.

For instance, a trial of 50 Lbs implies that the bar can lift 22 kilograms, the reel and rope test ought to be added to this weight and isolated by 3, this gives the relative conceivable load of the fish accessible for fishing with this tackle.

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Summary of Okiaya Venom Pro Bent Butt Fishing Rod

To get a colossal fish with progress, then, at that point, you certainly need this casting pole with a twisted butt. Its plan makes it simple to adapt to the opposition of sharks, fish, and then some.

This is what you want for savaging fishing. The casting pole has brilliant awareness and very smooth rollers. A helpful handle permits you not to feel uneasiness.

To make progress in ocean fishing and partake in an enormous catch, then, at that point, you really want the right fishing gear.

You really want a twisted butt casting pole first. In this survey, I have enlightened you somewhat more concerning them than you knew previously. What’s more, I have shown the best models available. Presently you need to settle on your decision!

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