Shimano Talavera Bluewater Saltwater Fishing Rods (Guide)

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The Shimano is a Japanese Company it manufactures many types of products mostly used in our daily life like Bicycles and Hybrid bikes.

And Shimano is very popular worldwide. Now Shimano Company introduce their new product name Shimano Talavera Bluewater Deep Drop Saltwater Fishing Rods.

These fishing rods are made with aluminum. Aluminum is very solid metal and these rods are very strong and flexible.

The design of these rods is very beautiful and it is available in black the results are incredible and its backbone is very strong.

These are very powerful rods for strong fish. These rods hold 65 to 130 pounds weight. These are very high-quality products and are available on Amazon with a quality warranty. These are very stiff rods.

The Shimano fishing rods are used to cover very wide rays. And it is also helpful in-depth. The design of these rods is very latest and very unique.

These products are made with Fuji, Aftco, and Alps Guides. It was also available with Fuji. These two models are available. The size is available in these models is 5.0 to 6 feet.

The size is very large. And these rods are very lightweight and very easily handled during fishing.

The fisherman easily handled these rods because their weight is very low and they hold medium heavyweight.

In these rods ALPS Reel Seat and Re grips options are available. The dimensions of these rods are 75.5 x 7 x 4.25 inches. The of these rods at Amazon is $219.99 – $379.99.

It provides long-lasting performance and helps to catch more fish in less time. The bottom of this rod was torqued.

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Best Shimano Talavera Bluewater Saltwater Fishing Rods (Review)

(Deep Drop Saltwater|Deep Drop/Swordfish Fishing Rods)

Best Shimano Talavera Bluewater Saltwater Fishing Rods

Shimano introduces the series of the fishing rod the name of this series is Talavera Bluewater.

It is specially made for deep fishing and it helps to cover a wide ray.

These rods are very powerful and much stronger than the other rods because these are quality products and Shimano Company is a qualified expert. It provides long-lasting performance.

It is a pair of Fuji, ALPS, and Aftco components.

These have the ability to fight against large and heavy sea species.

It helps in very harsh conditions and provides good results.

There are many varieties of rods are available in this series so depends on the angler’s choice of which type of rod he prefers. These rods are very lightweight rods.

The weight is lighter but the holding power is much greater than its weight.

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Key features

  • The length of these rods has 5 feet 8 feet.
  • These rods have the ability to carry medium heavyweight.
  • ALPS aluminum is used in it.
  • Flexible but strong.
  • The dimensions of these rods are 73 x 2.25 x 1.75 inches.
  • Made with aluminum it very strong metal.
  • Very latest products.
  • These are very high-quality products.
  • These are very lightweight rods.

Additional Feature

  1. Weight holding capacity

The weight capacity depends on the rod model there are many models introduced in this series so specifications are changed for every model. Some models have the ability to hold 100-250 pounds. It’s a very excellent capacity feature in it.

  1. Flexibility

It has the ability to bend at 65 to 130 degrees angle. And flexibility is very important in fishing. When heavy sea animals apply force on the rod the rod is bend but not broken so flexibility features are a very good feature in it. The Shimano Talavera Bluewater Fishing Rods have the best flexibility features.

  1. Deep fishing

The best feature of Shimano Talavera Bluewater Fishing Rods is the Deep fishing feature. The meaning of this feature is it has the ability to catch fish in depth. And it covers a very large area. Some anglers try to fish in deep waters. They need very large reels and very powerful rods. So the Shimano Talavera Bluewater Fishing Rods are perfect for this.

  1. Its Shape

The shape of this rod is very comfortable and it is very handy to pull on monster fish. The strength of this rod is its shape. And its structure is very lightweight angler easily handle this rod and pull on heavy fish easily.

The Talavera Bluewater series rods are very easy to use and the shapes of these rods are very decent. Shape provides a very important role in fishing and helps anglers to try new techniques.

  1. Material

These rods are made with aluminum is a very strong metal. And it is a very hard one. These rods are very strong due to aluminum.

And it carries medium heavyweight. The Shimano Talavera Bluewater rods are moderate fast. The dimensions of these rods are 75.5 x 7 x 4.25 inches.


  • Decent Price
  • Easy catching fish
  • Catch more fish in half time
  • The size of these rods is very helpful
  • Very solid construction
  • Affordable Price
  • Sharp Look
  • High-speed fishing
  • Best for bottom fishing


  • These products are very new in the market so some minor issues have come in it like a small guide and short reels. Someone said its construction is not good because its design is very new. But these are very minor issues sorted out in a few minutes not have any serious issues in these products. So you can order it without any drought


Why did you choose Shimano Talavera Bluewater?

Shimano Talavera Bluewater Deep Drop Saltwater

Because these products are manufactured by a very popular company named Shimano it is a Japanese company.

Products of this company are always very useful and the quality level of this company is very high.

Shimano Company manufacture Bicycles, Hybrid bikes, Road Bicycles, and many more outstanding products and supplies these products in many countries.

So this is a very trusted company because their products are used in many countries.

The quality standard of this company is very high and when quality is high products are reliable and very useful.

The structure of these rods is very amazing and unique. And very helpful to catch more fish.

The main thing is that many varieties are available choice is yours. Talavera Bluewater Rods provide long-lasting performance and provide strong anglers.

These rods are used against large species and also cover the wide rays easily. Some anglers wish to fish in deep-sea these rods are very helpful for them.

The company provides many choices for its customers.

The fishermen easily handle these rods because the weight of these rods is very lighter. So lightweight rods are easily handled.

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How to use these products

These fishing rods are long and flexible. It is very simple to use. The fishing rod is attached with a line ending and hook.

One or more hooks are attached to the rod lines. These products are very easy to use some guidelines are provided with products. We can use this product according to give instructions on it.

These rods are easily used in a boat fishing and it is more effective than the other rods. Because its weight is lower and it carries heavyweight.

Use Shimano Tiagra Reels in these rods because these reels are made with stainless steel Aluminum material and it makes them more effective these rods in fishing the weight of these reels is 1.5 kg.

Things to consider before buying these products

First of all the check company logo and then check its features according to this article. The brand name Shimano and the material used in it is aluminum.

The dimensions of these rods are 75.5 x 7 x 4.25 inches. And check its name Shimano Talavera Bluewater Deep Drop Saltwater fishing rods. It is the Shimano series of Rods. Two sizes are available in this rod.

The part number of this series is TEBC60MHSBRTA it carries a medium heavyweight. Check the availability date of the product its availability date is 14 August 2020.

You can also check the public reviews about the product. If the positive ratio is greater than the negative that means the product is original and all the information is correct.

You order this product if the negative ratio is greater it means this fake product and can’t order the product.

The main thing is its originality is its ASIN B08FXVFC1F please check first its ASIN. Please check the product label.

Amazon is the most popular platform for buying new products with a full warranty and is most trusted because it provides its services worldwide. Worldwide peoples trust amazon because its services are very amazing and very trusted.

If you order these products through Amazon it is a very trusted service so Amazon provides you with better service and original products not any fake products with a warranty.

Amazon charge very low delivery charges. If you check your product originality so you check the package weight of the product mentioned on the Amazon site.

Check and match product actual dimensions and site mentioned dimensions it is another way to check your product.


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