St. Croix Rods Custom Ice Fishing Rod (Buying Guide & Review)

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Like all other fishing rods, these custom ice fishing rods have been a key addition to the ST. CROIX fishing rods bucket list. These comprise high-performing blanks and specific materials designed for each of the different rods.

The custom ice series indulges the five different blank types into a very solid and tubular configuration. These added features are the one’s made them prominent in the growing market of ice custom fishing rods.

St. Croix Rods Custom Ice Fishing Rod (Ultimate Buyer Guide)

St. Croix Rods Custom Ice Fishing Rod

The materials used in the blanks are specifically designed for these custom rods featuring the premium grade components, resetting to make them viable on the ice.

Along with this they also possess durable carbon blanks that add to them versatile strength and sensitivity.

Their recoil guides bounce back into their original shape once they bend after heavy stress.

The Split grip cork has been a perfect point in there as well.

And whether you are taking them towards the lake,  freshwater, or even in the marine their performance is all well nonetheless.

With the perfect power,  shape, and grip they are very accurate and seemingly authentic.

And this very feature has been the key factor in their performance.

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Key Features

  1. Durable Carbon Blanks

The special feature in these very rods has been the durable carbon blank rods that are giving them the maximum strength and the sensitivity that allows you to feel every bit of the fishing drama.

As the material has been so adjusted well that it makes them the go-to rods for every environment.

  1. Performance and use of Tech

These S.T CROIX special featured custom fishing rods have been ultra performative in every zone. Because of the precise materials used in them to go long in their performance in dependant and promising conditions.

Also, the accurate use of the Unrivaled Technology has been a breakthrough in their original medium-level performance.

  1. Visual Bite Detection

This feature is also been great as it allows the fisherman to witness the reaction of the tip once it encountered any sort of bite. It is due to the presence of the HI-VIS tip on the carbon ice rod that results in the visual detection.

It allows us to see how much it matters in terms of sensitivity that allows the users to witness the best fishing that they could ever hope for.

  1. Recoil Guides

It allows the users to rely on returning this piece of art back to its normal position. This happens because of the Recoil Guides that allow the rod to smoothly return to the normal position after a huge bending as it undergoes its normal course of fine-tuned performance. Once it’s done it’s all worth being done at a high level.

  1. Cork Handle

These specially designed comfortable split-grip cork handles give ease at fishing. The comfortable way of going all day long would be the best use one could hope for. Also, the use on the ice would also be a new discovery for doing it so.


  • A comfortable grip on the handle makes fishing at ease
  • Their action and sensitivity are also the prime fruitful outcomes
  • Returns to its original position after facing stress as Recoil Guides help in this
  • The sense is superb as the tip reacts quickly to the bite
  • Prices the best performance as well
  • Power is also worth it


  • The handle may break if not cared for properly


New, as well as old, are buying it

St. Croix Rods Custom Ice Fishing Rod and Reel

If you are still buzzing the idea about whether you should go with St. Croix custom fishing rod or not. Well, for that do check the reviews first about whether it’s worth it or not. These rods have not only been great for the old-using individuals but also great for the persons who are fishing for the very first time.

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A genuine study was made about the newcomers’ experience with this rod and the ones who are using it for quite a time.  And the overall response was pretty good in terms of positive reviews and appreciating thoughts.

  • Newcomers experience

A couple of newcomers who have never been in the fishing or the ones who have boundaries this product for the very first time seems to be quite impressed by its frequent durable action and effectiveness.

They seem to have impressed by its affordable price and perfect quality material that makes their money worth it.

And the ones who have bought it first the first time are affected by its lightweight appearance and its pleasure in casting.

Alongside the major of the positive reviews, they seem to be not quite finding an interest in the same material design and a little bit of sketchiness.

  • Old-timers experience

While on the other hand, the ones who are using it for quite a time seem to be impressed by its fast durable action as well as its purchase at an affordable price. A tip flex that aids in landing large fish only a tight tippet has also pleased the regular users.

Also in most of the old user’s cases, it was seen that any of the rods had hardly broken that also shows how good the material was used in the beginning,  that also holds on the regular ones to stick over it for quite a long time.

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Is it really a talk in the market ??

For over a brief period of time this product had been the go-to option for the fisherman who wanna buying nothing but the St. Croix Custom Fishing rod. From multiple companies that are selling this product,  Croix seems to have built itself a genuine brand by dealing better with the customers.

They also have renovated their product structure and design with the time as well,  as the market transforms itself day by day. A genuine response along with the people,  also in the marketplace has been pretty well… that had boosted their product.

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