Best StrikerICE Transporter Ice Fishing Rod Case (Buyer Guide)

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The striker company is very special for cases manufacturing and this company recently introduced its new model of cases.

It is a very new type of bag and these bags are used to carry all fishing equipment and the size of these cases is 36 inches and the storage capacity is very large.

These bags are made with fabrics and the comfort level of these bags is very good. The Striker Company is a very popular company.

The products of this company are used in the whole world. And the quality of these products is very high level.

These are branded products. These cases have four very huge zipper pockets and these pockets make safe your accessories.

These cases have a large top compartment for small things like gloves, and other little things.

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Review of StrikerICE Transporter, Ice Fishing Rod Case

(Best Portable and Protective Fishing Equipment Case, Holds up to Five 36-Inch Ice Rods, Black)

StrikerICE Transporter, Ice Fishing Rod Case

The Striker Company introduce its new Ice Fishing Rod Case. It is a very handy case.

It holds all fishing types of equipment easily.

It is a very newly designed case and its size is 36 inches so the capacity of these cases is very much.

The black color is available in it.

These cases are usually used to hold fishing types of equipment.

The dimensions of this case are 1 x 1 x 1 inch.

These cases are specially designed for anglers, the fabric used in these cases is 600D Endura.

It is a very tough 600D to endure.

It is a very comfortable case and its capacity is also huge. It has four pockets with zippers.

These cases keep your rods safe.

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Key Features

  • Huge Storage.
  • Protect all fishing types of equipment.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable.
  • Four pockets with zippers.
  • Make easier your shoulders.
  • Unique design.
  • Descent size
  • Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 inches.
  • Black color.

Additional Features

  1. Capacity

Four large and huge zipper pockets are available in these cases and they carry many items easily and protect your things.

These cases have a very huge capacity all fishing pieces of equipment are easily carried in them. It holds five the size of these rods are 5 to 8 feet fishing rods and all pieces of equipment like reels gloves, lines, tracksuits, live jackets, and all other things related to fishing. It has top loading storage pockets for jig boxes, gloves, and other small things.

  1. Lightweight

These cases are made with fabrics and the fabrics are very lightweight and very hard. The weight of these cases are very light and the design of these cases very descent and it carry many things easily.

The weight of the case is light because it Is made of fabrics. It is a very great case for traveling also it is easily adjusted by car.

  1. Quality

The quality of these cases is very high-level striker company made these cases with quality products. These cases are very safe for accessories. Both men and women easily used these cases. These are high-quality products.

  1. Specialization

These cases are specially made for fishing pieces of equipment. But these cases are very useful for hiking, and these cases are also useful for hunting and ice fishing is also. Both men and women easily used these cases.

  1. Comfortability

These cases are very comfortable in using our shoulders feel very easy. The material of these cases is very soft. The comfortability of these cases is very impressive. All the accessories are very safe in these cases. When we use these cases on trips and hiking we feel very comfortable and weight does not feel heavy.


  • Very handy in use
  • Great quality
  • Very comfortable
  • Very huge storage
  • Its zippers are a very unique style
  • It has a top-loading compartment
  • Its staff is very good
  • Durable
  • Solid and well designed


  • These bags have very nice staff and very good quality. No serious problems in these bags some minor issues are always in every product because not completed anything in the world. And choices are different to the peoples.


Why did you choose Ice Fishing Rod Case products?

StrikerICE Transporter, Ice Fishing Rod Case, Portable and Protective Fishing Equipment Case

These cases are very comfortable in use and these are quality products many products are available in the market but the quality of these products are not trustful and not any warranty of these but local products but the Striker company products are very trustful and the warranties of these products are available.

The stuff of these bags is very good and its storage capacity is very huge. These cases carry all fishing equipment easily.

The size of these bags is medium not very large. Its size is not very huge these bags are in available in medium size and easily adjust in cars and not use more space.


How to use StrikerICE Transporter products?

These cases are used to carry fishing pieces of equipment. it holds 5 fishing rods and their accessories. These cases are very easy to use and very comfortable in use.

These bags are used in hiking, trips. The striker company provides full guidelines about these products.

So you can easily use these products and read all guides carefully because sometimes we can’t know about the products and wash these products unartfully and products are badly affected.

These Bags are made with fabrics and fabric is very hard so the quality of these bags is good due to fabrics and these bags are washable.

Easily wash these bags by hand not in washing machines because the washing machines are badly damaged its zippers.

Things to consider before buying

You can need to know some details before buying online products first of all check the public reviews about the product and check its positive features and its negative side. You can satisfy yourself and then buy the product.

The striker company is a very high-level branded company this company is popular for bag manufacturing. These cases are made with fabric material when and their dimensions are 1 x 1 x 1 inch.

Only black color is available in it. The size of these bags is 36 inches and when you order this bag you carefully read all the specifications and all public reviews.

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